Kanji 春香
Rōmaji Haruka
Race Human
Gender Female
Eyes Dark
Hair Light
Professional Status
Affiliation Red Tail
Occupation Student
Previous Occupation Ishiyama High School
Personal Status
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 174
Image Gallery

Haruka (春香, Haruka) is a member of the first generation of Red Tail.


Haruka is a young girl of average height.[1]

She has dark eyes with small eyelashes and short, light-colored hair. Her hair is tied into an elaborate bun at the back of her head, though her bangs fall flatly over her forehead.[1]

Unlike most members of the Red Tail, Haruka wears a traditional Yukata patterned with designs of cobwebs, plants, and fish-like animals. She ties a light-colored obi sash around her waist. On her head, Haruka wears a dark hairband that has a light rose on the left side and a bow on the right side. The bow bears a pattern similar to the one on her Yukata.[1]


Haruka is a level-headed girl who is often monotonous when talking.[2]


Haruka Asks About Article

Haruka asks about their article in the magazine.

Haruka was present when Tatsumi Oga and Takayuki Furuichi came to visit the Red Tail together, though she was focusing on an "Earthenware" magazine that she had been reading.[3] When Haruka saw Shizuku fawning over Furuichi, she told her that the boy was clearly frightened. She then asked Misaki whether they were featured in "Deluxe Beautiful Ladies", showing little expression when talking even after Misaki mentioned that they were. Shortly after, she told Oga that they were just about to head to a party.[4]


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