Volume 10

The Prince En arc is the fourth story arc in the Beelzebub series. In the Manga, it's comprised of Chapters 77-113 while the Anime adaption follows Episodes 37-50. This arc introduces Baby Beel's older brother En and his three wet nurses, as well as Zenjūrō Saotome. This arc also details the introduction of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division.


Another Contractor and the Older BrotherEdit

Oga is walking to school with Beel, complaining in his thoughts about how Hilda just suddenly left despite being Baby Beel's wet nurse. He also thinks about how he hasn't learned anything about Izuma being a possible Demon. Oga then meets Aoi while walking, but the girl says nothing to him. Oga then gets to the school and finds himself surrounded by a harem of fangirls, all of whom are from the same fanclub that support him and Beel. The girls are then shooed away by Miki. Aoi then appears and coldly greets Miki but again, says nothing to Oga. The Red Tail then appear and harass Oga for "staring" at Aoi and eventually leave, right after a barrage of insults. Miki then asks if he and Oga can walk home, to which Oga readily rejects. Oga then proceeds to class where Furuichi starts bragging about his own harem of girls, but Oga then starts to ponder what he should do.[1]

In another section of the school, Hidetora Tōjō is shown talking to Shizuka Nanami of the Rokkisei about Izuma classroom, wanting to find and fight Izuma in a battle. However, Tōjō would eventually find Kaname Izuma on the school rooftop. Oga also finds Izuma there and asks Tōjō to leave, wanting to talk to the Horseman alone. Tōjō refuses and Izuma suggests that they all fight together. The three are about to start but then a mysterious man appears, having leaped up to the rooftop from the classroom below after hearing that they were about to fight. He stops them and defeats them all in less than a second. He drags Tōjō and Oga back to class, revealing himself to be Zenjūrō Saotome, as well as the new homeroom teacher for the Ishiyama class.[2] The students are astonished that he could have defeated Tōjō and Oga so easily but Aoi is more curious about Takumi Sadohara and asks why he was fired (something that Sadohara also asks, albeit in the principal's office). However, Saotome simply changes the subject and starts to flirt with Aoi, causing the Nene Ōmori and Ryōko Asuka to get mad at him. Saotome then explains that Sadohara wasn't supposed to be permanent. Afterwards, he then leaves before Tōjō or Oga would awaken. When Tōjō awakens, he leaves to find Saotome but is unable to find the old man. He is soon approached by Shizuka, who then asks him about Saotome. Tōjō confirms that the man has returned.[3]

Saotome is shown atop the roof of the gymnasium where the volleyball match had occurred. He complains how the Zebul Blast used to defeat Kiriya created a transdimensional portal, though he adds that the portal did reduce a high amount of damage that could have destroyed the school. Saotome's contracting seal expands around his arm and he punches through the portal, closing it off. Oga, Tōjō, Izuma, Miki, and Shizuka were all able to feel his Demonic magic. As the portal closes, Hilda suddenly appears and draws her sword. She asks if Saotome is one of Behemoth's men and when Saotome hesitates to answer, she strikes at him. She pins him down and questions his use of Demonic magic which he'd just used to seal the portal.[4] Saotome ignores her and mentions how her underwear is white. Hilda realizes that he can see up her skirt and flusters, allowing him to escape. He then reappears behind her, groping and complimenting her breasts. She frees herself and Saotome starts explaining how he doesn't want to fight her. Hilda notices that she doesn't have to hold back against him and unleashes her own Demonic magic. She tells him to die and their fight ensues. She appears to have an advantage over Saotome until she summons a high amount of magic, to which Saotome then releases his own magic and captures Hilda with a powerful spell. Hilda is astonished, even more so when she notices the Zebul Spell on Saotome's arm. Saotome warns her that if Oga doesn't get stronger, he'll die. He then leaves the gymnasium's rooftop and is confronted by Oga. Saotome tells Oga that he's the delinquent's teacher and that he should go to school tomorrow. As he leaves, Oga himself is confronted by Aoi.[5]

Saotome meets with the principal of Saint Ishiyama Academy. Saotome helps himself to a bun that the principal prepared and then asks for coffee. The principal then asks if he thinks "he" will come and Saotome replies that he thinks he will. Saotome then comments on how Oga is very random.[6]

Aoi, dead serious, asks Oga about who Beel really is. Oga tries to explain the situation to Aoi but cannot figure out how to do so, causing him to let Beel explain things to Aoi. However, as Beel is an infant he cannot say words properly. Furuichi, who was watching the three from afar, gets angry and starts explaining when Aoi asks if he knew about Beel. However, Furuichi proves himself incapable of explaining things either. Beel is upset that they can't remember and tries running away but a mysterious woman, dressed in the same clothes as Hilda, picks up Beel and says the Demon Lord's real name. The woman is shown to be a splitting image of Hilda and Furuichi even asks if it's her, but the woman knocks him out for confusing the two. She also turns to Oga and attempts to kiss him, asking that he dies. Aoi screams Oga's name. However, Hilda appears and prevents the act from occurring. The unnamed woman comments that Hilda's arrival contains no appeal as usual, she claims. Hilda then identifies the woman as Yolda. Hilda says that Yolda is after her and that they should leave, though Yolda objects saying that it's been hundreds of years since they last saw each other. Yolda even pulls her broom, flowing with Demonic magic, but is told by a wet nurse named Izabella to stop, who is with another wet nurse named Satura. Yolda and Izabella begin to argue but are told to stop by an unknown person. Hilda recognizes the person and becomes frightened.[7] The person is identified as En, the older brother of Baby Beel. Oga and the others are stunned and Oga, confused, asks if Hilda is a man but she explains that En's brother is not hers, but Beel's. Izabella summons a throne for En to sit on. En lounges on the throne and is enjoys being pampered by his wet nurses. Aoi asks what happened and Oga explains that it's magic, explaining further that Hilda is a Demon and that Beel is a Demon Lord. En asks if she is Beel's contractor but Yolda says that it's Oga, though Yolda does add how Aoi was upset when she tried to kiss him. Yolda then knocks Aoi unconscious. Oga is angered but before he can do anything, Hilda suggests that they go somewhere else to talk.[8]

Later that night, Tōjō and Shizuka are both outside near a construction worker's site. Shizuka comments on how cold it is, causing Tōjō to hand her his jacket. He simply says that "he" is late. They are then approached by Izuma, who agreed to challenge Tōjō to a fight sometime earlier that day.[9]

They eventually go to Furuichi's house, taking Furuichi and Aoi along with them. At Furuichi's house (the said resident now being awake), En and his wet nurses explain how the Great Demon Lord wanted to destroy humanity, but forgot that Beel was already sent to do the job, and sent En to do the job.[10] Oga comments on how random the Great Demon Lord can be and goes on further to even insult En, to which Yolda attacks him with her broom. Izabella then states that they're only there to extract information and Hilda then asks what will happen to them, now that En is to finish Beel's job instead. She does not receive a proper answer, however, and is instead reminded by Izabella about her prestigious upbringing in the Demon World. En thinks that his father sent him to the Human World to destroy humanity along with Beel. He asks his younger brother if he'd like to do that but Baby Beel starts throwing ice cubes at him. En starts crying and causes the area around him to burn. His wet nurses try to comfort him but when all seems to fail, Satura requests that Furuichi bring En games. En starts cheering up when Furuichi offers to let him play his games. As he starts to play, he brags about how much of a game player he is. However, he doesn't recognize what a PS2 is and finds himself losing to a game of Biohusband 4 (a parody of the Resident Evil franchise). En decides to spend the next day playing various video games. He prepares to leave with his wet nurses. Before they do leave, however, Izabella explains to Hilda that while they're fine with En and Baby Beel destroying humanity together, whoever proves more powerful will be the rightful heir to the throne. One of the people supporting En in this campaign is also said to be Behemoth, a very powerful Demon. En warns them that Behemoth's men will be after them and that they should try to stay alive.[11]

