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The Solomon Company is a company that has connections in the Human World and in the Demon World. The name originated from Solomon, the Demon Lord's first spellmaster.

The company was responsible for robbing the Great Demon Lord's painting and then delivering it to Himekawa and Kugayama. The reasons for delivering it to them are still unknown. Accordingly it was the company's fault that the friendship of Himekawa and Kugayama was ruined.

They are responsible as well of delivering to the Six Omens of Slaughter demons. Also it is implied that their objective is to capture Beelzebub IV or at least to join their side. According to Hecadoth, they are responsible of the disappearance of some members of Behemoth's 34 Pillar Squad.

So far, there have been shown some members of the Solomon Company:

Udagawa, who is called "the Observer" (he has the task to keep an eye on the Fallen Angels, especially Takamiya), Fuji, who seems to be a loyal ally of the company and a man, called "the company's reaper", who appears to be one of the leaders of the company.

It is also stated by Hecadoth that someone in the demon world uses the Solomon Company for his own goals.

Akinori1 Corey Johan Iris
Akinori Corey Johan Iris
Mitch Mugshot 2 Takamiya's Father Yōken Udagawa
Mitch Takamiya's Father Yōken Udagawa

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