Volume 15

Akumano Academy.

The Akumano Academy arc is the fifth story arc in the Beelzebub series. It is composed of Chapters 114-138 and Episodes 51-59 (episode 60 is last episode and original story), though the anime adaption does not cover all chapters due to its cancellation. This arc details how the Ishiyama students and members of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division are at war with one another, due to a conflict between En and Furuichi. It also gives glimpses of the pasts of several characters.

Synopsis Edit

Initial PreparationsEdit

Now fully aware of the recent events, Zenjūrō Saotome starts scolding Oga for using Super Milk Time too much. He comments how severe the consequences are and how lucky Oga is that nothing else happened besides switching bodies, then telling him to try and remember what happened during their training in the mountains. However, Oga can only recall fragments: as he was preparing the milk, Baby Beel and Black Baby Beel kept arguing and fighting over who would drink it causing Oga to drink the milk instead, seeing it as a form of punishment. Oga finishes by saying that's all he can remember. Saotome wonders why Oga would use the technique in a real battle if he couldn't even remember his actions while using Super Milk Time before, to which Oga replies that he thought it was a good fighting move if it was able to do serious damage to Saotome. Saotome sighs in exasperation but then shrugs it off. He tells Oga that what's done is done and that now, he must start perfecting Super Milk Time for the when Behemoth's men arrive, as Oga cannot battle and be unconscious the entire event. Saotome even mentions how Hidetora Tōjō and Kaname Izuma are training as hard as they can, and that at the rate they're going, both are likely to surpass Oga. Hearing this, Oga then asks Saotome about the side effects of switching bodies from overusing Super Milk Time, to which Saotome says that he doesn't want to know more about, but adds by saying that if a worst case scenario was to happen, they'd have to reduce the amount of time needed for their bodies to return to normal. After asking, Oga then learns that Black Baby Beel is actually in the room, playing chess under the desk, and how Saotome had to take him with him as he couldn't let the shadowed entity stay on Mapputatsu Mountain.[1]

At the same time, having finished fighting with Hilda, Aoi returns to her homeroom, looking tired and ill. Himekawa, Kanzaki, and the Red Tail then give further detail about their video game fight with En and his three wet nurses with Aoi, who only knew about Himekawa's apartment being destroyed. Afterwards, after being repeatedly asked, she allows the Red Tail to continue having their meetings at her shrine.[2]

After school, she walks with the Red Tail to her home but then starts to leave for training in the dojo. As she leaves them, the Red Tail all talk about their plan to bring Aoi back into their group and enter the dojo. They meet Ittōsai Kunieda and Teimō's Shadow Force, where Nene attacks the Shadow Force after believing that they're trying to pursue Aoi.[3] Aoi then reappears with Kōta wondering if the two groups are fighting, to which the Shadow Force hastily denies. Eventually, the Shadow Force leaves for the day and Nene asks why Aoi is letting them into her house. Aoi explains how they're her grandfather's new students, but she then changes the subject and asks why the Red Tail isn't holding a meeting like they said they would. Aoi begins to ask them if they're trying to persuade her back into the Red Tail and as Yuka and Ryōko were trying to explain everything, she gets up and leaves. Outside, she silently apologizes how she can't get them involved in her fights anymore now that she's preparing to fight actual Demons. Suddenly, a mysterious voice starts talking to Aoi but she starts to snap at it, causing the voice to say how her attitude is what made him keep quiet about their situation. It adds how Aoi nearly revealed the truth to Hilda but Aoi says that it's all right if she knows. Aoi then enters a house near her own, in which Isafuyu is currently an occupant. After brief chit-chatting, Isafuyu compliments Aoi for conquering "him" but Aoi replies that it's because of Isafuyu that she was able to do so.[4]

After a brief distraction made by Black Baby Beel during her training[5], Aoi was taken by Isafuyu to a small temple where a tengu dwells. Isafuyu says how she frequently visits the tengu when she is about to perform exorcisms. Upon reaching the temple, Aoi is attacked by a powerful gust of wind but she manages to dodge it. Then, a voice comes from the temple scolding Isafuyu for bringing another Human to the area. Isafuyu tries to improve the situation by introducing Aoi and explaining everything to the tengu; however, the tengu dismisses her words and even says how he'll never give her any more of his powers. Aoi defends Isafuyu, gaining the tengu's interest after it realizes that she can hear him, and decides to test her. However, his first question is Aoi's measurements and when she doesn't answer, he begins insulting her. Isafuyu explains how he tends to ask her very personal questions and when Aoi, who is stunned that Isafuyu answers the questions, starts arguing with the tengu it asks about the color of her underwear.Visibly annoyed, Aoi grabs a tree branch and uses Nishiki Hyakka Midare Zakura repeatedly against the temple> and eventually destroys it. The tengu then reveals himself to be a bipedal dog and surrenders out of fear for what Aoi is doing. Aoi and Isafuyu are speechless by how it appears and Aoi questions whether he's really a tengu. The creature replies that the word is written in the same manner as a komainu, which is what he really is. Aoi then beats him up and the komainu, named Koma, pledges loyalty to Aoi under the agreement that for doing whatever she asks of him, she must give him her underwear. Aoi hits him with her branch and leaves with Isafuyu.[6]

Back in the present, Aoi continuously thanks Isafuyu for helping her control Koma as he now listens to everything she tells him. However, due to Koma's perverted nature, he still manages to bother Aoi with his words and actions.[7][8]

In the meantime, far above in the Mapputatsu Mountains, Furuichi is doing his own training. However, do to his lack of experience in fighting and overall strength, Furuichi decides to give up his training and tells Lamia and Alaindelon that he's more of a cerebral-type of person. Hearing this, Lamia decides to leave and says that she'll be back in a week. She also tells Furuichi how guilty she felt for getting him involved with Behemoth and his men, but since he's going to be protected anyway, she just feels stupid for even worrying about him.[9]

Oga is reading Gohan-kun manga when Hilda appears, telling him that she'll be looking after Baby Beel for the rest of the day. This surprises Oga, who asks why she's trying to help out and comments also that she should help out more often. Hilda suddenly snaps. She angrily tells Oga how serving Baby Beel is her purpose in life and how being apart from him, for whatever reason it may be, breaks her heart. She then asks him why he said how he'll never let Baby Beel destroy humanity, something that immediately made him an enemy of the entire Demon World. Oga simply replies that the words just came to him. This infuriates Hilda and she starts beating him up until Misaki arrives with 'super spicy' habanero meat buns for them all to eat. As they're eating, Misaki tells Oga how Ishiyama High School is almost done rebuilding.[10]

