Fierce Battle!! Best 8
Chapter 182
Kanji 激戦!ベスト8
Rōmaji Gekisen!! Besuto 8
Chapter Information
Volume Number 21
Chapter Number 182
Story Arc Saint Saint X'mas Arc
Release Information
Pages 18
Chapter Guide
Previous Showdown! The Strongest Couple!!
Next Ishiyama Showdown!!
Chapter 182 Images

Fierce Battle!! Best 8 (激戦!ベスト8, Gekisen!! Besuto 8) is chapter 182 of the Beelzebub manga.


Aoi Meets With Oga & Hilda

Aoi speaks with Oga and Hilda.

Izuma and Aoi are selected next to compete against the opposing couple.

On their way to the boxing ring, they meet briefly with Oga and Hilda. Izuma carelessly asks Oga why he believes that Aoi is competing against him; upon hearing the child-rearing gang leader's answer, he comically cries with pity for Aoi. Aoi, who became flustered after Izuma asks the question, suddenly builds up a new sense of motivation to fight against Oga and Hilda, even telling the latter that she will not lose to her. Hilda simply replies that Aoi would need to advance to the finals in order to do so.

Izuma and Aoi then pair off against Arihara and Madoka.

For their event, the two couples learn that they will need to partake in a cavalry battle where the woman has to ride on the man's shoulder, then try to steal the bandana from the opposing team while still on her partner's shoulders; whoever is first to do so will automatically advance to the third round with the other couples of the competition.

Aoi Takes The Bandana

Aoi and Izuma win the match.

Aoi becomes flustered by the event due to the erotic nature of it; embarrassed, she tries to think of various solutions for her and Izuma to do, albeit unsuccessful. As time runs out for the couples to prepare, she then remembers that Oga and Hilda are still competing, and finally musters up the courage to participate. Surprisingly, just as the event commences, she and Izuma manage to steal Madoka's bandana in the blink of an eye and gain victory; therefore, they advance to the third round.

The third match then begins with Tōjō and Shizuka against Nishikawa and Yonehara. For their event, they all end up having to act out scenarios relating to romance with their respective partners, which will be judged by four people.

The first scenario is about the man being late for a date with his female lover; during this portion of the event, Nishikawa acts out a scene where his pet hamster apparently had labor pains and Tōjō simply states that he fought a man with a child sometime earlier. Surprisingly, Tōjō and Shizuka gain a perfect score after the latter uses her acting charms to gain emotional support from the judges. In the second scenario, which is about getting involved with a group of delinquents, actual Ishiyama delinquents volunteer to help out with the event; unfortunately, they succumb to weakness upon facing Tōjō. Nevertheless, Shizuka ends up using her charms again to win the event.

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