Blue Ear
Blue Ears defeat
Headquarters South Kanto

The Blue Ear are a female only delinquent gang based in South Kanto, South of Tone River. They are a gang introduced only in the anime.


Enraged at Aoi Kunieda of the Red Tail for claiming the entire Kanto region, they planned an ambush where they managed to close in on her in a secluded park. The apparent leader claims if they were to beat her, the entire Kanto region would be theirs. Kunieda simply shrugs this off and coolly insults them, resulting with them in attacking her.

Angelica, who was desperate to form the 5 Fairies of Light, does the incantation and transforms Kunieda into her Fairy of Light outfit much to the latters shock and embarrassment. Also shocked, the Blue Ear take this as an opportunity to strike, but are all easily beaten by Kunieda's unintentional Fairy attacks.

They return later in the episode with some large male delinquents poorly disguised as females with the apparent leader claiming they are the rest of the Blue Ear and assures the group they are simply "Big girls". Despite the big ambush, the group easily defeat the Male delinquents along with the Blue Ear.

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