Behemoth's 34 Pillar DivisionEdit

En and his wet nurses leave, as well as everyone else, including Aoi who just woke up. As they all leave, Furuichi realizes that Aoi was in his bed and rushes upstairs to get back in, and bask in her body warmth. Much to his dismay, Alaindelon has already gotten into the bed. He and his wet nurses then leave, using a car for transportation. While in the car, Izabella asks why En doesn't want to live with his younger brother and his told that En refuses to live among commoners. He and the Demon Maids discuss their plans to destroy humanity and how Behemoth will be very angry with En if he doesn't do anything. Oga, Hilda, and Baby Beel accompany Aoi as she walks home. While walking, Oga notices how very uncomfortable the silence is and tries to enlighten the mood by having Beel sing, to no avail. Hilda thinks about En's words, causing her to wonder about Behemoth and Saotome. Suddenly, Aoi stops and thanks Oga for walking her home. She then leaves, causing Oga to wonder what's happened to her. As Aoi is walking away, she notices some Demonic power falling from the sky. She then disappears, causing Oga to wonder where she went. Afterwards, Hilda suddenly pushes Oga and Beel down while a blast of Demonic power is sent after them.[12]

A Demon emerges from the Demonic magic, worrying Hilda as she didn't expect one of Behemoth's men to be appearing so soon. She tells Oga that Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division is one of the main fighting forces in the Demon World but the Demon corrects her by saying that they are the best. He then appears with Aoi caught in his Demonic magic and identifies himself as the 8th Pillar General of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Division, Hecadoth. Oga ignores his introduction and angrily asks why Hecadoth has Aoi, to which the Pillar General replies that he needs a Human contractor to fully harness his powers. He also adds how he's the first to have his contractor in the Human world, shocking Hilda that other members of the Pillar Division have already arrived.[13] Hecadoth then asks Oga if he knows the requirements for making a contract with a Human, but Oga doesn't know the answer to that. Hecadoth tells him that it's blood, causing Oga to wonder when he's ever made such a contract with Beel. However, Hilda then whispers a plan to Oga: she will distract and fight Hecadoth while Oga rescues Aoi. Hecadoth hears this and questions whether Hilda can really beat him while uncontracted. Oga then says that he rejects Hilda's plan, shocking her, and says that he'll beat Hecadoth instead. The two then start arguing about what to do before Oga finally agrees to let Hilda help him. Oga tells Hilda that it'll be the first time that they fight together. Hecadoth says that he already knows their plan and Oga then starts launching an attack at him, using Baby Beel's electricity. Hecadoth dissolves it, complimenting Oga for his use of Demonic power. Oga retorts by saying this is the first that he's ever used them consciously and launches another attack, but Hecadoth also dissolves it by slamming and compressing his power into the ground. Hilda then appears behind the Demon and cuts the string of Demonic power used to hold Aoi, allowing Oga to catch the Human girl. Oga starts complimenting Hilda but abruptly stops. He sees that Hilda was stabbed by Hecadoth's spear who reveals that this was his plan from the start. As Hilda collapses, Hecadoth states that he doesn't care for Aoi as Hilda is the biggest threat to En.[14] Hilda collapses and Baby Beel starts crying, but Oga tells him not to as Hilda is still watching. Aoi then awakens and notices Hilda on the ground, injured. Oga tells her to heal Hilda and that he'll explain the situation to her later, preparing himself to fight Hecadoth alone.[15]

Around the time that Hecadoth appeared, Tōjō and Izuma have continued their fight but both have begun to feel worn down. Izuma compliments the Tōhōshinki, saying that he's never had to get serious in a fight before. Tōjō contradicts and states that they're both just warming up. Izuma ignores this and starts unleashing Demonic power.[16] Tōjō is stunned by this, as well as Shizuka, but Izuma ignores both of their expressions and starts to attack Tōjō.[17] Some time later, Kanzaki arrives at the scene after buying himself some yogurt. He meets Yuka hiding behind some stacks of wooden planks. The two converse and Yuka informs Kanzaki of the situation, explaining how Izuma has started to gain an advantage in the fight ever since he's started using his Demon powers. Izuma tries to end the fight and thanks Tōjō for the battle but suddenly, he is kicked by a tall man wearing the same outfit as Hecadoth. Izuma collapses and the man appears alongside a small boy with the same Demon outfit, telling the latter that it was pointless coming here. The boy says that Izuma was probably the descendant of a Demon who escaped to the Human world. The two are then identified as Pillar General Graphel and Pillar Baron Nāga. The other Humans are surprised by what had happened, as well as confused as to what Nāga was talking about. Izuma, fallen on the ground, remembers the deal that he made to the Saint Ishiyama principal and silently apologizes to him. He then gets up, to which Graphel states that they're not on equal footing. When Izuma refuses to submit, the Pillar General attacks and pins the Rokkisei member and repeats his words. He then tries to kill Izuma but is stopped by Tōjō who headbutts him, saying that Graphel shouldn't take away his "prey".[18] The two then start fighting and deal powerful blows to one another. Tōjō, nearly on the verge of death, is then told by Kanzaki to stop and that he will take care of things. However, Kanzaki only asks what school Graphel is from and that he will defeat him, receiving much cheer from Yuka.[19]

Oga and Hecadoth continue their own battle but Oga is at a clear disadvantage, the latter realizing that himself. Aoi screams for Oga but is told not to interfere. Hecadoth then dashes towards Oga and stabs him with his spear. Pierced, Oga then grabs the spear and charges some of Beel's power onto his arm which he then uses to punch Hecadoth. After a massive explosion, Hecadoth emerges with just simple marks on his cheeks. Oga is stunned by this, even more so that Hecadoth blocked the attack barehanded. As Hecadoth prepares to kill Oga, Saotome suddenly appears and punches Hecadoth away before introducing himself as Oga's teacher.[20] Saotome comments how Hecadoth "bullied" some of his students. Hecadoth, sensing Saotome's power, decides to get serious and asks for Saotome's name while simultaneously threatening him with his spear. The teacher asks if the Pillar General was ever taught manners and the two then engage into battle. Saotome manages to land a powerful punch at Hecadoth's face and starts to activate his Zebul Spell. The presence of strong Demonic magic draws Graphel and Nāga's attention. They realize that Hecadoth is near the Demonic magic and decide to leave and aide him. They leave and Graphel tells the Humans that he'll kill them later. Kanzaki takes credit for making them leave and Shizuka walks to Izuma, saying that she has a lot to ask him but will ask after tending to his injuries.[21]

Hecadoth is shocked that Saotome has such immense power for a Spell Master but is even more surprised upon recognizing the mark on his hand. Even Oga is surprised. Hecadoth is about to name the Demon who contracted with Saotome when Graphel and Nāga arrive, telling Hecadoth that they must fight the teacher altogether. As they connect their powers, Saotome tells Oga to listen as he gives a "lesson" and charges strong Demonic power from his Zebul Spell and fires a powerful attack at the three Demons. However, the three manage to escape the attack before they can get injured and disappear back to the Demon World. Oga and Aoi stand, speechless. With the three Demons gone, Saotome informs Oga that Hilda can die if her wounds aren't properly treated. However, Alaindelon appears and splits his body, revealing two familiar faces: Furcas Rachmaninoff and Lamia.[22]

