Ryūichi Sanada
Ryuichi Sanada
Kanji 真田 竜一
Rōmaji Sanada Ryūichi
Race Human
Eyes Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Sanada Brothers
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Ishiyama High School
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Ryūji Sanada (brother)
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 2
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Voice Actors
Seiyū Teruyuki Tanzawa
Image Gallery

Ryūichi Sanada (Sanada Ryūichi) is the older of the two Sanada Brothers of Ishiyama High School. Both are second year students.


Ryūichi has green spiky hair and green eyebrows to boot. He wears the traditional Ishiyama high male jacket
with a blue shirt underneath. He also has a stitched up scar on his left cheek. Out of both brothers, he is shown to have the widest and more threatening looking grins and sneers, he also has a nasty habit of sticking out his tongue whenever he speaks, showing a single stud on his tongue. Also, he is noticeably shorter than Ryuji.


Out of the two siblings, he is shown to be much more eccentric than his brother, often yelling out of line and sneering menacingly.


Tōhōshinki ArcEdit

Both he and his brother confront Oga on the rumours of a rampaging first year and challenge him along with other second year delinquents Abe and Shimokawa. Their semi agreed ambush is easily taken down by Oga.

In the anime, the Sanada brothers are given slightly more screen time by kidnapping Baby Beel briefly from Oga. However, this leads them to regretting it with Oga punching them into the horizon.

Saint Ishiyama Academy ArcEdit

With Ishiyama destroyed at the hands of Oga, the Sanada brothers were also transferred.

In the anime, the third speaking part they had was when Kunieda asked Oga "out" resulting in the entire Ishiyama class overeacting comically. Ryūichi and his brother took this chance to comment on this "bold" move made by Kunieda.

In Episode 28 Ryūichi is also forced by Kunieda to take part in the physicals, however, he is beaten up in the process. It is interesting to note his brother does not appear with him during the physical.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Though he shows little physical strength, the fact he can haul a chainsaw proves how feared he was. Like his
brother they use power tools against their opponents, whether or not they really used them against opponents is unknown.

On a side note, in the anime, the brothers own a motorcycle. Ryūichi is shown as the driver.


  • Twin Headed-Dragon Sanada Bros. attack: Oddly enough, the brothers claim to have mastered their own "technique". Both charge at their opponent with Ryūji impaling them with his power drill and Ryūichi supposedly slashing them to bits with his chainsaw. Whether or not this technique was actually used against opponents is unknown.


Ryūji SanadaEdit

With Ryuji being his brother, there can be no arguements that both are quite close to work as a delinquent team feared in Ishiyama high.


  • "Her confession of love is finally here!: when Kunieda asks Oga "out".
  • "Kyuu Kyuu!!!: what he and his brother often yell when excited.


  • Ryūichi is the first male character to have wielded a weapon against Oga.
    • He is also the second character to have wielded a weapon against Oga, the first being Hilda.

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