The Rokkisei

The school of Saint Ishiyama Academy has a force within it that upholds the rules of conduct. They are known as the Six Knights (六騎聖, Rokkisei) (or horsemen). They are six captains of different sports teams and groups/clubs who possess an extraordinary amount of strength and fighting experience.

They have set out to get rid of the Ishiyama High students, as they are unwelcomed by Saint Ishiyama Academy because the school is "allergic" to delinquents, and are backed by an unfair rule that allows them to carry out "judgement" on any person or party within the student body.

The six knights challenged Oga and his friends to a sports competition (after a huge fight on the rooftops of Saint Ishiyama). The wager of the battle was clear: if Oga and his friends won, they would not be expelled. Himekawa also managed to clinch a deal with the teacher in charge of student life, whereby if the six knights lost the competition, they would be stripped of their authority and privileges. In the end, Ishiyama came out on top.


Left to right: Sakaki, Nanami, Shinjō, Miki, Izuma, .

The Rokkisei members are:

  • Kaname Izuma (Leader) A 3rd year student and the strongest member. President of the Student Council (Former).
  • Shizuka Nanami A 3rd year student, Captain of the Archery club and Vice-President of the Student Council (Former).
  • Hiromichi Gou A 3rd year student and Captain of the Radio club.
  • Ichiro Shinjo A 2nd year and Captain of the Boxing club. He is the current President of the Student Council.
  • Mitsuteru Sakaki A 2nd year student and Captain of the Kendo team
  • Hisaya Miki The first ever 1st year student to be on the six holy knights and Captain of the Karate team. He is also a member of the soccer team.

Six Holy Knights

Kaname Izuma Hisaya Miki Ichiro Shinjo Shizuka Nanami
Kaname Izuma Hisaya Miki Ichirō Shinjō Shizuka Nanami
Mitsuteru Sakaki Hiromichi Go
Mitsuteru Sakaki Hiromichi Gō

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