The two treat Oga's and Hilda's wounds at Oga's house. Aoi, Alaindelon, and Saotome accompany them. After dealing with Hilda's wounds, Furcas states that while she's in bad shape she will survive. Lamia and Aoi are relieved especially the latter, who feels guilty that Hilda was hurt because of her. Saotome reassures her and tells Oga to come to school the next day, as that's when he can train him properly. Furcas says that the job may be troubling to Saotome who shrugs it off, saying that he's under orders by the Saint Ishiyama principal. He then leaves. Aoi prepares to leave but not before a brief talk with Misaki, the first head of the Red Tail, who tells Oga to take Aoi to her house. Meanwhile, Oga is healing up in his room where Hilda is also recuperating. There, Hilda apologizes to him for burdening him and Baby Beel. Afterwards, Oga (along with Beel) takes Aoi home with his bicycle. There, while complaining how everyone keeps interfering with his problems, Aoi asks about Beel. Oga explains the situation to her and says how furious he is that he can't protect anyone. He adds how everyone just makes him even madder and promises to get stronger. The three then arrive at the temple where Aoi lives and they are confronted by her grandfather, Ittōsai Kunieda. Oga recognizes Ittōsai and after remembering the old man's offer from the previous summer, demands training from Ittōsai. Ittōsai is interested in Oga's eagerness. The next day at school, Yuka starts talking about Kanzaki's encounter with Graphel and Nāga though Himekawa rebuffs them. The other delinquents in the class start talking about how Izuma, Tōjō, Aoi, and Oga are all absent. Saotome is only annoyed by Oga's absence, however.[23]

Training and SearchingEdit

Oga starts having a dream where he's in trial with several characters, ranging from Humans to Demons, where they discuss how Oga's character has gotten much weaker as his life has been progressing. Oga tries defending himself on numerous occasions despite knowing that this is all a dream. Eventually, the dream ends and Oga awakens in his home. He then walks from his house with Baby Beel, feeling incredibly groggy from his dream. Along the way, he meets and beats up three local delinquents. As he beats them up, he talks about how weak he's gotten before leaving. Oga then arrives at Ittōsai's and Aoi's home. The old man is surprised that Oga arrived but Aoi is even more shocked; her grandfather tells her to get to school but Aoi flusters and states that it doesn't matter right now. Oga notices that Aoi called Ittōsai her grandfather, worrying Aoi as the last time she'd said that was when she was in her disguise. Her younger brother, Kōta Kunieda, then arrives though neither Oga nor Beel were surprised. Oga goes on to state that Aoi is the cousin of "Aoi Kunie". Aoi is both relieved and shocked that he was too dense to realize the truth. Ittōsai then tells Aoi that she can stay with them to train, saying that she hasn't done much since the Saint Ishiyama Festival.[24]

In his office, Saotome receives a text from Oga saying that he's training with Aoi. Although initially angered, Saotome then realizes that Aoi's grandfather Ittōsai is a master of the Shingetsu style and decides to let Oga train there. He is then approached by Tōjō and replies back to the third-year, albeit somewhat coldly.[25] Saotome then explains the situation regarding the Demons with Tōjō who is confused by everything, much to Saotome's chagrin. Although Tōjō fails to comprehend anything, Saotome decides to train him to fight Demons anyway as he's already involved (and also because he can't train Oga, leaving him with extra time on his hands).[26]

Meanwhile, Hilda is still in Oga's room where she is recuperating. She talks with Lamia, who is relieved that the Demon Maid is all right, and Furcas, who tells her that because Hecadoth stabbed her with his spear, which has the power to diffuse any form of Demonic magic, Hilda won't be able to use any spells. Hilda understands this and says that she needs to figure out a plan for the week. She then turns to Lamia and asks for a favor.[27] Hilda asks the young Demon girl to find En, even though she hasn't yet located the Demon Lord. She then shows an email received from En, which simply states how much he loves net games. Lamia is dismayed by it and decides to help find En, although she does admit how she's not really on good terms with him.[28]

Oga then begins his training with Ittōsai but he remarks how everything he's doing, which is polishing floors, is nothing more than cleaning; Ittōsai remarks how this is a part of Oga's training and how it'll help in the future. As he leaves, Aoi tells Oga that he should just follow Saotome's training as it is much better. Oga objects thinking that it is training, believing it to be a method often used in movies based on martial arts (where simple tasks make the person stronger) though Aoi still thinks that they're just chores. Beel is also training to get stronger and tries to compete with Kōta but ultimately fails, instead electrocuting Oga. Afterwards, Oga starts sweeping the garden outside, along with Aoi, and says how he's understanding the concepts but then disregards it (along with Beel who is copying the delinquent's actions), much to Aoi's disbelief. Oga then finds Ittōsai and complains to him that he's not learning anything. However, he gets back to sweeping the leaves when Ittōsai says that he can leave at any time. Soon afterwards, Teimō's Shadow Force arrives also seeking training from Ittōsai and asks to meet him upon noticing Oga. Upon recognizing the delinquent, they are surprised, then angered when he fails to recognize them. They abolish the pile of leaves that he'd been sweeping, angering him, and causing Oga to attack them with his broom. He then believes that he's learned a fighting method but is annoyed when Ittōsai corrects. Oga is finally exasperated when the old man tells him that Oga's "training" was all for baked potatoes, which Ittōsai shares with the Shadow Force.[29]

The next morning, Furuichi awakens from a dream to find Lamia on top of him, telling him to help her find En. She tells him that he's the only one who can help her but Furuichi knows that there are secrets being kept from him, causing to get angry. His younger sister Honoka then arrives in his room and finds him and Lamia in a lewd position, causing her to accuse her brother of being a pervert and to consider calling the police. Lamia decides to inject Honoka with a memory-altering chemical but Furuichi manages to convince the Demon to explain everything instead, but Honoka fails to comprehend anything. Furuichi and Lamia then decide to leave where Lamia informs him of the situation, in turn being asked as to why she's coming him for help. Lamia explains that Furuichi is the most-likely person to know of En's location and that he's also the only Human she knows who can help. Afterwards, she then informs him of Oga's and Aoi's training preposition, but Furuichi believes this to be them on a date together much to Lamia's disgust.[30]

Ittōsai takes his grandchildren, along with Oga and Baby Beel and the Shadow Force to Mapputatsu Temple where they can begin their training. They are forced to take a train ride, however, and the trip initially feels chaotic (as noted by Ittōsai). Once they arrive, Aoi reminisces on the aura she felt during the summer. Ittōsai explains to the teenagers (and infants) about the tengu that live around the temple and that they shouldn't get lost unless they want to die. The group then arrives at a waterfall where Ittōsai tells them all to find a stone. They all do (with varying shapes and sizes) and tells them all to break them with their bare hands otherwise they'll go without dinner. The male delinquents are all shocked by this.[31][32] Oga attempts to break the boulder that he carried, with the results only being an injured hand and Oga complaining to Ittōsai. When members of the Shadow Force start to complain, Ittōsai then asks Aoi to demonstrate for everyone and she manages to break the stone into two with just her hand, as her grandfather had told her to. Her grandfather then explains that the technique is Nadeshinko, a technique that falls under the Shingetsu style that he specializes in, and the qualities needed to master it. The male delinquents are too distracted by Aoi's use of Nadeshinko, however, that they completely ignore him. Oga compares the technique to how Alaindelon transfers people with his body.[33]

