The Shingetsu Style is martial art form that is perhaps created by the Kunieda's and passed down for generations. Most of the Techniques are performed mainly by swords (other thin objects, like rulers, can be used). In Chapter 119, it is revealed that the Shingetsu Style has been created for the sole purposes to battle demons. It seems that the thecniques of this style manipulates wind. The current master of the Shingetsu Style is Ittousai Kunieda.

Shingetsu Style UsersEdit

The Red Tails might also know the Shingetsu Style due to the fact that Ittousai Kunieda were their martial arts teacher.

List of Shingetsu Style TechniquesEdit

  • Nadeshiko- (Armor Piercing) An attack design to split a stone in half. Once mastered, one can be able to split a hill side or even a mountain.
  • Battou- Jutsu - A sword drawing technique (Currently up to 8 technique)
    • Ichishiki: Hagan Kiku Ichimonji - First Ceremony Sword Drawing Technique
    • Nishiki: Hyakka Midare Zakura - Second Ceremony Sword Drawing Technique
    • Sanshiki - Third Ceremony Sword Drawing Technique
    • Hachishiki: Kannagi - Eighth Ceremony Sword Drawing Technique

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