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Beelzebub Wiki is an online encyclopedia focused on the anime and manga series of Beelzebub. As such, there are certain things that Beelzebub Wiki is not:

Beelzebub Wiki is not a social networking site

Beelzebub Wiki is a Wiki. A Wiki is a website that allows any person to edit its content. It is not a place to socialize. The talk pages, blogs and forums are for that, and only in regards to the series and/or the Wiki. The focus of the Wiki should be on its content, not on individual users.

Beelzebub Wiki is not an ad board or a dating site

Beelzebub Wiki is not a place to advertise your own websites or products. It is also not a place to look for a partner. There are other websites meant for these tasks, but a Wiki is not one of them. This is considered spam and will be dealt with accordingly.

Beelzebub Wiki is not Wikipedia

Although there are many similarities between a Wiki and Wikipedia, Beelzebub Wiki's rules and policies do not necessarily follow those of Wikipedia. Neither will the naming conventions necessarily match those found on Wikipedia. Please read the policies here carefully to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Beelzebub Wiki is not for the faint of heart

Beelzebub Wiki cannot guarantee that content will be completely acceptable to all readers. There are policies set in place for extremely bad language and pornographic content. However, all photos pertaining to the series and/or the Wiki will remain uncensored for encyclopedic purposes.

Critical discussions may occur in the appropriate talk pages on the series and/or the Wiki. Please do not take these discussions personally. However, if at any time you truly feel that you are being personally attacked, do not hesitate to notify an Admin.

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