Kanji ヨハン
Rōmaji Yohan
Alias Assassin of Solomon Company
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Solomon Company
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 195
Image Gallery

Johan (ヨハン, Yohan) is the assassin of the Solomon Company, who has always a smile on his face. It turns out that he also triggered most of the events that happens to Oga and Beel.



Johan use to be always relaxed and smiling, even when people attack him he seems never lose his coolness. But actually he is very cold hearted, as for example when he laughed about Takamiya, who was worried about Lucifer, who was heavily injured[1]. He also showed almost no emotion when he tried to kill Takamiya or when shooting Corey, for showing Oga the way to L.A.[2]

For unknown reasons, he also seems to look at demons with disdain. His character is a very sharp contrast to Oga. While Oga treats Beel as his own son, Johan views them as entirely separate lifeforms. He even remarks that the delinquents at Ishiyama are nothing more than fertilizer for the company's demons, and in turn thinks of the demons as merchandise. This seems to be a thought pattern shared by other individuals in the company's hierarchy as well, the notable exception being Udagawa, who never expresses such opinions.



Return to Ishiyama High School ArcEdit

America Arc Edit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Johan has remarkable speed, easily catching Takamiya (though Lucifer blocked his actual attack) and being able to block or dodge a number of attacks, including surprise attacks from Akahoshi and Ebian.

Johan also seems to excel in physical strength, as he was capable of blocking a punch from Oga easily (albeit Oga was tired at the time). He is later easily able to smash Oga against the large dining table in the company's headquarters, holds him up with one hand with ease.

Ultimately, not a lot is known about him as it is never mentioned what the source of his power is. He is also not seen using any spells like the other spellmasters, instead opting for the use of purely physical means, weapons or equipment like his teleportation jewel. He is nonetheless heavily implied to be on a comparable level to the upstarts, as Udagawa was quivering at his presence. Despite this, he is defeated quite easily by Oga when Beel's powers fully awaken.


  • Cell Phone: Johan has a cell phone, with which he makes reports to the Solomon Company.[3]
  • Teleportion Jewel: Johan posses also a Teleportaion Jewel which he can use to escape in seconds.[4]
  • Sai: Johan had a Sai, which he used to attack Takamiya.[5]
  • Shotgun: Johan had also a Shotgun, which he used against Corey.[6]
  • Motorcycle: To attack and stop Oga and Co. Johan used a Motorcycle to catch up with them.[7]


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