The first of the four to be introduced and the weakest among them, he was nevertheless the closest to dominating the school at the time. A sadistic and malignant third year, he was sought out by Oga to be a replacement father for Beel, Oga hoping Kanzaki's purportedly sinister and malicious character would be more appealing to the demon baby than his own. However, after Kanzaki viciously humiliates Shiroyama, his most loyal underling and until then his right-hand man, Oga becomes enraged and punches Kanzaki through a top-story window, sending him to the hospital and further solidifying Beel's attachment to him. After that, Kanzaki loses his retinue, save for Shiroyama and Natsume (see below). He later consorted with Himekawa and Oga in order to pull down the powerful Toujou, but gets caught up with Himekawa in a fight against Toujou's underlings and is sent to the hospital again due to injuries contracted in the explosion that destroyed the school.
Later he begins to reciprocate the loyalty of his remaining subordinates - now better described as friends -, such as when he goes to get revenge for Shiroyama after he is beaten up by St. Ishiyama High students, and his character evolves in a more likable fashion. At St. Ishiyama, he seeks to preserve the reputation of the Ishiyama students against the advances of the six Horsemen (see below), and starts to show some loyalty to Oga and the others. His considerable and unwarranted pride is often depicted in comical fashion, such as when he intervenes to relieve Toujou, who is much stronger than he is, in a fight against a demon.
His fighting style is raw and brutal, and does not appear to have any technique, but is effective against the average thug. Even after being defeated by Oga, his reputation as a Tōhōshinki persists and he is greatly feared by lesser delinquents.
It is implied that his family is wealthy and/or influential, and that he pushed that influence to achieve his status as a gang leader. Furuichi has referred to him as the son of a "you-know-what",[23] which may imply that Kanzaki is the heir of a criminal family.

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