Girl Battle
Chapter 113
Kanji 女の戦い
Rōmaji Onna no tatakai
Chapter Information
Volume Number 13
Chapter Number 113
Episode Number 50
Story Arc Prince En Arc
Release Information
Pages 18
Chapter Guide
Previous Be Like Oga
Next The Red Tail's Great Tactics
Chapter 113 Images

Girl Battle (女の戦い, Onna no tatakai) is chapter 113 of the Beelzebub manga.


Hilda tries to woo Beelzebub with a kiss, but Kunieda steals the show by performing a dance she learned from a kids show that she practices forKōta. Hilda takes Kunieda's dance out of hand and starts to perform it about assaulting her. This escalates to a battle between the two as both wield guardrail pillars ripped away by Hilda. Eventually, Kunieda emits a Demonic aura, revealed to have attracted Beelzebub to her all along. Irritated by Beelzebub embracing her again, Kunieda, along with Hilda and Oga, beat him down. At that moment, Oga and Beelzebub are suddenly back in their normal bodies. Oga briefly confronts Saotome over this with Beelzebub naked on him again.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Aoi Kunieda
  2. Beelzebub IV (inside Tatsumi Oga's body)
  3. Hilda
  4. Takayuki Furuichi
  5. Tatsumi Oga (inside Beelzebub IV's body)
  6. Zenjūrō Saotome


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