Damn Strong Already
Chapter 175
Kanji 強えじゃねーか
Rōmaji Tsuee janē ka
Chapter Information
Volume Number 20
Chapter Number 175
Story Arc Mobichi Arc
Release Information
Pages 17
Chapter Guide
Previous Tatsumi-kun and Takachin
Next The Season's Already Winter
Chapter 175 Images

Damn Strong Already (強えじゃねーか, Tsuee janē ka) is chapter 175 of the Beelzebub manga.


Oga Kicks Furuichi During Their Fight

Oga kicks Furuichi during their fight.

Furuichi repeats to Oga that he will be his opponent if he wants to fight. Uninterested, Oga begins to walk away until Furuichi declares that it makes him the winner. Oga starts hitting Furuichi continuously as the latter makes small threats on Oga's reputation, leading Furuichi to being beat up; however, he still continues to stand up. Confused, Oga wonders how it is possible. Eventually, he ends up beating up Furuichi.

At the end of the fight, Furuichi tells Oga that he does not like how he tends to stop people from befriending him and even states that his own weaknesses won't stop him from becoming his friend. However, Oga then tells him that he ends up worrying for people who stand behind him, therefore preventing him from concentrating on his own battles, only to then be left alone by such people.

As he leaves, Furuichi suddenly gets back up and goes to Oga's side, saying that he will stand next to him rather than behind. Afterwards, he thanks Oga for taking care of him earlier. Laughing at his answer, Oga then continues to go and have a fight while Furuichi accompanies him. Meanwhile, he thinks about how strong Furuichi is, while Furuichi hopes that Oga will find someone reliable to stand behind him someday.

Damn Strong Already

Oga tells Furuichi that he is already a strong person.

Oga awakens after he collapsed earlier from his fight. He immediately goes to Furuichi and asks to be given back the tissues, telling him that he is strong enough without having to use them.

Suddenly, the members of the Shadow Force arrive out of nowhere to get their revenge on Oga. Coincidentally, all of the Tōhōshinki and their respective groups also appear after having searched throughout the city for Furuichi and Oga; even one of the Rokkisei, Miki, is present. They all gather around Oga as they prepare to take down the Shadow Force.

Furuichi looks at them happily from the ground.

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