Below is a layout of a generic chapter page in proper format. Please note the red text for details on the layout.

Chapter Information
Volume Number XXX
Chapter Number XXX
Chapter XXX Images

A chapter infobox is placed at the top of the page. For information on how to fill the chapter infobox, please visit Template:Chapter Infobox.

The article heading should be formatted as follows.

Title (Kanji Title, Rōmaji Title) is chapter XXX of the Beelzebub manga.


A concise summary of the chapter from beginning to end.


A description of the VOMIC adaptation of the chapter. This section should only be added when applicable.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

A list of characters that appear in order. A scroll box should only be used if 20 or more characters appear.


In point form, relevant trivia about the chapter. This section should only be added when applicable.

  • Insert trivia here.


A navigational manga template is always placed under the navigation section.

Finally, remember to place the article into the Chapters category at the bottom of each page.

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