Akumano AcademyEdit

In the meantime, Ishiyama High School has finally been rebuilt and the delinquents in the Ishiyama homeroom are all excited about it. Kanzaki comments how childish his classmates are being but when they start talking about who can vandalize the school first, he joins them in their excitement. Nene sighs at her fellow delinquents. Then, she starts thinking about how she'll miss Saint Ishiyama Academy when she and the others leave. Kaoru Umemiya then mentions how the school finished rebuilding in only three months, surprising Nene. She ask Himekawa if schools can be rebuilt in that amount of time and if he had any involvement in the matter. He replies with a no to each questions.[11]

An elderly man is shown walking the hallways of Saint Ishiyama Academy. Ichirō Shinjō and Hiromichi Gō approach the man and tell him that he needs to remove outdoor shoes when inside the building. The man apologizes, removes his shoes, and asks where he can find the classroom for the Ishiyama delinquents. The two Rokkkisei tell him not to go there and in response, the man slaps them both with his shoes and asks where he can find Oga. Suddenly, Oga appears with Baby Beel on his shoulders. The man identifies Oga after seeing Baby Beel. However, Oga denies his identity and starts walking away. As he walks, he starts complaining about how he already has problems with Behemoth, Behemoth's men, as well as the fact that Tōjō and Izuma are all getting stronger and stronger. He then asks Baby Beel if he'd like to surpass all of them.[12][13]

The mysterious man then appears on the school's gymnasium, telling himself that he can't find Oga and how fun the delinquent is. He then turns around and sees Zenjūrō Saotome, Ittōsai Kunieda, and the Saint Ishiyama principal Genma Isurugi. After a cold greeting, Saotome asks what the man wants with Oga. The man notices that Saotome has been helping Oga and explains how he's only here because he wants to greet them. He then adds how much Ittōsai and Genma have aged since the last few decades. The latter two shrug it off. Genma suddenly bulks up and says that, since the mysterious man just came to greet them, he should greet him in return. Genma attacks the man and creates a wide crater on the gymnasium rooftop. Ittōsai then uses Oracle but the attack is also dodged. The mysterious man says how he's only there to greet them but Saotome, activating his Zebul Spell, argues by asking the man if he's actually there to declare war, calling him Behemoth. Hearing this, Hilda, who was actually eavesdropping on the four men from the school rooftop, is shocked to learn that Behemoth is there. When Oga arrives at the rooftop, she pulls him aside and wonders if he even sensed the high amount of Demonic power from the area. In response to Saotome's words, Behemoth says that he's not there to declare war (yet). He explains how he just built a school in the Human World for En, as the Demon Lord still has things that he needs to learn more about.[14]

Meanwhile, the Ishiyama delinquents decide to check out their new school but before they do so, Kanzaki has them thank Sadohara (who's still substituting for Saotome) for everything that he's done for them. They then leave, except for Himekawa who decides to get to the school via helicopter. With a loudspeaker, he tells them that he will be the first person to step foot on their new school. Eventually, the other students arrive at the school and are awed by how extravagant it appears. Kanzaki prepares to vandalize the sign that reads the school's name. However, construction workers arrive and remove the sign before he can do so. Nene asks what they're doing and the workers inform the students that Ishiyama High School has switched campus locations with another school. As the construction workers set up the new sign, all the present delinquents are shocked to discover that the new school is Akumano Academy.[14]

Suddenly, Furuichi arrives after being transported there by Alaindelon. He sees the expressions on their faces but is oblivious to the actual reason. Thinking it's because he's still wearing the clothes from his training, he denies what he was initially doing prior and then tries explaining to them that Akumano Academy doesn't actually exist. However, he then notices the new sign for the school and upon seeing En's face carved, yells out in disbelief. The other students then think about what to do next and Yuka suggests that they break into the school, to which everyone agrees to. As they walk on the school's campus, with Furuichi fruitlessly telling them to go back, they meet Himekawa who tells them of an unlocked door to the school. Yuka asks if Himekawa really did make adjustments to the school's design, which he again denies, and the delinquents all start walking around the campus where they find various statues of En everywhere. Himekawa tells the others how he did research on Akumano Academy and found that there is no history of it whatsoever, and suggests that they enter the school building and check things out.

Furuichi objects but Ryōko tells him to just come along, calling him a lolicon again. The students enter the building and are astonished to see that the interior is just as extravagant. As they walk around, Yuka notices that the entrance door closed itself but is told not to worry about it. Kanzaki then notices how there isn't even one stairway that leads to the other floors of the school. Hearing this, Furuichi urges the others to leave immediately, but is ignored. Himekawa then notices how there's less people with them than before. The group then notices someone behind them and meets three Pillar Generals: Agiel, Odonel, and Zela. Agiel identifies the delinquents as Baby Beel's men, thinking that they're the ones who defeated Graphel and Hecadoth. She does note how weak they are, however. Nene starts chastising Agiel for her wardrobe and asks if they're from Akumano Academy. Agiel does not recognize the name until Odonel points it out to her. Two of the delinquents start making comments about Agiel's appearance and she flicks them both in the head, which is enough to send both flying and crashing headfirst into concrete walls. She then says how entering their school is illegal and Nene restrains Agiel with her chains, but the Pillar General easily breaks through. Agiel begins drawing her sword and then lunges at Nene.[15]

However, Aoi appears, having been brought to the school by Koma,[16] and saves Nene from being attacked. Agiel questions who Aoi is and takes note of how people aren't even supposed to enter the school anymore. Aoi replies by saying it only applies to normal people. Suddenly, Koma's voice is heard and he reminds Aoi how she initially didn't sense the Demons' presences. She admits and then tells Nene and the others to escape. While the Pillar Generals wonder where Koma's voice came from, they then see a monstrous form of Koma appear before them. Koma mentions to Aoi how it's actually their first battle together.[17] As the Ishiyama students watch in surprise and silence by Aoi's sudden appearance, in which Furuichi notices a shimmering outline of Koma, Agiel comments on Koma's Demonic power but questions if he's actually a Demon. Odonel then recognizes what Koma is and explains that he's a Sicarion: a tribe of dog-like Demons who were banished to the Human World after losing a war but were eventually worshiped as tengu by the Humans. After he finishes explaining, Odonel considers killing both Aoi and Koma but after being told not to by Agiel, decides to let her finish them off. Aoi makes note of the Pillar Generals, remembering how they're the same people that are after Oga, before Koma makes suggestive remarks about Agiel, much to Aoi's displeasure. Aoi then comments how the Pillar Generals are supposedly from Akumano Academy and asks what their plan is, as they're trying to take over Ishiyama High. Some of the delinquents begin to make an uproar about it and Agiel quickly disposes of them.[18]

