Sodom Face
Race Demon (Grand Bahamut)
Gender Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 120
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Full Bodied View of Sodom

A giant dragon under the fearfull control of Jabberwock. It is brought to the human world by its master to assist in the kidnapping of Hilda. Sodom is able to withstand a Zebul powered punch from Oga, losing its grip on Hilda, but is only mometarilly stunned and angered by the attack. Sodom then eats Hilda as a more secure way of kidnapping her and carries her and its master away.


  • Sodom, in the Abrahamic religions, is the name of a city that was destroyed by God for its impenitent sin, alongside the neighboring city of Gomorrah.
  • Sodom's race as a Demon has been described as that of a Grand Bahamut. Bahamut, in Arabian mythology, is a vast fish that helps support the earth, and is often described as having the head of a hippopotamus or elephant.