Hachidan Inokuma
Hachidan Inokuma
Kanji 猪熊 八段
Rōmaji Inokuma Hachidan
Alias Red Bull (レッドブル, Reddo buru)[1]
No. 8[1]
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Dark
Hair Light
Professional Status
Affiliation Shinobu Takamiya
Previous Affiliation Fallen Angels
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Ishiyama High School
Previous Base of Operations Daten High School
Personal Status
Status Incapacitated
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 203
Image Gallery

Hachidan Inokuma (猪熊 八段, Inokuma Hachidan), also known as the Red Bull (レッドブル, Reddo buru), is a third-year formerly from Daten High School. He is a former member of the Fallen Angels and currently holds the position of Number 8.[1]


Hachidan appears to be an elderly man with light hair and dark eyes, despite being a high school student.[1]

Despite his aged appearance, he possesses little wrinkles except for the droopiness of his bottom eyelids, even having a rather massive and buff physique; his height nearly reaches the ceiling of a classroom and he possesses a very muscled body, mainly with his torso and heavy limbs.[2]

Hachidan is a very hairy man, which begins with his rather intricate hairstyle. Most of his hair is trimmed short and messy, while he has a long mane-like Mohawk down the middle of his head. A long, bushy beard develops from the choppy portions of his hair that completely envelops his chin. Moreover, a thick mustache grows over his upper lip and encloses around his mouth. A pair of similarly bushy eyebrows also develop over his eyes. Hachidan also has hair growing over both of his thick arms and across his chest.[2]

Hachidan wears a dark, leather vest which he leaves open. On the ends of the "sleeves", there is a light-colored fabric that appears ripped and messy. Hachidan wears dark pants beneath his waist. He also has wristbands on each of his wrists, which were initially dark,[2] though they later appear light. Hachidan finishes his outfit with light shoes.[3]

Initially, Hachidan wears a light surgical mask set under his chin.[2]


Hachidan is a quiet individual who occasionally takes on an authoritative role.[1]


Hachidan originally attended Daten High School until he transferred over to Ishiyama High School.[1]


Return to Ishiyama High School ArcEdit

Fallen Angels

Hachidan standing amongst his fellow members.

Prior to a meeting for the Fallen Angels, Hachidan holds a billiard in his hand and stares down at the pool table before him.[2] When the other members start bickering, he tells them to settle down and has Yasaka commence the meeting, which he remains silent throughout. A commotion is heard outside during the meeting which Hachidan is curious about. Shortly afterwards, Tatsumi Oga bursts through the door, although he ends up making an awkward leave moments later after Himekawa claims to still be his ally; Hachidan appears fumbled during the final two events. Nonetheless, he says nothing still even as the meeting continues forward.[4]

Hachidan Bloodied

Hachidan lies bloodied on the floor.

Hachidan remains in the school later during the night. While in the hallways, he spots Furuichi running away and catches him around the neck, then smashes his head in towards the ground; upon impact, this also fractures the structures nearby. However, he is apparently then taken down by Furuichi. Hachidan is then left bleeding from the openings in his face and unconscious. His body is subsequently lifted up and flipped over on the ground.[3][5]


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