In response to Aoi, Agiel says how she and the others are only there until the others arrive. Agiel also says that when they do get here, the school will be exactly as its name implies: a school of Demons. Behemoth says the exact same thing but states his words directly to Oga, who comes to realize who the Demon really is.[19]

Kanzaki becomes angered by Agiel's words. The Pillar General ignores him and mentions how the 1st Squad should be arriving at the school soon. Aoi and Furuichi realize that more Demons can be appearing and at any moment, causing the former to tell Furuichi to get everyone and leave, asking the same of Nene. However, Kanzaki and Himekawa refuse to leave as they want to help. Aoi tells Agiel that she hasn't answered her question. Excited by the look Aoi gives her, Agiel draws her sword and attacks Aoi who blocks the Pillar General's move. Koma then moves and attacks Agiel while she's still trying to rebound from being deflected, impressed. Kanzaki and Himekawa then decide to leave, causing Agiel to comment how they're just weaklings. Aoi is clearly annoyed and prepares to use a technique. Agiel is again excited and answers Aoi's question from before: she and the rest of Behemoth's men are planning to start a war. They then attack each other. Aoi's wooden sword is cut in half, but because of her use of the new technique 100 Cleansing Petals Demon Wear: Pretty Flower Storm, she also manages to shred apart Agiel's clothes and defeat her. Aoi mentions how the Shingetsu style that she learned from her grandfather is meant to defeat Demons and, in regarding the war that Agiel mentions, tells the Demons not to underestimate Ishiyama.[20]

Hilda's CaptureEdit

As Aoi's and Agiel's fight ends, the rest of the Ishiyama delinquents continue running away for the entrance. However, the group is then attacked by feral, shadow-like entities. They start disposing of them but realize that they're being outnumbered. Yuka suddenly notices how familiar the attackers are and the group recognizes them as students from Ishiyama, ones who weren't transferred to Saint Ishiyama. Then, the group hears a voice and turn around to find En and the Pillar Baron, Quetzalcoatl on the second floor of the school.[21]

Oga and Hilda both stand before Behemoth, who has turned his attention over to them specifically Oga. Oga comments how the leader of En's army has finally arrived but Behemoth repeatedly denies who he is (causing Oga to believe that it's payback for his actions earlier). But Behemoth claims that he's telling the truth and says that while he did create his self-named military division, it is not actually led by him. He says he's handed the leading position to the Demon standing behind Oga. Oga is surprised to see a new, tall Demon standing before him. The Demon tells Behemoth, whom he refers to as his father, that they should leave before En starts crying again. Behemoth scolds his son, Jabberwock, for his negative remark about En. Hearing his name and recognizing him as 'Crazy Dragon' Jabberwock, Hilda unsheathes her sword and summons Demonic magic, much to the surprise of several others. However, Jabberwock simply says out the name Sodom and suddenly, a dragon appears and captures Hilda by swallowing her in its mouth. Saotome, Ittōsai and Genma are all shocked that Behemoth brought a dragon named Sodom with him. Jabberwock tells Sodom not to kill Hilda as she is needed alive. Hearing this, Oga tries to go after and save Hilda but is restrained, rendering him immobile. As he angrily tells them to let go of him, Saotome and Jabberwock have a brief talk with one another before the Demon says how he wants to fight Saotome. Saotome says that Oga will fight in his place. Jabberwock admits that he doesn't expect much from Oga but will still wait for him anyway. He and his father hop on Sodom and they begin to fly away, giving them much attention from residential Humans. While on Sodom, Behemoth asks his son what he thinks of Oga but Jabberwock says that he's nothing special. He starts making negative remarks about Oga but soon discovers the contractor trying to hold onto Sodom's back.[22]

Trapped in Sodom's mouth, Hilda begins to awaken from having been knocked out and notices that she's in midair. She then looks over from behind her and sees Oga, who's being questioned as to whether Hilda is really important to him. Oga takes a drink from a bottle and assumes Super Milk Time, saying 30cc; unlike before, Oga now has more control of himself. Afterwards, he dashes forward to Jabberwock and by summoning three Zebel Emblems, launches a powerful attack. However, Jabberwock manages to deflect and rebound the attack on Oga. Oga drinks another 20cc of milk and manages to land a punch on Jabberwock, who holds on to the contractor's leg. He notes how Oga gets stronger the more he drinks the milk and throws him aside. Oga contemplates drinking more milk, at the cost of his consciousness, and even decides to go for it. Hilda yells at him, telling him that he shouldn't go after Jabberwock and to just forget about her so that he can take Baby Beel to safety. Oga conjures up more Zebul Emblems and doubles the amount of power he used in his previous Demonic attack, this time on Sodom. Sodom coughs up Hilda and shakes Oga off his body, causing the two to fall. Angered by Oga's attack, the dragon breaks off its original path to go after the falling duo. While midair, Hilda captures Oga with her Demonic magic and tells the contractor that he's now in charge of Baby Beel. She then pushes him and the Demon Lord away from her, telling Oga that he's Baby Beel's only father in their world, as Sodom swallows her again. A speechless Oga continues falling to the ground.[23]

Seeing En again, the Ishiyama delinquents start yelling and insulting En who starts crying. Quetzalcoatl comforts him and introduces himself. He explains to the teenagers about how the other Ishiyama students are actually under his control. He then describes how, using the words that En have said to him, unless they want their school and their classmates back they'll have to fight for it in a match. The match is to conclude their previous, unresolved one. Quetzalcoatl then adds how everything that the Ishiyama students have, including their own life, will be risked in their match against the Demons of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division.[24] Aoi is also told about the match by the three Pillar Generals, with Zela comparing the situation to a war game controlled by En with them, the Pillars and Humans, acting as the pawns. Suddenly, Agiel asks for Aoi's name and Aoi gives it to her, causing Agiel to state how the name is burned in her memory. After he calmed down, En then tells Furuichi that he has one week to build up his army, because at that time, his own army will have fully arrived in the Human World.[25]

