Killer Six Elements
Chapter 190
Kanji 殺六縁起
Rōmaji Satsuriku engi
Chapter Information
Volume Number 22
Chapter Number 190
Story Arc Return to Ishiyama High School Arc
Release Information
Release Date February 4, 2013
Issue Number Issue 10-2013
Pages 19
Chapter Guide
Previous OH! MY Eggplant
Next Who's Going to Beat Oga?
Chapter 190 Images

Killer Six Elements (殺六縁起, Satsuriku engi) is chapter 190 of the Beelzebub manga.


Kajiura Speaks With Ichikawa

Ichikawa makes his move.

Word about Oga's and Nasu's upcoming fight quickly reaches across the entire school.

Two first-year students, Ebian Ichikawa and Kankurō Akahoshi, plus their respective gangs, are particularly irritated that Nasu has already made his move against Oga. Both of their gangs head out to confront Oga themselves. After a brief discussion from both parties, they each decide to head out and face Oga themselves.

In one of the school hallways, several delinquents are surprised to see that Oga is there. Nasu, however, is excited and he goes over to introduce himself. He reveals that he is the one who marked over Oga's Zebul Spell tattoo earlier. Moreover, he felt very tired after experiencing Oga's "finisher" punch; upon that comment, Baby Beel draws short whisker markings on both of Nasu's cheeks. Oga grants Nasu a free punch for earlier and is subsequently sent flying towards the ceiling, effectively being buried in the concrete. The sight astonishes those around them. Natsume, though not expressive about his concerns, becomes particularly worried about Nasu's strength and remarks that the "Killer Six Elements" have now risen.

Nene Explains About The Six Upstarts

Nene explains about the rise of first-years in Ishiyama.

Elsewhere, Nene informs several members of the Red Tail about the "Killer Six Elements" in Ishiyama, who are all first-year students either ranked into the "Three Kings" or "Three Beasts". Ichikawa and Akahoshi are among the "Three Kings" while Nasu is ranked as one of the "Three Beasts".

Moreover, former members of the Red Tail have been transferred over to Majōgari Academy where, under the leader Ringo Hōjō, they have begun calling themselves the "Reborn Red Tail". Aoi has already encountered Ringo Hōjō and the "Reborn Red Tail", who are curious to know why she is not dressed as the proper leader of her former affiliation. In addition, it appears as though Aoi has already been aware of what former Red Tail members have been doing in her absence as a leader.

Nasu tauntingly asks whether the buried Oga can hear him. As he does so, both gangs from Sabatō High School and Hiaburi High School arrive in the hallways, ready to claim the title as strongest in Ishiyama; such a meeting results in a heated atmosphere between the "Kings" and "Beast".

However, Oga silences them all when he tells them, from the concrete ceiling, that he will beat up all of them, regardless of who they really are.

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