Chiyo Aiba
Chapter 149
Kanji 哀場 千夜
Rōmaji Aiba Chiyo
Chapter Information
Volume Number 17
Chapter Number 149
Story Arc Field Trip Arc
Release Information
Pages 19
Chapter Guide
Previous Izō Aiba
Next Churai
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Chiyo Aiba (哀場 千夜, Aiba Chiyo) is chapter 149 of the Beelzebub manga.


The chapter starts with Chiyo Aiba introducing herself to Beel. Izō questions what she likes about Beel, but she refuses to say it as it is perverted. Nene then explains an explanation from Oga as to why he is in here. Oga tells her that it is because Izō wanted to come.

Izō remarks that Chiyo and Beel are in some kind of date, and that Chiyo is precocious. Nene, however, says that he is the one she is upset with, and orders him to get off the bed. Oga, on the other hand, was watching television, and she yells at him for acting so casually in a girl's room.

Meanwhile, Furuichi is experiencing from diarrhea, and based on his intuition, he has a feeling he is missing out on something incredible.

Concurrently, Aoi inquires Chiyo on why she has accompanied her brother on the class trip. The latter explains that she likes reading fortune-telling books. She has read one that foretold her she would encounter something wonderful on a southern island. She rummages through her bag and hands over a magazine that discusses zodiac signs and love fortunes. Chiyo asserts that she and her brother are Virgos. Aoi says that she is a Taurus, and Chiyo claims that she has a great capability with Virgos. When asked, Oga reveals that he is a Virgo as well, and Aoi is delighted.


The chapter concludes with Hilda (on the far left) shown bathing next to 3 red tail members: A: possibly Yuka? (left) B: possibly Nene? (middle) and C: possibly Kaoru? (right).

In the meantime, Hilda questions the Red Tail girls where Oga and Beel are. They exchange glances with one another and decide to rush her off to the bath instead.

At another place, Kanzaki, Natsume, and Shiroyama are being surrounded by the other school's group of delinquents. Despite beaten up, they reintroduce themselves as the South Chinpira High Toushoushinki. Natsume worries over Futaba's safety, and Kanzaki offers her a piggyback ride. However, Kanzaki is then attacked by a delinquent, but he manages to block it and defeats his adversary offhandedly. Natsume notes his improvement but that is short-lived, since Futaba is captured by them.

Suddenly, Tōjō appears. He takes notice of Futaba and relates her to a cute animal. He then offers to trade his box of candies for Futaba.

At the moment, Izō invites Aoi to have a meal with him, and she agrees, much to Nene's chagrin. Aoi, however, says that since the purpose of the meal is to strengthen the friendship between school leaders, Oga should come as well. Izō approves while Oga is puzzled as to why he was invited.

On the other hand, Furuichi is distraught over the feeling of missing out on everything.

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