One Week to Build ForcesEdit

Suddenly, Oga awakens in Saint Ishiyama's nurse's office. Saotome is present. He scolds Oga for being so careless as to fall off of a dragon while at a dangerous height before reminding him about what he did. Oga then asks what happened to Hilda and Lamia, also present, tells him that she's alive. She asks to see Oga's leg and decides to treat it with her medicine. The delinquent then asks what happened to Furuichi and Lamia explains the situation with Ishiyama High, albeit vaguely. Furuichi then enters the room asking about Hilda. He then starts fighting with Oga and they clash, until Lamia suddenly starts crying about how everything is actually her fault. Baby Beel then pats her on the head and says something to her. Oga picks up Baby Beel. He and Furuichi start walking out and they tell Lamia to stop crying, as they'll handle everything. But the two then see Aoi outside the door, telling them that it's actually better to have more allies on their side.[26]

The three, along with Lamia and Saotome, return to the Ishiyama homeroom. Lamia is greeted by the other delinquents and she tells them how Behemoth's men are at a different level than them. Kanzaki says not to underestimate them and even Nene starts getting fired up. Unlike her fellow delinquents, Aoi calmly states how she accepted the Pillars' challenge. She adds that while she didn't want the Red Tail to get involved in her fights, they now have to, and she decides to let them train at her house, much to the Red Tail's excitement. But Himekawa turns to his classmates and says that they're going against 394 people, compared to the just the few dozen of them. He then adds that without anyone at Tōjō's strength, they're at an even bigger disadvantage. But Shōji Aizawa informs them that Tōjō will be joining the match, as he thinks he's been missing out too much because of his jobs. Ichirō, Sakaki, Gō, and Shizuka then enter the classroom. Much to the surprise of the Ishiyama students, they're actually interested in joining their fight. They explain that their principal has already told them everything. Shizuka adds that Izuma and Miki are planning to fight and are already training in Nara. After listening to the teenagers, Saotome then speaks up and says that he'll be giving the students a special lesson on the school's track field. He then adds to Oga that the delinquent will be learning something else, one that's supposedly so hellish that it'll make him think he was better off dead.[27]

The next morning at Akumano Academy, a Human teacher named Takahashi introduces himself to the Demons who are present. He is quickly astonished by how his students appear, noting how almost none of them look like teenagers, and while taking attendance becomes even more surprised by their personalities. Takahashi starts hearing them talk about being Pillar Barons and becomes confused, causing Odonel to calmly explain how their system works. Takahashi starts to understand the rankings between the Demons, as well as the fact that En is on a much higher level than any one of them.[28]

In one of Akumano Academy's towers, Jabberwock asks his father why they have to learn anything from the Human World, finding the idea to be ridiculous. Behemoth ignores the question and instead explains how Saotome, a powerful opponent, can makes things harder for them if he's their enemy. Behemoth adds that things will go better in their favor if it's only the Humans who are fighting. But Jabberwock is still disgruntled and he leaves. Once he's left, Behemoth then apologizes to a captured Hilda about his son's previous actions. Hilda mentions Jabberwock and how his temperament caused him to get kicked out of the Division. Behemoth tells Hilda that his son became the Division's leader just the day before and that none of the other Pillars are aware of it yet. Meanwhile, Jabberwock meets and greets his childhood friend Laymia as she was walking up the stairs. She greeted him in a cold fashion and said that things weren't the same from when they were children, causing Jabberwock to agree and scare her with his power. Hilda asks Behemoth what he plans to do to her and he, albeit somewhat lewdly, that she is to serve as En's new wet nurse to replace the three, former ones. Hilda is astonished that he fired the other wet nurses.[29]

Oga is then seen with Baby Beel, doing the training that Saotome has instructed him to do. He becomes more and more exhausted with it. While in the midst of his training, he sees several of his fellow delinquents lying on the ground, defeated, while Izabella and Satura watch from afar.[30]

Suddenly, Oga awakens from a disturbing dream and awakens on a ship with Baby Beel. He notices Aoi and Lamia, as well. Oga says how he can't remember anything beyond his exhausting training, causing Lamia to anger in disbelief. But Aoi ignores it and decides to retell the events to Oga. It's then revealed that Oga had worked himself to the point where he collapsed during a course of three days, and in those three days, Saotome had been teaching him about Zebul Emblems. However, he cannot teach Oga anything about how to perfect Super Milk Time and decides to send him away, so that in the next three days, he can perfect this technique. He then mentions the technique's actual name: Ankokubutō.[31]

Oga then remembers Saotome's words and thinks about what he needs to do so that he can save Hilda. Aoi then tells Oga how she's only accompanying him because she wants to learn how to use a Demon's power, same as Oga. After realizing that they've never met, she calls out for Koma but he doesn't appear. It's then revealed that Koma was hiding under Oga, looking up Lamia's skirt. As Lamia attacks Koma for his perverted behavior, Aoi explains to Oga about Koma. Afterwards, Lamia then explains how she's joining in on the trip because they're going to have to face Demons and because she is one, it's natural that she should come along. Aoi then mentions how the island that they're heading towards has Demons in it: Decapitation Island.[32]

Meanwhile, Hilda is being brought to her jail cell where she meets her cellmate: Yolda.[33]

Decapitation IslandEdit

Oga and the others continue their journey to Decapitation Island. Aoi starts talking more about the mysterious place, such as the amount of people and how it got its name. Once the topic was brought up, Lamia then asks whether Demons really inhabit the place but Aoi herself doesn’t know the answer. An elderly woman approaches Oga and Aoi and asks whether or not they’re a newlywed couple. This greatly embarrasses Aoi but Oga is nonchalant, simply telling the woman that they’re not in a relationship. Oga starts talking about how the scenario they’re in, mainly with how they’re going to a place like Decapitation Island, can be compared to that of a detective franchise. Aoi starts breaking from her embarrassment and reminds Oga that they’re only there to find Suiten Ikaruga. Meanwhile, a priest from the island receives a letter from Saotome and prepares to hand it to one of the priestesses. However, the priestess whom the letter is addressed to destroys the document, wondering why Saotome is writing her a letter. She then asks how she’s supposed to read the now-destroyed letter, despite being the one who destroyed it.[34]

