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The cast of the Gohan-kun anime series is seen in the background as Beel dances in one of the opening sequences. Gohan himself is second from the right, next to the main villain.

Gohan-kun (ごはん君, Gohan-kun) is a fictional Japanese manga and anime series featured throughout the Beelzebub universe. The manga is written and illustrated by Pierre Kotobuki (ピエール寿, Piēru Kotobuki) and published by Shōnen Jump. At least 28 volumes have been published of the manga series.

Its main character is Gohan-kun.

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  • Gohan-kun may be based on Anpanman, the two of them have many similarities. Eating the food makes them heal, they're both friends with a chef who makes the food and the chefs have a female assistant.