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Be Like Oga
Volume 13
Japanese Title 男鹿らしくしなさい
Oga rashiku shinasai
Volume 13
Release Date September 2, 2011
(ISBN: 4-08-870286-7)
Cover Characters Tatsumi Oga, Beelzebub IV, Hecadoth, Graphel, Nāga
Previous Volume Hilda's Anger
Next Volume Intrusion! Akumano Academy

Be Like Oga (男鹿らしくしなさい, Oga rashiku shinasai) is volume 13 of the Beelzebub manga. It has 192 pages.


107. I'm... (オレが..., Ore ga...)
108. Super Milk Time (スーパーミルクタイム, Sūpā miruku taimu)
109. The End of the Battle!? The Start!? (戦いの終わり!? 始まり!?, Tatakai no owari!? Hajimari!?)
110. Case Closed for Now!? (とりあえず一件落着!?, Toriaezu ikkenrakuchaku!?)
111. We Completely Exchanged Bodies (入れ替わっちゃいました, Ire kawachaimashita)
112. Be Like Oga (男鹿らしくしなさい, Oga rashiku shinasai)
113. Girl Battle (女の戦い, Onna no tatakai)
114. The Red Tail's Great Tactics (烈怒帝瑠大作戦, Reddo Teiru daisakusen)
115. Kunieda and That Young Animal (邦枝とあの子, Kunieda to ano ko)


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