Oga’s group arrives at the island but are the only ones who left the ship, as noted by Aoi. Aoi notices a restaurant nearby and suggests that they all head there, as they might find information about Ikaruga. But at the restaurant, the group discovers that it’s clustered with humanlike dolls and mannequins. This disturbs them and they decide to leave. Koma, however, notices an unusual factor about the dolls but is told by Lamia not to mention anything. They all start wandering around the island looking for Ikaruga but cannot find her, and the sun starts setting too.[35]

Saotome is then shown playing shogi with Ittōsai who comments that Oga’s group should have already arrived at the island. The two adults start talking but seemingly have different topics to discuss: Saotome is interested in Oga’s and Aoi’s training while Ittōsai has more focus with Aoi’s love life. Nevertheless, Ittōsai does keep focus with her training. While they’re talking, Ittōsai mentions a woman named Nazuna Ikaruga who’s since changed her first name to Suiten.[36]

Oga and the others encounter a mysterious mannequin in the middle of the road, the same one that they saw earlier at the restaurant. The mannequin tells them to leave because they’re outsiders but Oga simply kicks it. Aoi then notices a presence behind her and attacks it, only to find out that it’s also a mannequin. The two realize that they’re surrounded by dozens of mannequins and prepare to fight, as the priestess from before watches above from a hill.[37] The two sides, mannequins and Ishiyama delinquents, start fighting but the mannequins are quickly beaten and they realize just how strong they’re opponents are. Another humanlike doll enters the scene and starts using Demon magic: Ankokubutō: Mind’s Eye Field. However, its powers are ineffective against Oga and Aoi. The other mannequins rush to the doll, whom they call their village leader, and start crying about how it "can’t breathe" and has "died".[38]

Lamia points out however that dolls can’t breathe either way, causing the dolls to feel relieved. Koma then explains how the dolls are being possessed by Demons. The dolls then start bowing down to Oga and Aoi, with the village leader explaining that they’re lower-class Demons who scare off Humans due to their fear of them. Lamia explains how Demons classified as being low-class are generally those without clans in the Demon World, and that they’re often considered by Humans to be bad spirits. When the village leader asks if they’re related to Demons, Lamia explains how Baby Beel is the youngest son of the Great Demon Lord. The dolls then start fidgeting about how they deserve punishment for attacking a Demon Lord. But Aoi instead asks about Ikaruga and how they were sent there to learn about Ankokubutō. The dolls then tell the group that they’ll have to leave as Ankokubutō is not supposed to be a taught technique.[39]

However, the priestess from before appears and tells the dolls to stop. Knowing that Oga and Aoi are the students that Saotome have sent to her, she asks for their names. She angrily kicks Oga when he bluntly states that he didn’t expect her, Suiten Ikaruga, to be a woman. This causes Oga to painfully state his name. Lamia, Koma, and Aoi give theirs, as well. Ikaruga is stunned upon learning Aoi’s name and asks if she’s Shinobu’s daughter, to which Aoi indirectly confirms. She then tells the group to come with her and they head up to the temple. Oga and Aoi tell Ikaruga why they want to learn Ankokubutō and she agrees to teach them, under the condition that the two fight one another. This shocks both Oga and Aoi.[40][41]

On the temple’s rooftop, Baby Beel and Koma have a fight to determine which one of them is cuter (due to an argument from when they first arrived on the island).[42] However, in the end, Baby Beel easily defeats Koma and is determined to be the cutest of either one of them.[43][44]

Meanwhile, Oga and Aoi dress up for their match and head to one of the dojo halls. Ikaruga and Lamia are present. Ikaruga tells the two Ishiyama students that Ankokubutō is a technique that involves Demon possession and that it requires a lot of willpower. She instructs them to not hold back, otherwise she won’t teach them. Oga is riled up and excited for their match. This makes him the first to attack. He manages to hit Aoi who notices how different he is compared to their first battle. She realizes that this is how it’s like to actually fight Oga and, after remembering that Oga’s only training to save Hilda, starts getting worked up herself.[45]

At the same time, Kanzaki and Natsume stand face-to-face on the track field. They reminisce on how they haven’t fought one another since their freshman year at Ishiyama together. Furuichi arrives and realizes that all the students are doing a battle simulation with someone, as instructed by Saotome. He quickly hides in a bush, as so to avoid fighting. While hidden, he also notices that Shiroyama and Himekawa (without his pompadour) are also engaged in a fight.

This causes Furuichi to be frightened and to leave. He decides to join the Red Tail in their training session, but after dodging attacks from Chiaki and Nene, as well as harassment for being an alleged lolicon by Yuka and Ryōko, he runs off. He meets up with Alaindelon but refuses the Demon’s offer to help.[46]

Oga and Aoi continue their battle. After startling her with his words, albeit unintentionally, Oga manages to flip over Aoi and win their battle. He notes how she appeared to have held back in that last moment. Ikaruga is indifferent to how the battle ended and tells them to come with her so that they can eat. She adds that they can talk later. They go outside for a moment so that Oga can get Baby Beel. Ikaruga notices that Baby Beel is actually the Great Demon Lord’s son. In her thoughts, tells Saotome that he’s carrying the world’s burden on his shoulders again.[47]

Everyone gets dressed and head to the table for dinner. Aoi and Oga are surprised by how much food there is. They’re even more surprised, mainly Aoi, when they learn that the village leader from before is the one responsible for cooking the food. The doll introduces itself as Hanamura and reveals that it gained experience in cooking after seeing chefs work at a luxury restaurant in the past. Ikaruga reveals that her shrine does burials for possessed dolls and she usually keeps the ones that she finds useful. Aoi asks if there are any other Humans on the island and Ikaruga says that there are, but because people were unsettled by the moving dolls there are only about 15 people left. Ikaruga then adds that it’s because of the number of low-class Demons that she was able to gain so much knowledge about Ankokubutō. She stops herself and tells Oga and Aoi that they’ve both passed her test, much to their relief and happiness. Aoi then notices a letter that Ikaruga is holding and questions it. Ikaruga reveals that the letter is from Ittōsai telling her to teach Aoi, though he keeps Aoi’s name and identity a secret. Ikaruga adds that the letter from Saotome was destroyed upon sight, causing her to start laughing cheerfully as she drinks some of her alcohol.[48]

