Nene's Mother
Nene's Mother
Race Human
Gender Female
Eyes Dark
Hair Dark
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Nene's Father (husband)
Nene Ōmori (daughter)
Nene's Younger Sister (daughter)
Pain (pet)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 221
Image Gallery

Nene's Mother is the matriarch of the Ōmori‎‎ family.


Nene's Mother is a slender, youthful woman with dark eyes and long, wavy hair. Like her eldest daughter, she keeps her bangs away from her face, though she lets her hair fall loosely down her back.[1]

Nene's Mother wears a long, light-colored dress with a wavy tail and a band outlining the collar. Over her dress is an apron-like attachment just underneath her breasts that has a long, frilly tail that is cut diagonally to make the right side of the garment shorter. She also wears a light-colored shawl over her shoulders that have tassels attached to the ends.[1]

Nene's Mother has a spherical jewel attached to a thin necklace around her neck.[1]


Nene's Mother has a calm-natured, maternal, but somewhat oblivious personality.[1]


Return to Ishiyama High School ArcEdit

Early one morning, Nene's Mother hears her eldest daughter outside in the veranda and goes to check on her. She goes outside and sees her uniform dirty, concerning her. Nene's Mother listens to the girl's hasty explanations before telling her to be careful and that she should wear different clothes while taking Pain out on walks; afterwards, she goes to make breakfast for the family,[1] though she does not join them when they all gather to eat. However, her husband asks of her to bring coffee as he reads the newspaper.[2]


Nene ŌmoriEdit

Nene's Mother has a good relationship with her eldest daughter. However, it has been noted by Takayuki Furuichi that she is unaware of Nene's delinquency and affiliation with the Red Tail.[1]


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