Japanese Title だだだ
Artist Group Tamashi
Length 1:30 (opening)
3:17 (full)
Release Date February 2, 2011
Episode Span Episode 1 - Episode 10 (OP)
Episode 60 (ED)

Dadada (だだだ, Dadada), performed by Group Tamashi, is the first opening theme and the sixth ending theme for the anime Beelzebub. Dadada is Group Tamashi's seventh single. It was used from episode 1 through episode 10 as the opening theme, and as the ending theme for episode 60, the final episode.

The original span was to be from episode 1 to episode 12 (now episode 10), but following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, two episodes have skipped airing, while all other releases, including the release of the next two episodes and the new opening, remained on schedule. Hence, episode 10 is the last episode to feature this opening theme.


  1. Dadada (だだだ)
  2. Yōchi&DESTROY (幼稚&DESTROY, Infancy&DESTROY)
  3. Ōedokōru&Response (大江戸コール&レスポンス, GreatEdoCall&Response) (2010.5.17 Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall)


だだだ だだだ

なにさまだ お子さまだ
お前はすでに だだだだだ

なにちゃんだ 赤ちゃんだ

ママが無視なら 一応

だだ だだ だだ だだこねる だだだだだ
だだ だだ だだねだる だだだだだだ
聞き訳ないので おなじみだ
だだ だだ 地団駄ふむ だだだだだ
だ だ だ だ だまされた


Dadada dadada

Nani sama da okosama da
Yomei wa zatto shichi, hachijū nen
Omae wa sude ni dadadadada

Nani chan da akachan da
ni jikan oki ni gōkyū da
Yofuke ni oppai yōkyū da

Mama ga mushi nara ichiō
Papa no oppai suttemiru no da

Dada dada dada dadakoneru dadadadada
Famiresu no omocha ga hoshii no da
Dada dada dadanedaru dadadadada
Kiki wake nai no de onajimi da
Dada dada jidandafumu dadadadada
Don guri moratte gokigen da

Da da da da damasareta
(Dame da korya!)

English TranslationEdit

Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah.

Who's that. A child.
There're approximately 70-80 years left to live.
You're late, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Who's that. A baby.
Crying each 2 hours.
Requesting breasts so late at night.

If mom ignore for the time being
He will suck papa's breasts.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah so naughty, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
He wants to play toys of family restaurant.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah soliciting favours, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Just bearing if you can't get along with it.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah stamping around, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
He will be in good mood as eating acorn.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, being messed up.
(It's no use)
Yeah yeah yeah.

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Modifications following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunamiEdit

Following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the opening sequence for the series was modified for Episode 10 to remove all references of earthquakes, flooding and mass graves. These modifications include the following:

  • The pre-opening sequence where Oga spots Alaindelon floating down the river and opening himself up to release Beelzebub was precluded. Instead, Beelzebub is simply seen rising out of the bottom of the screen to latch onto Oga.
  • Just before the title screen appears in the opening sequence, a demonic volcano is normally seen erupting and shaking the ground as Beelzebub flies out of it. This scene has been replaced with various close-up shots of Beelzebub from past episodes.
  • After the scene where Oga fights a large crowd of teenagers alongside Beelzebub dancing, the two would normally be seen standing triumphantly on the pile of teenagers Oga just fought, all lying on the ground among them. These teenagers (and parts of Oga's and Beelzebub's legs) had been covered over by an alternating light and dark background rotating across the bottom half of the screen.