The NEETs were an unnamed group of online gamers who were hired by En's Demon Maids, notably Izabella, to play against the Ishiyama gang under their team.


Though their real appearances are not shown, their End of War 4 avatars depict them all wearing standard military gear and flak jackets, helmets, black goggles and black masks.


Each NEET demonstrates their own personalities in several comical scenes. A few question En's vocabulary since he uses slightly out dated phrases such as "Have at you!". A few of them showed their loyalty towards the Demon Nursemaids most notably for Izabella, but a handful showed their loyalty towards Yolda and Satura.


Prince En Arc


The NEETs are shown to be extremely experienced in gaming, with Izabella stating that each had over 200 hours of gaming experience. This is further demonstrated when one of them managed to get the drop on Hajime Kanzaki and Takayuki Furuichi, but this was soon foiled by Tatsuya Himekawa. They managed to set up an ambush and gunned down Nene Ōmori and Chiaki Tanimura, this was also done to Takeshi Shiroyama.







  • ""Have at you?" Who still uses that..?": the NEETs questioning En's vocabulary.
  • "Uh... "what for"?": again questioning En's vocabulary.
  • "For lady Izabella!!!": their battle cry.
  • "Direct hit confirmed": after firing a direct hit missile at Yuka Hanazawa.
  • "This kid's in the way...": a flustered NEET trying to reload the tank En was using.


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