Reon Tsukishima
Reon Tsukishima
Kanji 月島 零遠
Rōmaji Tsukishima Reon
Alias Psychic (サイキック, Saikikku)[1]
No. 7[1]
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Light
Hair Light
Professional Status
Affiliation Shinobu Takamiya
Previous Affiliation Fallen Angels
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Ishiyama High School
Previous Base of Operations Daten High School
Personal Status
Status Incapacitated
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 203
Image Gallery

Reon Tsukishima (月島 零遠, Tsukishima Reon), also known as the Psychic (サイキック, Saikikku), is a first-year formerly from Daten High School. He is a former member of the Fallen Angels and currently holds the position of Number 7.[1]


Tsukishima is a young man of average height.[1]

He possesses long, waist-length light-colored hair[2] and light-colored eyes.[2] Tsukishima's hair is tied into a long ponytail except for his bangs, which are kept at chin-length and left to frame his face, although the hair over his face are obscured from view because of his headgear.[1]

Tsukishima wears a light-colored shirt with the long sleeves rolled up past his elbows. Over this, he wears a dark leather jacket left open with short sleeves. He also wears dark pants and light-colored sneakers.[3]

He typically wears a dark-colored baseball cap on his head.[1]


Tsukishima has an arrogant[2][4] yet playful attitude, as well as a mocking undertone to his voice.[1] He also appears to take interest when there is violence,[5] chuckling at numerous intervals[6][7] and even mentioning that it was fun to watch someone get brutally beaten.[8]


Tsukishima originally attended Daten High School until he transferred over to Ishiyama High School.[1]


Return to Ishiyama High School ArcEdit

Tsukishima Fiddles With Cell Phone

Tsukishima plays around with his cell phone as he waits.

Tsukishima sits alongside his fellow Fallen Angels members, fiddling with his cell phone as they all wait for their newest comrade.[9] Himekawa's arrival sparks a minor argument amongst the members; though mostly disinterested in the conversation, Tsukishima does ask at one point whether Sally's demotion of rank is just because of his weak power. Tsukishima eventually silences himself and sets aside his cell phone after Takamiya joins the discussion, where he then just listens to what the fellow first-year has to say. He remains silent even after Tatsumi Oga's unexpected arrival and awkward leave.[10]

Later, Tsukishima heads back to the Ishiyama campus during the night. He is present during Furuichi's awakening following his second abduction by Himekawa. Tsukishima simply watches from the sidelines, mocking Furuichi's strength and appearance, later remarking that it would be fun to see him fight against Busujima.[11] After the fight, he laughs a Furuichi's demise.[6] Tsukishima then exits the room with his fellow Fallen Angels members as he remarks that watching the fight was fun.[8]

Tsukishima Attacks Furuichi

Tsukishima lunges forth at Furuichi.

While in the hallways, he watches as Hachidan seemingly takes down a runaway Furuichi. Tsukishima tells the elder student to release Furuichi or he might otherwise kill him. However, he discovers that Hachidan has been easily taken down, despite the fact that Furuichi naturally appears powerless and weak in his condition.[12] Tsukishima tries to comprehend what has happened.[13]

Worried, he decides to take on Furuichi himself and see how powerful he can really be. Tsukishima tells Busujima to step aside as he prepares to use Illegal Roulette. He then charges at Furuichi and takes several strikes at him with his right arm, only to receive a hard knee to the face and be subsequently punched against a reinforced brick wall. The impact of the punch causes Tsukishima to cough blood and slide to the ground, now unconscious.[14]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Illegal Roulette

Illegal Roulette.

Spell Master (紋章使い (スペルマスター), Superu Masutā): Tsukishima is able to harness the powers of a Demon to his own liking.[15]

Illegal Roulette (灰色の羅針盤 (イリーガル ルーレット), Irīgaru Rūretto): Tsukishima extends his right arm out, resulting in five rings composed of electrical currents to appear in a formation above his hand. At the center of the third ring, there is a compass-like symbol floating in the midst. While using this Spell, Tsukishima develops a significant speed boost. He becomes more quick on his feet and is able to execute rapid punches within short intervals.[15]


Cell Phone: Tsukishima possesses a dark, rectangular cell phone with modern technology features. There are three buttons on the right side.[1]


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