Ishiyama High Restoration
Chapter 116
Kanji 石矢魔高校復活
Rōmaji Ishiyama-kōkō fukkatsu
Chapter Information
Volume Number 14
Chapter Number 116
Episode Number 58
Story Arc Akumano Academy Arc
Release Information
Pages 19
Chapter Guide
Previous Kunieda and That Young Animal
Next Greeting
Chapter 116 Images

Ishiyama High Restoration (石矢魔高校復活, Ishiyama-kōkō fukkatsu) is chapter 116 of the Beelzebub manga.


Furuichi trains under Lamia and Alaindelon's supervision on a cliff to fight against En, but Furuichi is reluctant to and instead fantasizes about being with girls. At Oga's house, Hilda scolds Oga for his actions earlier in his fight against En's defenders. Misaki comes in to tell the two that Ishiyama High is almost finished rebuilding. Later atSaint Ishiyama Academy, many of the Ishiyama High students anticipate returning to their new school. Meanwhile, a mysterious old man tries to track down Oga, confronting and beating and Shinjō on the way. The old man finds Oga, but Oga denies any association with him. Meanwhile, Furuichi is left behind on the cliff.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


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