The elite and feared group from Teimo Tech, the Shadow Group is a four-man team that is called upon to take care of situations through violence. They are supposedly led by Kotaro Mikagami and assist Reiji Kiriya in his long-awaited vengence against Tatsumi Oga.

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Kotoaro, Kosei, Unsho, and Takumi (Left to Right)


  1. Kotaro Mikagami: The supposed leader of the Shadow Group from Teimo Tech , Kotaro Mikagami specializes in special thermal blasts of energy that launches his opponents in battle. He can be identified by the numerous rings in his fingers and his trademark earrings.
  2. Kosei Kuroki: The second of the four members in the Shadow Group from teimo Tech, Kosei Kuroki is a master in fighting opponents with his dangerous nuncheck-like staff in combat. He can be identified by the white garment he wears across his body and the six metal studs in his forehead.
  3. Unsho Onizuka: The third of the four members in the Shadow Group from Teimo Tech, Unsho Onizuka is the largest member of the group and uses his brute strength in combat to turn odds in his favor. He can be identified by the beaded necklace he wears and that he usually only has his left eye open.
  4. Takumi Dezaki: The final of the four members from Teimo Tech's feared Shadow Group, Takumi Dezaki is a master of close-quarters combat and uses his fists combined with his agility in fights. He can be identified by his eyeglasses and the unique tattooos upon each side of his shaved head.