Furcas Rachmaninoff
Muumuu Form | True Form
Kanji フォルカス・ラフマニノフ
Rōmaji Forukasu Rafumaninofu
Race Demon (Medical)
Gender Male
Hair Dark
Professional Status
Occupation Imperial Doctor
Base of Operations Demon World
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 19
Manga Debut Chapter 27
Voice Actors
Seiyū Akio Katō
Image Gallery

Furcas Rachmaninoff (フォルカス・ラフマニノフ, Forukasu Rafumaninofu) was a highly skilled imperial doctor of the royal demon family.


In the Human World, he takes up a provisional body due to his contempt of humans, which comprises of a Muumuu, a white blob-like creature, with a brown derby hat. This body is similar to one of Lamia's (see below) "muumuu" pets, a random mass with a pair of eyes that can float above the ground at times.

His true form is that of a tall, dark-haired man. He has a scar between his eyes that form an X.


Furcas hates the human world and because of this, when he is needed there he comes in the body of a Muumuu. He is somewhat conceited, thinking that he himself was awesome.

Towards his assistant, Lamia, he is strict and will hit her whenever she misbehaves. He truly cares about his patients, no matter what race they are. As stated by himself, he is always on the side of the sick, even if they are his enemies.

In the Beelzebub side story, he was shown to somewhat of a pervert when he introduced himself to Furuichi as “the man who loves ass more than tits.”


Tōhōshinki ArcEdit

Mobichi ArcEdit

Furcas learns about a packet of Demonic tissues sent to the Human World by the Great Demon Lord. Knowing the dangers of the tissues, he sends a message to Lamia and explains the dangers of the Demonic tissues.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

A highly skilled physician in treating demons, he is able to read minds even though he claims that he did not read Oga's mind when he first arrives in the Human World.





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