Drinking some more, Ikaruga starts reminiscing about her days of being a student from Ishiyama High along with Saotome. She talks about how she and Saotome were students from Ishiyama, about how he became a Demon contractor as a teenager and how she led an all-girls gang during her years. Ikaruga then starts talking about how she could never beat this one woman: Shinobu Kunieda. She asks about Shinobu but Aoi says that she doesn't know what happened to her mother, explaining that she left home to find her father after he started doing his own training. The conversation quickly becomes gloomy and Ikaruga remembers when Shinobu had offered to help her get stronger. Oga and Aoi start eating some more and Aoi also wonders if Ikaruga still has feelings for Saotome. The night ends with Ikaruga acting irrationally from drinking too much and Aoi getting drunk as well, due to Ikaruga.[49]

The battle between Natsume and Kanzaki came to a struggling conclusion, as well as Shiroyama's and Himekawa's fight. Saotome says that this is how the Demons from Akumano Academy will fight and asks if there are any questions. Just then, a hand raises but it does not belong to either one of the males. The maleslook around and see Izabella and Satura, as well as Alaindelon and Furuichi who are both restrained. Izabella says not to underestimate Demons. The male delinquents are stunned that the two wet nurses are willing to help and even more so that they tied up a fellow student. Izabella says that she and Satura don't even care anymore and that they're only there to help Ishiyama, not fight them.[50][51]

Meanwhile at Akumano Academy, Yolda is being thrown back into her jail cell, near Hilda's own room, by two of Behemoth's men. They start talking about how Yolda has been transferring several of their men and that it's no wonder that she's exhausted. From the sidelines, Hilda starts commenting how lowly Behemoth's men have fallen. One of the Demons try to attack her but is warned not to by the other. The guards then leave. Both alone, the two Demon Maids talk. Yolda tells Hilda that she's not going to die even in her bad condition and that she'll do whatever it takes to be with her master En.Yolda then falls unconscious. Hilda starts thinking about the scenario, about how she's been repeatedly asked to be En's newest nurse and how exhausted Yolda's become. She then wonders how Yolda will react to the truth. The next morning, the same Demons from before arrive to get Yolda. Hilda tells them not to make her do more work as she's already exhausted enough, but the Demons rebuke Hilda's words and say that Yolda's health is of no concern to them. But Yolda says that Hilda shouldn't get in other people's business and goes on to transfer more Demons. That night, Hilda breaks free from her chains and tries to tell Yolda that even if she finishes the transfer sequence, she won't return to En. But Yolda denies Hilda's claims and weakly states that she was a fool to even consider her a friend. On the final day of the transfer, the same Demons arrive to take Yolda away but instead lead her to a storage-like area. Yolda wonders if they're to finish the sequence there but the Demons inform her that she actually finished the previous day, and that now she's of no further use to them. But before they can do anything, Yolda reveals herself as Hilda and quickly disposes of them. In response to one of their questions, she replies that she doesn't need reason to help her sister Yolda, whom she'd traded places with in the jail cell.[52]

Around the same time, both Oga and Aoi have completed their three-day training with Ikaruga and prepare to board the ship back home. At the harbor, they say their goodbyes to Ikaruga who compliments them for finishing their training in the listed amount of time. She also warns Oga about his Ankokubutō. Afterwards, he and the others who accompanied him board the ship and leave the island. As they leave, Ikaruga talks to herself about how Ankokubutō was designed to be used and how it wasn't supposed to be used. As she then comes up with possibilities as to how Oga can complete his training, she notes how he and Baby Beel are an odd pair.[53]

Later in the night, Furuichi discusses with Alaindelon if he thinks that the Ishiyama delinquents can actually win against Behemoth's men. Alaindelon says that they have a good chance of winning, now that their allies have all undergone special training and with two extra Demon Maids on their sides. Suddenly, the two realize that Oga and Baby Beel are in the room eating snacks and that Lamia is also present. Furuichi demands why they're there but Oga and Lamia simply order Furuichi to get them extra food. Furuichi refuses and Oga tells him not to get so worked up, especially since they only came here to warn him. Oga tells Furuichi that he plans to destroy Akumano Academy that night alone, especially since it's more about him than anyone else. As he prepares to leave,[54] the group notices the presence of Demonic magic and they see Hilda appear.

However, Oga realizes that it's not actually Hilda.[55]

Invasion of Akumano AcademyEdit

The real Hilda is being crucified on a cross on the rooftop of Akumano Academy, with several Demons in attendance to watch. One of the Pillar Barons, Salamander, makes note of how Hilda defeated 5 other Pillars and let Yolda escape. He says that she will be punished via burns, specifically with her memory. Salamander ignites flames around Hilda's cross so that they can burn away her memories until they're completely gone. This includes the memory of Baby Beel, her master.[56]

Just then, they hear a commotion from below.[57] It turns out that Oga is fighting some of Behemoth's men and the ones who witness the scene report the news to the rest of the school, saying that the Ishiyama students have started to attack. This awakens several of the Demons including Behemoth, who wishes to know how many men are on opposing forces. He is shocked to learn that there is only one person attacking them, Tatsumi Oga.[58]

Oga starts rampaging on the Demons and keeps count of how many he's defeated. As he disposes of the Demons, several Pillar Generals are being informed of the situation including Graphel and Hecadoth, both imprisoned. Hecadoth laughs and calls Oga a fool for challenging Behemoth's 394 men, adding further that he's in over his head. Oga soon encounters men from Nāga's branch in the Division, all ready to take revenge for their leader. But Oga simply asks how many there are, totals it up with the number of Demons he's defeated, and wipes out the newly-counted Demons with a powerful Zebul Blast.[59]

Meanwhile, Furuichi looks from his binoculars and watches Oga as he continues to attack the Demons. Alaindelon and Lamia are irritated at the fact that Oga actually went alone, with Lamia even calling Oga an idiot. Furuichi contradicts and says that Oga was planning on going alone either way, regardless of what Yolda said. He does, however, admit that Oga is an idiot. Suddenly, Furuichi notices smoke coming from the school's rooftop and sees Hilda on the cross, calling out Oga's name. Oga hears Hilda and turns around to look at her. She yells and berates Oga for coming to save her. Furuichi informs Oga of her situation causing Oga to yell back at Hilda, telling her to shut up and just let him rescue her. He then smashes his way into the building. Hilda still berates Oga and Salamander, having listened to everything, wonders if Oga will be able to rescue Hilda before her memories are completely burned away.[60]

