Shizuku Itoi
Shizuku Itoi
Kanji 糸井 雫
Rōmaji Itoi Shizuku
Race Human
Gender Female
Eyes Dark
Hair Dark
Professional Status
Affiliation Red Tail
Occupation Student
Previous Occupation Ishiyama High School
Personal Status
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 174
Image Gallery

Shizuku Itoi (糸井 雫, Itoi Shizuku) is a member of the first generation of Red Tail.


Shizuku is a slender girl of average height with long, dark hair and dark eyes. She has long eyelashes and wears dark lipstick.[1]

She wears a long, light-colored coat with light bandages covering over her chest but her stomach exposed. Her coat has pockets on the fronts, patches on the shoulders, and an unusual collar that is tall and has a curved section connecting to the lapels below. Below her waist, she wears light-colored pants, with a black belt possessing a metallic ornamental buckle.[1]


Shizuku has a cheerful, kind personality. She has a flirtatious side which is evident when introducing herself to Takayuki Furuichi, whom she remarks was cute as a child.[2]


Shizuku Fawns Over Furuichi

Shizuku fawns over Furuichi.

Shizuku was present when Tatsumi Oga and Takayuki Furuichi came to visit the Red Tail together.[3] Upon seeing Furuichi, Shizuku noted that he was cute and affectionately introduced herself to him; however, she was then told by Haruka that she was frightening him. Shizuku then heard Misaki mention about their status in an article from "Deluxe Beautiful Ladies" which Shizuku immediately asked to see. Shortly after, she asked whether Oga and Furuichi would like to go to a party with them, telling Misaki that it would be fine since Furuichi actually bothered to pay a visit.[4]

Later, during the "party", Shizuku gladly charged at the male delinquents from Donbura High School.[5]


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