Furuichi and Lamia are then seen at a game corner where Furuichi is catching a stuffed animal from a toy crane for the female Demon. However, he is revealed to have forgotten about trying to find En, disappointing Lamia. He then starts wondering what the two were originally doing and comes to the conclusion that they were actually on a date, but then he starts fantasizing about a date with Hilda if he'd given her the stuffed animal instead. Furuichi then decides to steal back the stuffed toy from Lamia, deciding to do so by impressing her, by talking about how En wouldn't be at the game corner that they're in because it's full of good-for-nothings. He then catches the attention of Hajime Kanzaki, who was playing the slots. They are then approached by Shintarō Natsume and Takeshi Shiroyama, who bring Kanzaki his yogurt. Kanzaki explains how the game corner is his 'kingdom' causing Furuichi and Lamia to ask him if he's seen En before, to which he replies that he did. Kanzaki then leads the two to a section of the game corner where he finds Yuka, whom he nicknames "Paa-ko", while asking why she's in his 'kingdom'. Yuka says that she's just there to play and when asked, says that she's seen En before and how he's beaten her in the past. Suddenly, much to everyone's shock, it's revealed that Himekawa is also there.[34]

Meanwhile, Oga and the Shadow Force continue their training where each member of the Shadow Force is beginning to break their stones, having finally understood the basics. Aoi tells Oga that if he doesn't improve on his strategies, he's going to be the only one to miss dinner. Oga notices how he can't feel anything just from hitting the rock and is suddenly being taunted by Kōtarō Mikagami and Takumi Dezaki, the former then agreeing to help Oga. Oga, having been annoyed to his breaking point, then uses Mikagami's head to smash the boulder into two and is granted dinner by Ittōsai, though the old man notes how Oga failed to complete his method.[35] After undergoing the training some more, Oga finally manages to split a large boulder into two without the use of another person. Aoi is shocked by this and a bandaged Mikagami is furious, claiming that Oga nearly killed him before. Dezaki then finished making the curry and asks that they bring plates. Aoi leaves to get Oga who tells her that he's still not strong enough, but Ittōsai tells him that as long as he has faith in himself, he can still get stronger.[36]

Hilda continues recuperating in Oga's room, reading a book as Alaindelon prepares coffee for her. She is told that En is in a game corner and that Lamia and Furuichi are still looking for him, trying their hardest. Hilda notices how Alaindelon called Furuichi by his first name, Takayuki, and when she remarks on it Alaindelon starts fidgeting. Hilda ignores him and says that there's only five days left until Behemoth's men returns, and asks that En be found soon. Meanwhile, Furuichi and Lamia are still in the game corner with the others, though Furuichi finds how disturbing it would be should the delinquents actually agree to help them. He looks back at Himekawa and Kanzaki, both of whom are fighting each other in a game. He then suggests that he and Lamia look for En elsewhere but when Lamia tries resorting to drastic measures, he asks Yuka to call the other members of the Red Tail and she does, managing to contact Nene and Chiaki who were looking for Aoi. Furuichi hears them say so and requests that they meet with him.[37] Nene and Chiaki arrive at a local diner where they meet Yuka, Himekawa, Kanzaki, Natsume, Shiroyama, as well as Furuichi and Lamia. Most of the delinquents are irritated with how Furuichi suddenly brought them all together but Furuichi tries to evade the topic, saying that he had them come because there's an issue with Ishiyama's "pride". He grabs his classmates' attentions by explaining about Oga's and Aoi's encounter with Hecadoth, referring to them as another "gang", and how the two Humans have decided to go train in the mountains.[38] He explains the situation further and says that the situation doesn't even regard them anymore; it's about the pride of their school, Ishiyama High. Kanzaki then asks if the people who attacked Oga and Kunieda were the same as Graphel and Nāga, much to Furuichi's surprise. The other delinquents then start talking about the two Demons and how strong they really are, surprising Furuichi and impressing Lamia. Furuichi then says that the Demons are from Akumano Academy, causing the other delinquents to agree to ally themselves with Furuichi and Lamia so that they can get revenge on the powerful Demons.[39] The group then proceed to another game corner, where they get themselves into a scuffle with the people who run it. When the Red Tail start fighting against them, one of the adults recognize Nene as the new Red Tail leader. Soon afterwards, Kanzaki and Himekawa also enter the scuffle and the issue is quickly downplayed. In the end, the group find that En isn't there. As they walk around, Lamia talks about how the email that Hilda received from En which says that 'Net games are the best' causing the teenagers to realize, in disbelief that Lamia never mentioned the email message, that En was most likely to be found on the internet.[40]

Oga and the others then eat the curry for dinner while Beel and Kōta are continuing their "training". Mikagami says how Baby Beel isn't learning anything and Oga retorts by saying he wasn't teaching the Demon Lord anyway, adding further that as a member of the Royal Family in the Demon World, Baby Beel is quite fond of certain "rituals". Aoi then pulls Oga aside and warns him not to talk about the Demons so much as it could lead to confusion. As they talk, Ittōsai then says that they'll all be sleeping at the temple tonight and leads them there once they've all finished eating. He introduces them to the head priest who asks a young priestess, Isafuyu, to lead everyone to their rooms. As they walk through the main corridors, Isafuyu notices the high amount of Demonic power in Baby Beel and becomes frightened. Later, she meets Aoi in her family's room and informs the teenager that their bath is ready. Ittōsai then says that he'll take the last bath available and that everyone else should take theirs, except for Oga whom he would like to talk to. Everyone (except Oga) then leaves to enter their respective baths, which are located among hot springs. There, Isafuyu talks to Aoi about Oga asking if Baby Beel is a Demon. This surprises Aoi. Meanwhile, Oga meets with Ittōsai who decides to teach the delinquent how to harness his Demon powers.[41] Oga is cautious; he states how he's never told Ittōsai about being a contractor but the old man says that he's known the truth since they first met. In their bath, Isafuyu then tells Aoi how she's always had the ability to identify Demons and regular ghosts but has never experienced such power from someone like Beel before. Suddenly, Aoi asks if Isafuyu can perform exorcisms and when she replies that she does, Aoi asks if she can teach her.[42]

Training's Conclusion and the Internet Gaming WarEdit

Around the same time, after learning the type of games that En prefers, the search group for En arrives at Himekawa's house. Everyone is shocked by how luxuriously Himekawa lives though he retorts by saying that his house is nothing more than a temporary apartment as he goes to school, shocking the group even further. Himekawa takes them to a floor in the apartment and hands Kanzaki a bundle of keys to different rooms, telling them to use their rooms to play as many net games as possible to find En. However, it is then revealed that almost no one in the group has even played a net game, much to his dismay. As the others get cozy in Himekawa's house, Natsume then asks how they can find En if they don't even know his handle name. Before anyone can answer, Chiaki finds a copy of the game "Streaking Fighters IV" where it's revealed that she is an avid player of the game.[43]

Suddenly, Furuichi remembers that En often played fighting games and about how new he is to modernized ones. He explains this to the others and even theorizes that En is probably playing one of the fighting games from the game center he used to go to, just on the net. Himekawa suggests that they all split up and play as many fighting games under the game center, looking for a person named "King En" (which Furuichi believes is his handle name). Just then, Chiaki states that she may have found En as she is currently playing against someone named "Enoh" who then sends Chiaki a message, scolding her while also demanding a rematch. Furuichi and Lamia immediately recognize the person as En. Furuichi then sends En two messages that ask if En can tell them his location. A match then appears on the game and En says that he'll tell if they can beat him. The game begins and suddenly, Chiaki loses because of a cheat code that En was using. It is then revealed that Izabella had begun to play after realizing how upset En was with losing.[44]

The next morning, Ryōko and Kaoru Umemiya are walking to school together where they are confronted by Shimokawa who asks where Aoi is. Ryōko says that she hasn't seen her or anyone else, adding further that Shimokawa is an idiot for not realizing this sooner. At the Saint Ishiyama Academy, Izuma is approached by the male members of the Rokkisei who ask and comment about his fight with Tōjō. Izuma brushes off the fight and explains that it wasn't anything major, anyway. He then leaves for homeroom. Meanwhile in the Ishiyama class's homeroom, Takumi Sadohara arrives with the circumstances that Saotome is sick. He is shocked that there are so few students and Ryōka claims that several of the students have dead relatives. Ryōko then thinks about the phone call she received from Yuka last night, where Yuka talks about how she and the others are in a gaming war with En.[45]

