Isami Busujima
Isami Busujima
Kanji 毒島 勇
Rōmaji Busujima Isami
Alias Former No. 3 (元No.3, Moto nanbā 3)[1]
No. 9[1]
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Dark
Hair Dark
Professional Status
Affiliation Shinobu Takamiya
Previous Affiliation Fallen Angels
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Ishiyama High School
Previous Base of Operations Daten High School
Personal Status
Status Incapacitated
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 203
Image Gallery

Isami Busujima (毒島 勇, Busujima Isami) is a third-year student formerly from Daten High School. He is a former member of the Fallen Angels and currently holds the position of Number 9.[2] Before Himekawa's inauguration as a member, he was the Number 3.[1]


Busujima Without His Mask

Busujima's appearance when he removes his mask.

Busujima is a tall, muscular man with dark eyes and dark hair styled into spiked pigtails. He has a long face with prominent cheekbones.[1]

Busujima wears simple clothing that is more attributed to the cold weather of the semester. Most of his clothes are colored light, except for the dark parka jacket that he usually leaves open. The other clothes that he wear consist of a simple shirt, pants, and shoes. Around his neck is a dark string with a light medallion attached to a small metal rod at around the bottom of the accessory.[3] Busujima also usually wears a light-colored mask over his mouth, which has a maximum of seven cuts slicing horizontally across the middle.[1]


Initially appearing to be a quiet individual,[4] Busujima is actually a very irritable and ruthless man with a sense of vulgarity.[5][6] The veins on his forehead bulge when he is annoyed, especially when his status of power appears to be reviewed in a negative light;[7][8] since Himekawa's inauguration as a member of his gang, a genuine hostility has sparked from Busujima towards him.[1][6] He is also rather cruel, apparently having fun while badly bloodying Furuichi in their "fight".[9]


Busujima originally attended Daten High School, where he held the position of Number 3 amongst the Fallen Angels, until he transferred over to Ishiyama High School.[1]


Return to Ishiyama High School ArcEdit

Busujima Bloodies Furuichi

Busujima grants Furuichi a bloody and painful defeat.

Busujima and the other members of the Fallen Angels gather at Ishiyama High School to have a meeting. Busujima says nothing throughout most of the event, only breaking from his composure upon Tatsumi Oga's unexpected arrival.[10]

Late one night, Busujima and Himekawa paired up to capture Takayuki Furuichi in an attempt to lure Oga to Takamiya. They render him unconscious and take him to the Ishiyama campus, where he is subsequently restrained. Unimpressed by their hostage, Busujima inquires whether Furuichi will be successful bait and is subsequently told that he is practically Oga's partner. Busujima becomes curious about this apparent fact and orders some of the "Hime Boys" to free Furuichi, whom he wants to fight; moreover, he is willing to free Furuichi if he can win and demonstrate his true capabilities. Busujima becomes annoyed after hearing Furuichi's response to his offer.[11] Ultimately, Busujima is victorious against Furuichi whom he later mocks for being considerably weak. He then tells Takamiya that he is still suspicious of Oga's allies but his concerns are rebuffed, upsetting Busujima. The third-year then leaves the classroom to go after his leader.[12]

Busujima & Tsukishima

Busujima looks down on Furuichi.

Busujima later strolls in the hallways alongside Tsukishima and Hachidan. While on their way, they find Furuichi running away and Hachidan swiftly knocks him down. Busujima spats at both Furuichi for his apparent idiocy and Himekawa for being careless about their hostage.[13]

However, it is then discovered that Hachidan has somehow been taken down by Furuichi, which shocks Busujima. Confused, he tries comprehending the circumstances that allowed Furuichi such a quick victory.[14][15] Busujima ends up stepping aside so that Tsukishima can test out Furuichi's new strengths for himself;[16] unfortunately, he is defeated quickly, which leaves Busujima even more confused.[17][18]

Busujima Attacks Furuichi Again

Busujima strikes at Furuichi out of irritation from his comment.

After listening to Furuichi seemingly mumble to himself,[19] Busujima, who realizes that Furuichi has been hiding his "true" power earlier, removes his mask and states that he has also been holding back. He then hears a remark about his position as the Number 9 of the Fallen Angels which infuriates Busujima; enraged, he goes in to punch Furuichi while telling him that power does not signify his status. Unfortunately, he is then dealt an uppercut to the chin that immediately knocks him out.[20]


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