Furuichi: Fallen in Love
Sample Screenshot | Title Card
Japanese Title 古市 恋しました
Furuichi koishimashita
Episode 53B
Airdate February 5, 2012
Manga Chapters N/A
Previous Episode Episode 52
And Then There Were No Delinquents
Next Episode Episode 54
Black Baby Beel Has Grown
Theme Music
Opening Only you -Kimi to no Kizuna-
Ending Shōjo Traveler

Furuichi: Fallen in Love (古市 恋しました, Furuichi koishimashita) is part B of episode 53 of the Beelzebub anime.

Baby Beel: First Conquest is part A of episode 53.


Ever since Beel or someone destroys Furuichi's home, Furuichi's self esteem has been the lowest until he meets a girl who he believes likes him. Will Furuichi get a girlfriend?!

Next episode previewEdit

Baby Beel and Black Baby Beel try to introduce the next episode. Oga finds them annoying and understands they want to, but can't understand them. Saotome offers to explain: Something takes Black Baby Beel and he somehow turns into a giant on a southern island. He calls Oga a piece of crap. After Oga introduces the next episode, Saotome then asks him what he fed to make Black Baby Beel grow so big.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


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