Whenever we’re not holding Moderator Recruitments, and you feel that you are eligible to get promoted, please apply here. You’ll have to do this with Talk Page Format. Meaning that you have to make a header and sign your message four tildes (‍~‍~‍~‍~‍).

It is recommended that you edit this page in Source Mode Editor, and not Visual Editor. But you have your preferences. Additionally, you are not allowed to remove anyone else’s application. Otherwise, you shall face the consequences. Please try to use grammar and spelling to the greatest extent possible.

Start off your application with a Header, then state the position you are applying for, then elaborate as to why you deserve that spot, and finally, sign your message with four tildes, like this: ~‍~‍~‍~‍

Please keep your application short, nice, and organized.

Write your application below this line:


Position Applying for: Content Moderator

I have around 500 edits and have been on this Wiki for over two years. I have pointed out wrongdoings by other members several times, reverted bad edits, helped members, and more! I personally feel like the Moderators here need more help and friendly support, which I am very open to doing. — Mugen 14:43, July 9, 2018 (UTC)