Meanwhile, the other Red Tail and the two, male Tōhōshinki members arrive at Himekawa's apartment where they discuss the need for extra players in their gaming war with En. There, Hajime complains how Furuichi and Lamia are supposedly late but the group then encounters Alaindelon who enters from the elevator; it also turns out that Furuichi and Lamia are already at the apartment. There, they all meet with Himekawa in a meeting room where he tells them all to use a computer to play. He says that they all need to practice playing the games until 3:00 pm which is when the actual gaming fight with En will begin. As they all set up to play, including Lamia, Himekawa informs them of the game that they'll be playing: The End of War 4. He goes over the basics of the game with them and they all start practicing, but Nene fails to understand of the buttons and tactics and Shiroyama is just as clueless. Eventually, the time comes for the match to begin and while the group has assembled, so has En. En claims that if he wins, he'll bawl his eyes out; remembering what happened in the Demon World when he cried for an entire week, both Furuichi and Lamia are utterly speechless.[46]

Oga and Beel are climbing numerous steps alongside the mountainside with Oga complaining about the circumstances, especially with Ittōsai suddenly disappearing. As he reaches the top, he then finds Saotome who tells the delinquent that they'll be completing the second part of the training.[47]

Lock & load

The match between En and the Ishiyama teenagers have begun and they are all playing the game: The End of War 4. Since they've all begun playing, the theme of both sides have switched to the gameplay of the played game. The teenagers align themselves within range of one another, so that they can back each other up when necessary. Several of them, namely Nene and Shiroyama, are still having trouble playing the game, however. Still, their strategy continues to follow and they are eventually approached by En's three wet nurses: Yolda, Izabella, Satura. Izabella tells some of En's foot soldiers in the game to do whatever they can to help En win but the Demon Lord says that this is unnecessary, as the teenagers from Ishiyama will only be a hindrance to him. En then decides to go into the battlefield and take action on the Ishiyama teenagers, to which Yolda and Satura praise him for, but Izabella says not to take them lightly as they've been playing the current game for over 2000 hours. En decides to let his foot soldiers take action and orders them to attack. Meanwhile, Chiaki and Nene charge into the battlefield to find a large weapon to use, which can counter the tank that En and his wet nurses possess. The two soon find their enemies' giant tank. Chiaki notices that their strategy is to attack enemies who approach their tank and reports this to Himekawa and the others. However, everyone is under attack and Shiroyama even gets shot (though Natsume says that it's nothing major, just one hit). As Chiaki is distracted by the news, she then realizes that Yolda and two other of En's soldiers are with her and they shoot fire. Nene protects Chiaki, however. Angered, Chiaki launches a grenade at Yolda and her soldiers. Nene then tells Chiaki that she leaves everything in the young girl's hands as her player starts dying; luckily, Chiaki is a medic for her team and manages to heal Nene. Yolda manages to escape to another tank which, much to her shock, is then destroyed by a large, robot-like weapon that Yuka and Lamia found.[48] Himekawa identifies the weapon as "Super Frog" that is said to be an incredibly-rare item in the game. Yuka continues to control the "Super Frog" but is then attacked by another tank which holds Izabella and En. Yuka attacks them and the two Demons start running away to safety. However, Yuka starts losing control of the "Super Frog" and it is eventually destroyed, much to her friends' anger and chagrin. However, Natsume simply says that they shouldn't be so mad at Yuka and more impressed at En and the others, as he notices their experience in playing the game. Meanwhile, En with his three wet nurses, crying in Izabella's arms, who says that the Ishiyama teenagers will pay as she unleashes some Demonic magic.[49]

In the meantime, Hilda notes how there's only 4 days until Behemoth's men returns, 3 technically with the amount of time that's been used up. She thinks about how she needs to return to Baby Beel, adding how lonely she is feeling.[50]

After realizing that Saotome was there, an annoyed Oga tries escaping with Baby Beel but the former Ishiyama student manages to pin him down. Oga starts yelling for Saotome to stop trying to teach him as he already has a teacher in Ittōsai. He keeps yelling for Saotome to get off of him and when he does, Oga flips off the man and starts running away. Saotome starts chasing him and Oga leads them both to a boulder where Oga uses Nadeshinko on it, splitting it in half, allowing Oga time to climb the cliff behind him. Although impressed, Saotome uses his Demonic powers to split the actual cliff in half. Oga falls and as he lies on the ground, beaten, and is asked if he would like to go forward with Saotome's training. Again, he rejects, but he is then shocked that Baby Beel is actually interested in learning. Saotome tells Oga to cast aside his pride because it's not going to make him any stronger. Realizing what he's trying to say, Oga replies that his pride will remain but he will agree to train.[51]

The three wet nurses decide to cheat and Izabella casts a Demon spell on all her allies, causing them to disappear. As they are invisible to the Ishiyama students, they attack and kill several of them with just a few hits. Kanzaki realizes that they're cheating and Himekawa explains further, saying that cheating on online games are the lowest and notes how optical illusions aren't possible in the game. Yuka and Furuichi are shocked and they wonder what to do against an invisible enemy. Himekawa suddenly gets up and tells Shiroyama to control his character for ten minutes, saying how stupid En and his wet nurses are for trying to cheat in a game with him.[52]

Saotome uses the radio that he brought to the mountains by turning up a tune to it, as well as connecting it to a microphone that he's holding. Saotome then starts singing and dancing, with Oga and Baby Beel acting as back-up dancers. But while the routine is still underway, Oga suddenly kicks Saotome and complains that what they're doing is completely unrelated to training. Saotome simply tells Oga to stop whining and to continue as it is training. Oga reluctantly continues with the process (along with Baby Beel who is actually enjoying the routine) and after over five hours, the three finally take a break. Eventually, Saotome starts explaining to Oga how Tōjō also fought against Behemoth's men, but was badly beaten. Saotome explains further that after explaining everything to him, giving deep detail on the Demons Tōjō decided to leave. The man then says that while he's not as worried about Tōjō getting stronger Oga is contracted with Baby Beel who is a Demon Lord; thus, Oga needs more training. He also mentions how Ittōsai the basics in his training which makes his job easier; hearing this, Oga asks Saotome if they know each other but receives no answer. Instead, Saotome starts explaining to Oga how his radio is a special device made in the Demon World that has been recording his and Baby Beel's voices for a long time. Oga realizes what is happening and suddenly, an identical (yet no-color version of) Baby Beel emerges from the radio: Black Baby Beel. Oga questions Black Baby Beel's abilities but is then attacked by a powerful punch from the latter, surprised by how strong it really is.[53] Saotome explains that Black Baby Beel is a combination of Oga and Baby Beel: it has the appearance of the Demon Lord as well as his true, hidden potential brought to it's fullest power, making his overall strength on par level with Oga's. Before the battle can commence any further, Black Baby Beel spots a rabbit and chases it while shouting numerous cursing words. Saotome then orders Oga to find Black Baby Beel. Oga eventually finds Black Baby Beel but the entity unleashes an erupt of power that abolishes a large portion of the ground before running away. Oga is exasperated but soon notices that the crater, the same one affected by Black Baby Beel's power, is so deep that the bottom cannot be seen. This then gives him an idea but he then remembers to catch Black Baby Beel.[54]

Ittōsai is then shown continuing to train the Shadow Force, of which the four are supposed to meditate with pitchers of water atop their heads. Mikagami notes how he hasn't seen Oga or Aoi since the night before and wonders if something became of the two. He suddenly gets angry at Oga and notices Black Baby Beel running towards him, mistaking the entity for the regular Baby Beel. Black Baby Beel punches Mikagami and sends him flying back. Soon afterwards, Oga tramples Mikagami as he continues chasing Black Baby Beel.[55]