In the main building of the school, Oga finds several Pillar Generals waiting for him. They each introduce themselves, one at a time. However, when the 22nd Pillar tries to introduce himself, Oga simply punches him and scolds the others for trying to make him lose count of the number of Demons he's already disposed of.[61] Some of the other Demons arrive to see Oga dispose of Xoblah and are shocked, but they are then relieved after seeing the other Pillars. Oga starts laughing at Xoblah's name (which has a very vulgar meaning when pronounced) and one of the Pillar Generals, Labed, attacks Oga for seemingly letting his guard down. But Oga blocks the attack and takes out Labed. As the other Pillars attack, Oga enters Super Milk Time 30cc and takes out the rest of them. The other Demons become fearful and try to escape but Oga finishes some of them off. Afterwards, he encounters the Pillar Baron Basilisk. The remaining Demons are relieved but Basilisk berates them for heckling Oga. He apologizes to the delinquent before opening his eyes, allowing Oga to look into them. He attacks Oga with his giant axe and explains about his powers. However, it's revealed that Baby Beel blocked the axe through Super Milk Time, much to Basilisk's shock. After charging up to 80cc, Oga and Baby Beel combine their power to defeat the Pillar Baron with a Zebul Emblem.[62]

Oga then proceeds up the stairway leading to the rooftop. He notices that the higher he goes, the less complete the school's construction is. Oga soon finds himself face-to-face with several other Pillars, specifically Quetzalcoatl. Just when he thinks he's up in another battle with the Demons, he finds Hidetora Tōjō sleeping in one of the rooms nearby. Oga is stunned, shocked even to see Tōjō who asks why Oga's there. Oga angrily says that he was planning to ask him the same thing.[63][64]

In the meanwhile, Behemoth heads to the school's rooftop and sees Hilda burning at the cross. Salamander explains that he's burning away her memories and that she'll be En's newest nurse by the morning. Behemoth is pleased and starts talking about how Oga is trying to save Hilda. Salamander understands the situation and explains how several other Pillars are already taking care of him, so there shouldn't be any problems.[65]

In response too Oga's question, Tōjō reveals that he was hired to help construct the school the past week and revels in how much he's being paid. He then adds how it feels like an accomplishment since he's "rebuilding" Ishiyama, causing Oga to fall in disbelief at the fact that Tōjō was so oblivious to everything. Tōjō then gets up and asks for a fight from Oga but two other Pillar Generals intercept, saying how they'll kill the both of them. Tōjō quickly disposes of them, however, and Oga wonders just how much stronger Tōjō's gotten. Outside, Tōjō notices the other Pillars and recognizes them from the uniform they're wearing. He offers to take them out but Oga angrily said how he wanted to defeat all 394 of Behemoth's men alone, surprising Tōjō. Tōjō says that he's not going to let that happen because he's going to participate either way. Afterwards, he is told that Hilda is on the rooftop and Oga is trying to save her. Hearing this, Tōjō makes Oga leave and says that he'll take care of the other Pillars. Oga then leaves via shortcut and Tōjō blocks the entrance after he's left. Yata and Yinglong approach Tōjō, who mistakes the former for Graphel. Yata explains that they're brothers and then slices Tōjō with his supersonic sword, asking Tōjō not to compare him to his brother Graphel. However, Yata discovers that his sword has been broken and that Tōjō was responsible. He and Yinglong decide to fight Tōjō together, as Oga continues climbing his way to the rooftop.[66]

Oga informs Furuichi through his earphone about Tōjō, dismaying Furuichi as he learns what the Tōhōshinki has been doing in the past week. Furuichi explains to Oga that Hilda is still in deep trouble and that he's sent help, causing Oga to wonder what help he's going to get. Oga encounters two female Pillars, Elim and Pamiel. Afterwards, two other Pillars named Tiriel and Fabas attack Oga and manage to injure him. Oga is taunted for not having the will to attack a woman but this only angers him into attacking Tiriel, who resorts to a damsel-like expression that immobilizes Oga. She attempts to strike at him but Oga is then protected by Aoi, who is disgusted by the way that Tiriel fights.[67]

Suddenly, Agiel appears having sensed Aoi's presence. Aoi then tells Oga to leave and to let her take care of the Pillars, which he obliges to. Aoi then notices how she's up against 5 Pillars and that it's actually better to start one-to-one. With this, she uses Ankokubutō and manages to draw out some of Koma's power. She attacks the female Pillars with her enhanced speed and power but is then struck from the back by a Pillar Baron, Ananta. Another Pillar Baron appears, Vritra. The two then comment on how weak Aoi really is. Suddenly, Agiel draws her sword against Ananta and decides to join Aoi's side in their war. This shocks several of the Pillar Generals who call Agiel a traitor. Agiel explains to Aoi that she's willing to help until the very end, in which they can finally settle their score.[68][69]


Oga continues to fight off the other Demons who block him until he suddenly enters a large, spacious room. Quetzalcoatl is there and he tries explaining the rules about the room but Oga punches him, saying he'll attack anyone who gets in his way. Two Pillars suddenly arrive, Schethalim and Vabam, pointing their guns at Oga and telling him not to attack their Pillar Baron. Oga drinks an extra 30cc of milk and attacks the two Pillars, but then receives the same amount of damage in return, due to a rule in the room that rebounds any violent attacks to the person who did damage in the first place. Quetzalcoatl tells Oga that their battles are actually game matches and introduces the first game to Oga: a Sudoku match. Quetzalcoatl tries explaining the rules of the game to Oga but he collapses out of frustration at the game Sudoku. Just then, Tōjō appears to help but Oga angrily states how he can't help in his situation. Schethalim and Vabam, who were both unaffected by Oga's attack, are astonished that Tōjō defeated two Pillar Barons but he admits that one of them escaped. He then sees the Sudoku game on a screen at the other end of the room and gives up just as easily as Oga. Just then, Himekawa appears via helicopter and lands near Furuichi, Lamia, and Alaindelon. He communicates with Oga through a monitor and Oga informs Himekawa about the game he's supposed to be playing. Himekawa links the Sudoku game to a machine that he brought and decides to guide Oga in the game, using a visual image of the screen for help. Oga and Schethalim play against each other in the match but after five seconds, thanks to Himekawa's intervention, Oga manages to complete and win the match. He demands that the door to the rooftop be opened but Quetzalcoatl explains that he set up four games around the school and that the door can only be opened if they're all completed. This angers Oga but Himekawa reassures him, explaining that he didn't come alone. He is telling the truth: the Rokkisei, Red Tail, Kanzaki's Gang, as well as Izabella and Satura have arrived all have found the other three games.[70]

