Kanji 三谷
Rōmaji Mitani
Alias Takkun (たっくん, Takkun)[1]
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Dark
Hair Dark
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Saint Ishiyama Academy
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 180
Image Gallery

Mitani (三谷, Mitani), affectionately referred to as Takkun (たっくん, Takkun),[1] is a high school student who attends Saint Ishiyama Academy. He has participated in the school's special event, Saint Saint X'mas, with his girlfriend, Oka.


Mitani is a tall, slim young man with short dark hair and dark eyes.[2]

Mitani wears the uniform of Saint Ishiyama Academy while she is at the high school, like several other students. He wears a light-colored shirt with a dark tie tied around the collar, all underneath a light-colored sweater and dark pants. Mitani also wears light-colored shoes.[2]


Mitani is a very affectionate and intimate person, especially towards his lover, Oka.[3]


Saint Saint X'mas ArcEdit

Mitani & Oka

Mitani and Oka compete together in the competition.

Mitani and Oka participate in the Saint Saint X'mas competition together where they advance to the Top 16. The couple is selected to go second in the first round, putting them against Kanzaki and Yuka.[4]

The couple proceeds to complete their first round; however, after watching their opponents from the previous event, Mitani begins carrying Oka in his arms, mimicking Kanzaki and Yuka from the previous event. When meeting with their opponents, Mitani blatantly tells the two how they saw their performance in the three-legged "death match", noting how Kanzaki and Yuka seemingly showed off for the audience.[5]

Mitani and Oka head to the boxing ring in the gymnasium for their first event, and while Mitani receives Oka's affectionate remarks, they discover that they will need to share drinks from a bottled drink for them to advance in the tournament. Seeing the reactions from Kanzaki and Yuka, Mitani suggests whether their opponents are scared.[6]

Mean Oka

Mitani resumes drinking.

Afterwards, the event commences and Mitani takes the first sip. While pouring, they are suddenly attacked by Kanzaki and Yuka, leaving Mitani injured and seemingly with a concussion.[7] However, he and Oka then resume the event for themselves where Mitani is initially distracted yet again by the opponents; because of that, he receives a scolding from Oka. Unfortunately, moments later, they are attacked by a thrown Kanzaki, forcing the two lovebirds to pass out and ultimately lose in the first round.[8]



Oka is Mitani's girlfriend, whom he competes with during the Saint Saint X'mas competition. He is quite endearing towards her.[3]


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