At the same time, Aoi and Isafuyu are climbing stairs that lead to a certain area of the mountains, an area that Aoi knows is forbidden for regular guests to enter. Isafuyu says that her father has granted Aoi permission and that she wants Aoi to see a certain someone. As they climb the steps, they see Black Baby Beel who is apparently challenging them to a fight. Oga then appears with Baby Beel but Black Baby Beel escapes again, frustrating Oga even further. They eventually find Black Baby Beel in a clearing out in the mountain. Baby Beel starts hopping and dancing like a rabbit which draws Black Baby Beel's interest, causing the latter to start chasing Baby Beel. However, Oga then appears and captures Black Baby Beel but before he can really defeat him, Black Baby Beel enters a different form, now with wings and a devilish tail.[56][57]

Still playing the game, Furuichi meets up with Lamia and she informs him that there's only four people who are still playing including them. They find the "Super Frog" machine that Yuka found, completely repaired. Lamia notices a presence of Demonic magic inside the game. As they continue playing, Himekawa returns to the room and sees four people who are still playing: Furuichi, Lamia, Chiaki, and Yuka. He tells the others, whose players were all killed off, to return to their seats and while on his phone, tells the other person to do something. En continues to play the game with Izabella and Yolda at his side. En is upset that he's not doing anything. The group then finds Kanzaki in hiding and an excited En decides to attack. However, Kanzaki then turns around and eerily tells En that he can see the Demon Lord. Izabella and Yolda rush to En's side with Yolda commenting how she's killed Kanzaki before. Much to their shock, a zombie version of Yuka appears and along with Kanzaki, scares off the Demons. Himekawa explains that he bought the game itself and has tampered the settings, allowing his teammates to be invincible. In the game, Satura rescues her teammates with the "Super Frog" and just when Izabella is about to perform more magic on the machine, the Ishiyama students reemerge with several other "Super Frogs". They merge their "Super Frogs" into "Max the Ishiyama King" and defeat En and his wet nurses with a special attack: Diamond Evil Arrow. Following this attack, the Ishiyama students finally win the game.[58]

Return of Behemoth's MenEdit

In the Demon World, Pillar Baron Laymia receives reports that Nāga, Graphel, and Hecadoth have all lost and reports to the other Pillar Barons that the info will be kept secret until further notice. Two other Pillar Barons Basilisk and Yata are disappointed with her idea and suggest that they kill Graphel and Hecadoth, at the very least. The others state that Behemoth wouldn't care in the slightest so it doesn't matter. Lamia agrees and says that their main objective is to kill Tatsumi Oga. Lamia later leaves to visit Hecadoth and Graphel who were imprisoned for acting on their own goals and failing, no less. Nāga then enters with a Transfer Jewel. Laymia tells the Pillar Generals that they can finish what they started in the Human World, much to their mild excitement. When Laymia leaves she is approached by Furcas Rachmaninoff in his true, human-like form. Furcas asks if Laymia is worried about her daughter, Lamia, being in the Human World. Lamia denies and asks whose side Furcas is on. He replies that he's siding with the sick.[59]

After having won the game, the Ishiyama students have become ill and Kanzaki notes how it's because they've all been playing for three full days. It turns out that after winning, En kept challenging them to more games without stop. Lamia says that this is how En really is. Furuichi then thinks about the situation: losing will result in their town being destroyed and winning would result in more, pointless games. Lamia is stunned and tries explaining that it'll just be a hassle for her. However, the others are already typing a girlish email to send to En and upon noticing this, Lamia becomes even more flustered. Before she can do anything, En already replies and is excited to know that Lamia is there. The two sides start sending emails to one another and it soon becomes clear that En likes Lamia. Furuichi then types another email but the conversation soon dies down. Furuichi, Lamia, Natsume and Yuka then exit the building to buy everyone breakfast and along the way, they encounter Yolda, who was the same business woman that Yuka met previously. Upon being discovered, Yolda escapes back to Himekawa's apartment and returns to En's room. However, Furuichi and Lamia have chased her back and much to their shock, learn that En was actually in the room next to them the entire time. Nene opens the door to check on the noise from outside but Yolda has already pulled Furuichi and Lamia in their own room, telling them to keep quiet so she won't harm them.[60][61]

Prior in En's and his wet nurses' room, after a series of conversations between the two groups of people, Lamia notes how the atmosphere became unusually pleasant and is surprised that they aren't panicking from being discovered. Furuichi then asks where En went and it's revealed that he's hiding behind the door, shyly admiring Lamia. Lamia starts whispering to Furuichi that they need to leave and inform Hilda of the situation and En, jealous, tells Furuichi to get off his "wife" much to Lamia's anger. Seeing how dangerous the situation is becoming, Furuichi takes Lamia and tries to leave. He opens the door that leads too Himekawa's hallway but sees that it's gone and instead, a pitch black abyss lies. It is revealed that, when Furuichi tried escaping with Lamia, Yolda placed their room in another dimension that is completely free from the Human World. Lamia, after being set down by Furuichi, explains that Yolda is a Transdimensional Demon like Alaindelon. She adds that this is why Hilda couldn't locate them previously. Lamia then suggests that she and Furuichi jump from the abyss behind them as they might end up somewhere safe. Yolda tells them not to as even she doesn't know where it leads.[62][63]

In the meantime, Natsume and Yuka return to their friends and they all discuss Furuichi's and Lamia's whereabouts. Soon afterwards, Himekawa appears after having discovered En's and the Demon Maids' location, clearly in disbelief at what he learned. He and the others, also in disbelief, enter the room next door but find it completely vacant.[64]

Suddenly, Hilda's voice is heard and she tells Yolda not to underestimate Alaindelon's abilities. Lamia realizes that Hilda's voice is coming from her transmitter. Hilda tells her and Furuichi to step back as she then transfers her entire body to the room through Lamia's transmitter, along with the sword from inside her parasol.[65] Furuichi and Lamia are happy that she's returned though Yolda is quite bitter, asking Hilda about how she was able to get to the room. Hilda replies by saying that Alaindelon transported her there. Yolda becomes angered and summons her mop, telling Hilda that she's always hated how she is so degrading of her, adding that this came from their childhood together. After another insult from Hilda, Yolda says that what she hates most is that they resemble each other too much and attacks Hilda. Hilda says that she agrees and destroys Yolda's mop, as well as the knot tying her hair. Yolda then reconstructs her mop and starts expanding the walls around them as Izabella and Satura appear before Hilda, the latter holding Hilda at gunpoint. Izabella tells Hilda to sheathe her sword and to stop being so aggressive towards them. Hilda simply says that she only wants to see En and that, because her young master is in danger, she is the only one who's actually thinking straight. She then destroys Satura's gun and Izabella's book, slicing them both into pieces. Hilda then explains why she's being so "aggressive" to them: En's subordinates put her young master in danger and while he knew what was about to come, he ignored it all. She then attacks Yolda and asks if they're ashamed in the slightest that they let En attack his own brother. Hilda finished by saying how disgusted she is that they're all wet nurses like her. Izabella is stunned by how powerful and determined Hilda is and wonders who changed her, and if it was a Human. Suddenly, a portal appears for Behemoth's men to appear, much to everyone's shock.[66]

At the same time, Oga has finally completed his training with Saotome, who offers him and Baby Beel a T-shirt to congratulates them. Oga refuses and Saotome, knowing that he's ready to fight, tells him to leave and reveal his true power. Oga agrees and begins to leave to fight Behemoth's men.[65]

