Kaoru Jinno
Kaoru Jinno
Kanji 陣野 かおる
Rōmaji Jinno Kaoru
Race Human
Birthday May 26
Horoscope Gemini
Height 185 cm (6'1")
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Ishiyama High School
Previous Base of Operations Saint Ishiyama Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 15
Manga Debut Chapter 15
Voice Actors
Seiyū Kentarō Tone
Image Gallery

Kaoru Jinno (陣野 かおる, Jinno Kaoru) is a long-haired underling of Hidetora Tōjō's. He has a calm attitude and is shown to be bookish, but is nevertheless a strong fighter.


Jinno has long hair tied back into a ponytail and has a small grown goatee. He wears a flowered polo shirt and black pants. He also wears square rimmed glasses, in which he takes off when he takes part in a fight.


Jinno has a a calm and collected personality, he is also shown to be quite serious about schooling as he is seen studying for an exam much to Tojo's amusement. He can become irritated if pushed shown in chapter 159 after Tojo hit him.


Tōhōshinki ArcEdit

in the tohoshinki arc he is seen just with tojo and always wanders around him and claiming that he is the king of ishiyama he is a mysterious character like natsume he is shown with aizawa to be stronger than himekawa and kanzaki but gets knocked out by natsume and we can also assume that he is Tojo's second after aizawa claiming that he is Tojo's right hand man

Return to Ishiyama High SchoolEdit

Jinno Assures Everyone That Tojo Is Fine

Jinno states that Tōjō is at work.

Jinno and Aizawa are called over to a meeting at the Kunieda residence, which includes several of the Tōhōshinki and their affiliates. Some grow worried over the fact that Tōjō is not present, especially when Shimokawa states that he was been confronted by a group of delinquents earlier, though Jinno reassures everyone that he is fine and at his work. The meeting commences soon afterwards, regarding the newcomers at the revived Ishiyama High School, and it is eventually decided that they will stealth their enemies, although the "leaders" of both parties shall fight separately.[1] However, when Oga is brought up as their alliance's leader, a dispute follows with Kanzaki and Himekawa in the opposition. Himekawa's nature towards the whole alliance, however, is particularly irritating for Jinno. The leadership dispute is eventually closed after a game of rock-paper-scissors that Jinno partakes in.[2]

The following day, Jinno and Aizawa both follow Misao Onizuka to keep a close watch on him, where they end up watching him play piano in a room alone. During this time, Jinno reports their findings to Kanzaki and Furuichi through a cell phone call.[3] He later overhears Kanzaki and Furuichi from their cell phone about how they have found Nasu alone. Jinno immediately tells them to wait until Oga and the others arrive.[4]

Late at night, Jinno and several of his classmates from Saint Ishiyama Academy head to their high school.[5]

Jinno Faces The Hime Boys

Jinno speaks out to his classmates.

Upon arriving, they are approached by the members of the Himekawa Special Forces, surprising Jinno. He looks around the area near the courtyards and takes a quick glance at one of the buildings, where he sees Tōjō grinning down on him. Upon seeing his friend's grin, Jinno states that they should have another festival before graduating from high school together.[6] Afterwards, he gets ready to fight.[7] He then engages in combat against the entire force; however, after fighting for a certain amount of time, he is utterly defeated by them all. Before the rest of the "Saint Class" is defeated, Kanzaki and Baby Beel miraculously arrive to save them, a sight that leaves Jinno shocked.[8]

Jinno & Natsume Offer To Help

Jinno and Natsume arrive at the poolside.

Jinno and Natsume manage to keep their strengths up so they quickly head to the poolside looking for Kanzaki. Jinno quietly makes way towards the Tōhōshinki upon arrival until he states that they are the only ones left to fight.[9] Before either can fight, Udagawa suddenly attacks them along with the present members of the Himekawa Special Forces; both barely manage to defend themselves from the Fallen Angels member.[10]

Later, Oga comes down to the poolside after burying Takamiya in the pool depths; Jinno grunts with at the sight of the first-year.[11]

Jinno then stands solemnly beside Natsume.[12] The two then look on as a young individual appears before the teenagers and, in an effort to move him away, pulls on the pompadour of one member of the Himekawa Special Forces; hearing the foot soldier's remarks leaves Jinno skeptical.[13]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Jinno is shown to be quite a strong fighter with him being able to take down both Tatsuya Himekawa and Hajime Kanzaki on his own. However, he is shown to meet his superior when Shintaro Natsume beats him with a single knee to his face.

Enhanced Strength: In chapter 159 it has been shown he is capable of blocking an attack from a much more powerful Tojo, Shizuka Nanami tried to stop them fighting possibly hinting he has the potential to at least give Tojo a fairly good fight however this is highly unlikely as Natsume effortlessly defeated him and Masao has rated Natsume to be at most on par with Tojo.


Hidetora TōjōEdit

Jinno is shown to be quite close to Tojo, as he adresses him as Tora. He is also protective about Tojo, making anyone who wishes to fight him go through him first.

Shizuka NanamiEdit

Shizuka and Kaoru are on a first name basis, with Shizuka also stating how they haven't done anything like "this" since middle school. This being their participation in the Rice-Boy show during the eponymous mini-arc.




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