Japanese Title Hey!!!
Artist FLOW
Length 1:30 (opening)
3:42 (full)
Release Date August 31, 2011
Episode Span Episode 24 - Episode 35

Hey!!!, performed by FLOW, is the third opening theme for the anime Beelzebub. Hey!!! is FLOW's twenty-second single. It was used from episode 24 through episode 35.


  1. Hey!!!
  2. Metamorphose
  4. Hey!!! -Beelzebub Opening Mix-
  5. Hey!!! -Instrumental-


TV Size VersionEdit

Japanese Kanji Japanese Rōmaji English Translation
朝の光待てなくて暴れたんだAsa no hikari matenakute abare tan daRaged as you can't wait for the morning light
TVのニュース番組が煽りだしたTerebi no nyūsu bangumi ga aoridashitaThe news program on TV is stirred
もう期待はずれな言葉達がMō kitai hazure na kotobatachi gaAgain, the words of your missed hopes
溢れそうなくらいにこの部屋中を舞うAfure sō na kurai ni kono heya jū o mauAppear to overflow in darkness, so you dance in the middle of the room
涙ちょちょ切れんだNamida cho cho kirendaThe tears slowly stop
誰だってきっとみんな悪戦苦闘してるDare datte kitto minna akusen kutō shiteruEveryone certainly has all the hard, agonizing fights
向かい風に吹かれてもMukai kaze ni fukarete moBlowing against the wind
あきらめちゃいねぇAkiramechai neeGiving up
Hey! Come on! My Baby!HEY! COME ON! MY BABY!Hey! Come on! My Baby!
君を思えばKimi o omoebaWhen I think of you
不安さえ 消し飛んでくからFuan sae keshitondeku karaEven my anxiety vanishes
Hey! Come on! My Baby!HEY! COME ON! MY BABY!Hey! Come on! My Baby!
闇 蹴っ飛ばして もう一度Yami kettobashite mō ichidoKick hard at the darkness once more
風を味方に Take off!Kaze o mikata ni TAKE OFF!Befriend the wind and Take off!
朝を迎えに Let’s Go!Asa o mukae ni LET'S GO!Meet the morning and Let's Go!
Let’s Go!LET'S GO!Let’s Go!

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

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