• "Shinobu" redirects here. For the Saint Ishiyama Academy student, see Shinobu (student).
Shinobu Kunieda
Kanji 邦枝 忍
Rōmaji Kunieda Shinobu
Race Human
Gender Female
Personal Status
Status Unknown
Relatives Ittōsai Kunieda (father)
Unnamed Husband
Aoi Kunieda (daughter)
Kōta Kunieda (son)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 128 (flashback)
Image Gallery

 Shinobu Kunieda (邦枝 忍 Kunieda Shinobu) bears a strong resemblance to her daughter with the exception that she has longer bangs and shorter hair. As a teenager, she was also seen wearing a school uniform.





Not much has been revealed about Shinobu's abilities, but Suiten Ikaruga said that Shinobu was the only person she could never beat.


Nazuna IkarugaEdit

Shinobu knew Nazuna in high school and appeared to be on friendly terms with each other since Shinobu invited Nazuna to train with her father. Shinobu apparently fought with Nazuna several times and always won, years later Nazuna still claims that Shinobu is the only woman she could never beat. Nazuna says she really misses her.



  • When translated from Kanji, her first name means "Ninja".

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