Dadadada Dash!!
Chapter 216
Kanji ダダダダダッシュ!!
Rōmaji Dadadada Dashu!!
Chapter Information
Chapter Number 216
Story Arc Return to Ishiyama High School Arc
Release Information
Release Date August 12, 2013
Issue Number Issue 37 & 38-2013
Pages 19
Chapter Guide
Previous Vanished Baby Beel
Next Fucking Traitorous Bastard
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Dadadada Dash!! (ダダダダダッシュ!!, Dadadada Dashu!!) is chapter 216 of the Beelzebub manga.


Tōjō Struggles To Stand

Tōjō rises up against Yasaka.

As Yasaka takes a smoke, he senses Tōjō rise from the ground behind him. He tells the third-year student to give up and accept his defeat, adding that he should blame Oga for the predicament as he is powerless against him without a proper King's Crest.

Meanwhile, Takamiya sarcastically asks an unconscious Oga whether he is happy about being free from Baby Beel after so long.

Baby Beel then returns moments later, running along towards his adoptive father to wake him up. The infant then starts kicking away at Takamiya's legs after he fails to wake up Oga but ends up making pitiful attempts at Takamiya as well. Upset, Baby Beel bursts into tears and starts running away from the rooftop; however, before he leaves, he makes a gesture that he will return to them later on. He then proceeds down the stairway to the interior of the main building.

Aoi Rises With Baby Beel

Baby Beel motivates Aoi to fight.

He ends up running into Aoi, Suzune, and Ogata along the way. Baby Beel quickly realizes what has occurred between the three and lends his power to Aoi, allowing her to easily defeat the two and cause them to regurgitate Furuichi's "soul". However, he quickly leaves sometime before Aoi can properly thank him for helping her win the battles.

Tōjō and Yasaka resume fighting each other in the hallways. Yasaka becomes more tired from fighting and he begins to wonder why Tōjō could not be beaten still, adding that it is ridiculous; caught up with his thoughts, he is hit hard in the stomach and forced down on his knees. Tōjō tells him that he can now feel the power of the King's Crest flowing back into him despite the fact that it has not yet returned. Therefore, Furuichi's "soul" comically tells him that he is a moron.

Meanwhile, Kanzaki and Baby Beel meet up in the hallways where they eventually decide to partner up. The two break through the windows and head outside just as Yuka screams for Kanzaki to come help her, an event that triggers surprised but relieved responses from their classmates. Facing the members of the Himekawa Special Forces, Kanzaki swiftly defeats several members while asking of the location of Himekawa's machine. He instead learns that Himekawa was spotted near the pool and rushes over to the site, while Yuka hurries after him.

The three eventually arrive at the pool where they find Himekawa and Udagawa together. Himekawa tells Kanzaki not to get in his way and Kanzaki retorts that he is actually in the way.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Kōken Yasaka
  2. Hidetora Tōjō
  3. Tatsumi Oga
  4. Shinobu Takamiya
  5. Beelzebub IV
  6. Aoi Kunieda
  7. Harumi Ogata
  8. Suzune Suzumura
  9. Takayuki Furuichi
  10. Hajime Kanzaki
  11. Yuka Hanazawa
  12. Nene Ōmori
  13. Kaoru Jinno
  14. Shintarō Natsume
  15. Tatsuya Himekawa
  16. Yōken Udagawa


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