Oga is astonished and is scolded by his fellow teenagers about trying to fight everyone alone. Oga is relieved that everyone came to help, but instead of thanking them he instead calls them fools. He decides to wait until everyone finishes playing. But in a matter of seconds, the light bulbs on the side of the door all start lighting up a green color, indicating that the four games have been completed. Oga is thrilled. He and Tōjō then leave for the rooftop to find Hilda.[71]

Quetzalcoatl notices an unusual factor with how quickly the games were completed but decides to ignore it, as he knows who was responsible for everything. Jabberwock is present at the game area where the Red Tail is located, having destroyed everything with his Demonic magic. The members of the Red Tail are frightened by Jabberwock, especially Chiaki, and even Himekawa is concerned after looking at the Demon from his machine. Furuichi is also terrified of Jabberwock especially after learning that he's the same Demon who kidnapped Hilda, and is also the leader of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division. Jabberwock summons a personal Pillar named Lunana to take care of the Red Tail and then leaves. Two other personal Pillars, Lindworm and Kirin, are assigned to take care of Kanzaki's Gang and the Rokkisei respectively.[72]

Oga and Tōjō continue running up the stairs that lead to the rooftop. However, along the way, they abruptly stop and Baby Beel suddenly starts trying to gain their attentions. From the rooftop, Salamander explains to Behemoth about how the flames situated on the walls of the stairway are the same as his flames. However, instead of erasing memories, the flames mesmerize the people around it into doing whatever Salamander orders them to. The flames are the same as the ones situated near Quetzalcoatl's Sudoku game board. Just then, Oga and Tōjō arrive at the rooftop. Baby Beel is also present and Salamander starts talking about Hilda losing her memories, causing Baby Beel to start tearing up. The Pillar Baron then instructs Oga and Tōjō to kill each other. But then, they both punch him in the face. Salamander lands on the ground, his face beaten, surprised that the two delinquents didn't fall under his Magic. It's revealed that Lamia knew all about his powers and informed the delinquents about it from the very beginning. Suddenly, Jabberwock appears and gets ready to fight Oga.[73]

Final BattleEdit

Upon Jabberwock's arrival, Baby Beel starts telling Oga that they need to save Hilda first but Oga says that the fire is already out. He is worried, however, about her memories and if they're still intact. Jabberwock notices Oga's hesitation and unleashes his Magic on the cross, completely obliterating it. But Oga manages to save Hilda before she was hit. Oga is angered by how indifferent Jabberwock is about killing Hilda, who suddenly awakens. She starts to tear up and says aloud how relieved she is that Baby Beel is safe. She then falls unconscious. Jabberwock mocks Hilda and says that her memories will be fade when she wakes up, but Oga says not underestimate her. He runs towards Jabberwock and Tōjō does the same act. They both hit Jabberwock who compliments them on their power. Oga lands in a Zebul Clast and Tōjō follows with a Boston Crab. But afterwards, Jabberwock unleashes a Demonic attach on Tōjō who is hit and sent flying back. Oga is angered and drinks more milk, following it up with a Zebul Emblem. But Jabberwock only gets more and more excited about the fight. He drinks a large amount of milk and enters Lord of the Flies semi-mode. Oga starts repeatedly attacking Jabberwock and even Tōjō starts attacking, after he's gotten up. But in the end, both are seemingly defeated by the powerful Demon. Then, Oga gets back up and says that their fight's not over yet.[74]

Back during Oga's training on Decapitation Island, Oga first notices something odd with him before seeing that Baby Beel is having his "urination period" again. The two go to Lamia who makes note that its only been six months since the previous one. She asks to see the inside of Baby Beel's mouth and discovers him teething. Lamia concludes that Ankokubutō may be speeding up Baby Beel's maturation process and advises Oga not to overuse his new technique. Jabberwock is pleased that Oga's still alive and says how he'll kill Baby Beel without a second thought, even though he's a Demon Lord. Oga then kicks Jabberwock throwing him aside. Jabberwock is pleased and compliments Oga. He adds that before, Oga wasn't awakened, but now he is. He then starts to attack again but Oga punches him, correcting the general about his words: Oga explains that he was never awakened or half-awakened and that the form he's now taking is actually the "father-switch". He says that his new power stems from the idea of "giving your child anything he wants", confusing Jabberwock and the other people who are hearing Oga's words. Jabberwock even complains how Oga isn't making sense but Oga just starts punching and kicking him, each attack getting stronger. Oga then says how he can't afford to lose the battle. Lamia, having heard everything, explains to Furuichi that Oga is actually getting stronger because he and Baby Beel are maturing as a pair. Oga starts taking his distance away from Jabberwock. Tōjō, who lies beaten on the ground, calmly praises Oga before the man himself lands a powerful punch on Jabberwock. Not only does the attack smash the Demon through the entire building, but he also manages to defeat and knock him out. The others hear what has happened and Jabberwock's personal Demons are all shocked about it.[75]

Now morning, En wakes up and discovers the ruined remains of Akumano Academy. He is informed by Laymia about how a game had taken place. En is surprised and even more so after learning that he lost, despite not doing anything. Laymia says that En has to admit defeat. But the stubborn Demon Lord refuses to and demands that the Pillars awaken and fight for him. Laymia informs him that they've all been defeated and that it's because of him. This causes En to start crying about how "he's a worm" and an "unwanted child". Oga, however, hits the Demon Lord on the head and says that whatever he is, he's still a living creature (shocking the conscious Demons). He then tells En that he'll play a game with him anytime and anywhere.[76]

However, En cries anyway and burns down the school, much to the disdain of many others. Some of the Pillars begin to worry about their comrades while Nene asks that someone call an ambulance. Behemoth goes to Oga and says that he's returning the school back to them, annoying Oga because he's doing so after it got burned down. Tōjō starts crying over the loss of the school. Oga and Baby Beel start walking home but En and his wet nurses follow the contractor, as En wants to play a game. Furuichi is dismayed by how they're all going to his house instead.[77]

Meanwhile, an unconscious Yolda continues to sleep. She can finally return to being En's wet nurse.[78]

Manga and Anime Differences Edit

  • In the anime, there was a major change in the story following Chapter 121 of the manga. After Hilda was swallowed whole by Sodom, Oga and Baby Beel synchronized and defeated the dragon eventually freeing Hilda, as shown in Episode 59. Thus, she was not captured and so the following chapters were not depicted. The reason behind this is the cancellation of the Beelzebub anime.

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