Hilda explains to Furuichi and Lamia that when Yolda was defeated, her Demonic magic was cancelled out and that sent them back to the Human world. At the same time, it allowed Behemoth's men to find them. Suddenly, a large thread of Demonic energy emerged from the portal and out came Hecadoth. He berates Yolda for trying to hide from them and begins to strangle her. Graphel and Nāga also appear, the former telling Izabella and Satura not to get involved. When they try and argue that they're En's wet nurses, Nāga replies and tells them that they've done nothing but let En fall to his desires in the past few days. Hecadoth then asks if they've forgotten their original goal. Suddenly, Hilda points her sword at Hecadoth and he reminds her about her defeat to him. But Hilda simply unleashed her Demonic powers and entangles Hecadoth, surprising him. She conjures a spell to attack him and punches him with her magic, sending him up to the ceiling. Hilda heads up to the ceiling and says that she's not done giving him payback. Graphel and Nāga reappear and tell Hecadoth to tag out of the battle. Suddenly, Alaindelon appears before them and asks to be of assistance to Hilda, confusing Hecadoth and Graphel. Oga then appears and grabs hold of Alaindelon, telling Hilda that he's done with training and that he'll beat up the other three Demons. This also confuses Hecadoth and Graphel.[67]

Furuichi and Lamia then arrive at the rooftop and Furuichi finds Oga; the contractor is annoyed that his "cool" entrance has been ruined with her beating towards Hecadoth. He then says to let him finish everything else. Furuichi is shocked that Alaindelon is actually being used as a weapon, drawing Oga's attention, and Furuichi then angrily states how Oga wasn't there while he and the others were put through "hell". Oga replies that he was learning how to use a Demon for power and starts swinging Alaindelon and tries hitting Hecadoth with him. Hecadoth punches Alaindelon and sends him away, saying that he doesn't have time to deal with Oga. Hearing this, Oga asks Hilda to stand down. After hearing how strongly he said so, she decides to do so but tells Oga to beat Hecadoth to a pulp. Oga replies that he will and Hecadoth is annoyed by their words. Hecadoth then unleashes his Demonic power and says that he'll defeat both of them. However, Oga places his hand towards Hecadoth causing an emblem to appear: Graphel and Nāga recognize it as the same emblem that Saotome conjured in their battle. Oga then punches Hecadoth but continues with another barrage of punches, eventually sending him flying. Then, Oga uses Zebul Emblem, causing an electric explosion from the emblem on Hecadoth's chest. Hecadoth eventually falls unconscious on the ground. Oga then says that he and Hecadoth are even. After which, he turns to Graphel and Nāga and explains that the next attack will take them both out.[68]

In a flashback, Saotome explains how the closer a contractor is with the Demon, the more they'll actually become a Demon. He adds that a notable "red flag" was when Oga was fighting against Reiji Kiriya. Saotome then starts explaining how certain spells that he uses are supposed to decrease their transformation process. As they talk, Baby Beel and Black Baby Beel ask their respective "parents" to play with them but both deny. As they run off, Saotome asks what Oga did to Black Baby Beel instead of defeating him. Oga replies, much to Saotome's shock, that when Black Baby Beel entered his Lord of the Flies mode, he simply took off the wings and tail. Having witnessed Oga defeat Hecadoth, Furuichi and Hilda are both shocked that Oga managed to get stronger in such a short amount of time with just simple training. Furuichi and Lamia then rush to Oga, with Lamia asking why he took so long to get there. Furuichi then informs Oga of the Ishiyama students' efforts to help him and upon remembering, asks about Aoi. He is disappointed when Oga replies that he arrived alone. Hilda tells the two to stop talking and for Oga to get ready to fight Graphel and Nāga. She also tells Oga to be careful as Nāga because he actually ranks higher than either Graphel or Hecadoth. After hearing this, Oga goes over and asks Nāga if he's the ringleader of the group. Hesitantly, Nāga says that he's not and that they all have equivalent feelings in killing him. Oga then asks if others will be after and him and Nāga replies with a yes; afterwards, he asks if the chain will end if he defeats their leader and is replied with another yes. Oga then asks what they plan to do with Baby Beel, to which Nāga says that they're ordered to take him back home, and after that he asks what will happen after. Nāga says that En is supposed to destroy humanity. Oga then says, remembering what Baby Beel was originally sent to the Human World for, that he won't let Baby Beel destroy humanity as he's the Demon Lord's parent. This surprises Hilda, Furuichi, and Lamia, but angers Graphel who throws a punch at Oga. Oga blocks the punch and tells Graphel to send a message to his leader: he doesn't care what happens to humanity but he's willing to fight anytime. Before Graphel can do anything else, Nāga releases his Demonic power, stunning Hilda by how strong it is, saying that he needs to defeat Oga as quickly as possible. Realizing what he needs to do, Oga pulls out a milk bottle and tells Baby Beel that they need to get ready for Super Milk Time. As everyone wonders what Oga is talking about, the delinquent starts preparing the milk with the supplies he brought. Once he's done, he starts waiting for it to cool down to body temperature much to Graphel's annoyance. Still in the mountains, Saotome washes his face by a river and he looks back at his now-scarred arm. He remains surprised that he was only able to block Oga's technique and complains how aging sucks. He then looks off into the distance, telling Oga to 'only use the technique once'.[69][70]

Nāga scolds Oga for always being distracted by his opponents' actions, telling him that it's a bad habit. He also scolds Graphel for interfering with a Royal Family member's feeding time, much to the Pillar General's annoyance. Eventually the milk is ready and suddenly Oga starts drinking it, complaining on its taste. Furuichi is stunned and wonders what is going on. As Oga finishes drinking, the Pillars and Hilda realize that Oga has forcefully removed his contracting limit with Baby Beel. Graphel then tries to attack and possibly restrain Oga but is blocked by the latter, then being thrown airborne. As he flies midair, Oga suddenly leaps after him maniacally and continously uses Zebel Emblem to enhance his speed and to continue leaping midair. He then viciously attacks Graphel. Seeing this, Nāga tries to attack Oga but the delinquent creates several Zebel Emblems which he uses to slam Nāga's face in. Hilda, watching from the sidelines, notices how violent Oga has become and compares it to a child's. Furuichi asks what's really happening and Hilda says that Oga and Baby Beel have probably erased the boundaries between them completely. As Oga continues to fight Nāga, he remembers Saotome telling him to use Super Milk Time for only 5 minutes. He repeatedly attacks Nāga who, while complimenting him on his power, begins launching a powerful spell. Oga starts drinking more milk and suddenly, grows a pair of wings. Baby Beel also disappears. The two beings have undergone a perfect synchronization and, as Nāga then notices, have assumed Lord of the Flies mode.[71]

Oga then gives off a loud cry, releasing an enormous amount of power. Nāga realizes that Baby Beel must have merged his entire body with Oga's. Hilda and Furuichi have also noticed this, mainly due to how childish Oga has started to be. Suddenly, Oga starts trying to rip off his pants much to theirs, as well as Lamia's shock. However, before anything can be done, Hecadoth reemerges and launches his spear at Oga who dodges his, much to the relief of others. Graphel also emerges and restrains Oga, telling Nāga to attack. Nāga is about to but Oga summons up hundreds of Zebel Emblems around Nāga. Oga then causes the Emblems to create a massive explosion on the rooftop, destroying part of the building as well.[72]

En and his wet nurses, which includes a somewhat recovered Yolda, are all shocked by what had happened, having endured the explosion themselves, and En accidentally reveals himself to the Red Tail. At the same time, the guys (save for Shiroyama) begin to realize the situation and panic. The other Pillars are also defeated and unconscious, save for Nāga who notices that after using so much power, Baby Beel has reverted to his original form. However, the Pillar Baron succumbs to his injuries and also falls unconscious.

