Kōtarō Mikagami
Kanji 三鏡 考太郎
Rōmaji Mikagami Kōtarō
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Professional Status
Affiliation Shadow Group
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Teimō Tech
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 36
Manga Debut Chapter 74
Voice Actors
Seiyū Tomoyuki Higuchi
Image Gallery


Mikagami has a bald head, which is covered in several piercings, and wears many rings on his fingers. His eyes are brown. Ironically, he wears a pink hoodie that says "Bald". He also has a blue music player hanging from his neck.




Saint Ishiyama Academy ArcEdit

Prince En ArcEdit

Mobichi ArcEdit

Shadow Force Defeated Altogether Again

The Shadow Force pile together upon their defeat.

Mikagami and the other members of the Shadow Force appear by the river near Ishiyama High School, where they find Oga looking beaten and exhausted; seeing him, they decide to fight and get their revenge for earlier. However, the four suddenly find themselves surrounded by the Tōhōshinki and their gangs; upon seeing Aoi, Mikagami becomes happy and calls out her name. Unfortunately, the delinquents from Ishiyama High School confront the Shadow Force altogether. The presence of the number of delinquents weakens and frightens Mikagami,[1] who is subsequently beaten up together with his own group.[2]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Being a member of the top fighters in Teimo, Mikagami possesses a consideable amount of strength. He also shows some speed as in his 16 hit attack against Oga.

Mikagami's speed

16 heat wave: Mikagami after jumping high in the air performs a very quick barrage of sixteen energy blasts.




  • It can be implied Mikigami is the only member in the group with hair. When Oga makes fun of them being bald, Mikigami responds that it's a skin head trend in Teimo. When he asks for the assurance from his comrades, they comically admit they're all bald in reality much to his disappointment.
  • Mikagami is shown to have a crush on Kunieda because he always praises her and thinks about her during training at Mapputatsu mountain.
    • He even goes as so far of thinking of peeking in the female bath knowing she was there. Unfortunately for him, his big mouth allowed Kunieda to hear of his plan in which she replied by sealing an overhead bath window.


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