Kanji 雷太
Rōmaji Raita
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Dark
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Raita's Brother (brother)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 187
Image Gallery

Raita (雷太, Raita) is a young toddler.


Raita is a small toddler with dark hair styled in a pompadour, save for a single strand that falls over his forehead.[1]

He wears a light-colored hoodie sweater, with two strings dangling over his chest, as well as dark pants and light-colored shoes. Raita wears oval-shaped sunglasses with dark shades and a light frame.[1]


Raita has crude mannerisms and often speaks about others in a slightly condescending manner, even with adult women.[2] He also appears to have bullying tendencies, using physical violence as a show of it,[3][4] sometimes denying his actions in a childishly innocent manner.[5]

Raita also tends to pronounce his "s" with a "sh" instead.[2][1][6][7]


Return to Ishiyama High School ArcEdit

Raita Slaps Baby Beel

Raita whistles after slapping the green-haired infant.

One day, during the end of the year, Raita is taken to a "trial" nursery school by his older brother, where they complain about having to be there with a bunch of "grannies". Later, just as all of the children are about to participate in an activity, Raita's Brother asks him to beat up an infant who came with two other teenagers; considering it to be an easy task, Raita accepts. Raita would slap the infant and later steal a toy train for him as retribution for not crying before. Upon his second action, Raita walks away happily with the toy train.[8]

Raita and his older brother later encounter the infant with his "older brother" after leaving the "trial" nursery school. They initially tease them for being "spineless" and wanting to make friends so much. This attitude transitions to fear after they realize that the teenager is Tatsumi Oga. Then, after Raita's Brother is punched and sent flying several meters in the air, a visibly shocked Raita simply looks on in amazement at what has just happened.[9]


Raita's BrotherEdit

Raita's Brother & Raita

Raita at the "trial" nursery school with his older brother.

They appear to get along well, which is especially evident by their similar appearances and mannerisms.[2]

Beelzebub IVEdit

Raita thinks lowly about Baby Beel, considering him to be "shuper-weak". He gladly agrees to beat him up for his older brother and takes to bullying him during their first encounter at the "trial" nursery school;[1] there, Raita slaps Baby Beel[6] and steals a toy train from him.[7] Moreover, when Baby Beel tries to put aside Raita's antagonistic nature towards him, this only aggravates Raita, as he believes that he is just underestimating him.[4]


  • (To his brother) "Leave it to me, bro. He looks shuper-weak."[1]
  • (To Baby Beel) "Thish guy... He'sh not gonna cry? Undereshtimating me..."[5]


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