In another part of the building, Furuichi is atop of Lamia who comments how heavy he is. Furuichi starts panicking and tries to get off the Demon but finds his belt attached to a broken section of the building, eventually causing his pants to slide down. At that moment, the Red Tail and En find him in a suggestive pose with Lamia. The girls accuse him of being a lolicon and En, on the verge of bawling his eyes out, challenges Furuichi to a battle to the death and declares war.[73]

Realizing the situation, Furuichi and Lamia get up and try to explain everything but to no avail. Suddenly, both Himekawa and Kanzaki appear, kicking an unconscious Graphel. They heard En declare war and, still under the belief that they belong to the fictional Akumano Academy, accept. En then tells his wet nurses that they need to leave. Before they can, Hilda appears holding Baby Beel and dragging Oga. She tells them to take Hecadoth and Nāga are near a corner and to take with them, as well as Graphel. Yolda opens a portal to the Demon World and jumps from the building to enter it. Nāga then appears before En and asks for forgiveness. En says not to ask to be forgiven and instead, requests for Nāga's servitude in the upcoming war against Ishiyama High School; Nāga gladly accepts. En then turns to Furuichi and says that he'll return with a full army and that in the meantime, he should look after Lamia. En and his wet nurses then jump into the portal, as well as Nāga and the other two Pillar Generals, both of whom are being carried by the other Demons. They all then leave for the Demon World. Later that night, as the Red Tail are walking home, Yuka wonders how Himekawa is since his apartment is destroyed. She wonders if he's upset that everyone left and if he's playing his video games to feel better, much to the humor of Nene and Chiaki. Standing atop his now-destroyed apartment, Himekawa sighs at how badly it was ruined and Shiroyama finally awakens from his sleep, oblivious to virtually everything that's happened in the last several hours. Later at night in Oga's house, Furuichi starts yelling at Hilda how his life is in danger and how Oga is responsible for it. Hilda says that it's none of her concern as it doesn't involve Baby Beel in any possible way, much to Furuichi's displeasure. Suddenly, Lamia comes from Oga's room saying that Baby Beel has awakened. She then tells Hilda, Furuichi, and Alaindelon (who is also in the house) to check on things themselves instead of her explaining the situation. Hilda, Furuichi and Alaindelon climb the stairs where, much to the shock of the former two, they discover that Oga's subconscious has been placed in Baby Beel's body.[74]


Hilda carries Beel Oga

Hilda carries Oga's body.

Oga quickly realizes the situation and is just as astonished as both Furuichi and Hilda. Furuichi asks if that's Oga in Baby Beel's body but Hilda quickly says for Oga to not speak, as she needs to prepare herself mentally. When she's finished, Oga hesitantly says how it's just him speaking and not Baby Beel. Oga, still in Baby Beel's body, is dressed in clothes and tries explaining everything as the others sit down beside him. He says that when synchronizing himself with Baby Beel, they must have switched bodies. Oga also mentions how Saotome warned him about the side effects. Hilda and Lamia start wondering if the switch is permanent, angering Oga who says how serious the matter is. Suddenly, Baby Beel wakes up albeit in Oga's body. He starts to take off his pants causing Hilda and Oga to try and stop him. Oga's Father and older sister Misaki enter the room, having learned that Oga and Baby Beel were back, but they quickly leave after finding Oga (whose body is being controlled by Baby Beel) and Hilda in an awkward position. As Furuichi, Lamia and Alaindelon take over and restrain Baby Beel, Hilda tells Oga that if Saotome knew what about the side effects, he might know a way to reverse the effects on him and Baby Beel. The next morning, Oga and Baby Beel walk to Saint Ishiyama Academy along with Hilda. As they're on their way, a group of delinquents from Nan High confront Oga to finish a score they have with him; Oga, still in Baby Beel's body, gladly accepts their offer to fight and quickly defeats them. Afterwards, Hilda tells Oga not to do that again at the school unless he wants to explain everything to everyone. However, they end up encountering several students which soon becomes something of a hassle for them. As they continue to walk to the teacher's lounge, where they can find Saotome, Oga ends up carrying Baby Beel because the latter is tired from walking (and because Oga won't let Hilda carry his real body). Unfortunately, Saotome isn't there.[75]

At that time, Aoi returns from her training.[75] Furuichi also arrives at the school and notices that Oga is also there, surprising Furuichi. He then sees Ryōko, Chiaki and Yuka but they walk away from him and all three call him a lolicon. A feeling of silence is left behind.

In the meantime, Oga, Baby Beel and Hilda then go to the school's rooftop where Oga talks to Baby Beel on how to handle his body. Baby Beel seems to understand whose body he's in but still wants his pants taken off, much to Oga's annoyance. Furuichi then arrives at the rooftop and starts yelling at Oga about how his reputation is being ruined, demanding that Oga take responsibility and fix things. However, Baby Beel then punches Furuichi in the face. Angered even further, Furuichi then wonders why he was hit but is completely ignored, for both his original and new source of anger. The group then returns to the Ishiyama homeroom where Kanzaki confronts Oga (still controlled Baby Beel) about how he defeated Behemoth's men and then left, without warning or notice. Baby Beel starts tugging on the chain over Kanzaki's face and this angers Kanzaki. This causes him to try and fight Baby Beel, wanting to finally settle the score between him and Oga. Oga and Furuichi both notice that Kanzaki seems different. Shiroyama explains how Kanzaki gets three times as strong when the chain on his face is pulled. Before the fight can begin, Baby Beel smells something and starts running away. Furuichi notices the approximate distance between Oga and Baby Beel and asks why nothing's happening to either one; it is then revealed that the contract between both was actually destroyed. Oga doesn't care about that and instead becomes very worried about what Baby Beel can do in his body.[76]

Aoi is in the counselor's office explaining why she hasn't been to school lately; much to her surprise, the counselor understands and mentions how she was supposedly in the hospital undergoing surgery. Aoi leaves and thinks about Oga and how he left during training. She then starts thinking of ways that she could have used to contact him, causing her to become embarrassed the more she thinks about it. She then notices Baby Beel running towards her, believing him to be Oga. Much to her surprise, he immediately starts hugging her and continues to do so. Aoi soon realizes that he's not Oga and even wonders if it's Baby Beel. Baby Beel then notices Oga, Furuichi and Hilda and immediately starts running away. She is told of the situation and joins the three in their search to get back Baby Beel. Hilda and Aoi start bickering however, and when the group eventually finds Baby Beel on the rooftop, they start competing to see who he'll go to after. They bicker more and more until Hilda suggests a competition between the two, which can then determine who Baby Beel favors more. Hilda starts off by sweet talking Baby Beel and Aoi counters by singing and dancing. A jealous Hilda starts to use force, much to Aoi's surprise and anger. The two then decide to fight. Both use support pillars from the railings next to them as weapons and they clash, employing swordsmanship in their fight. Furuichi is stunned that Aoi is able to keep up, noting how En's wet nurses weren't even a match. Hilda compliments Aoi for getting stronger but Aoi replies, remarking that she hasn't using the full efforts made from training. She then summons Demonic power from her body, surprising Hilda. Hilda realizes that this is why Baby Beel left the classroom earlier. Much to her shock and Aoi's surprise, Baby Beel then starts affectionately hugging Aoi. Aoi flusters, Hilda is enraged, Oga is greatly annoyed. All three then attack but the only victim is Baby Beel, who suddenly coughs up a lot of blood. However, afterwards Baby Beel returns to his original body and Oga to his. Saotome would later reappear at the teacher's lounge where he explains to a severely injured and bleeding Oga that the side effects of Super Milk Time eventually wears off, given some time. Oga painfully tells Saotome to tell him sooner.[77][78]

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