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Nazuna Ikaruga
Suiten Ikaruga
Kanji 斑鳩 薺
Rōmaji Ikaruga Nazuna
Alias Suiten Ikaruga (斑鳩 酔天, Ikaruga Suiten)
Kawashima (川島, Kawashima)[1]
Race Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Team Valkyrie
Occupation Priestess
Previous Occupation Student
Base of Operations Decapitation Island
Previous Base of Operations Ishiyama High School
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 125
Image Gallery

Nazuna Ikaruga (斑鳩 薺, Ikaruga Nazuna), currently known as Suiten Ikaruga (斑鳩 酔天, Ikaruga Suiten), is a resident of Decapitation Island.


Suiten is a tall and slender woman. Suiten has long, straight, silky hair and dark eyes. She has sunglasses that she wears on her head to push her bangs from her face. She is often seen wearing a white, traditional hakama with the exception of a black leather jacket that she adorns over her shoulders. Like her former classmate, Saotome, Suiten is often seen smoking.


From what little is shown of her, Suiten seems to have a somewhat average personality. However, she will get violent when somebody doesn't obey her rules, like when Oga didn't answer her question, and she gets more violent when she's drunk. She's also quite irresponsible as an adult and even more so as a priestess, as she gave Aoi Kunieda vodka instead of water the first night she and Oga Tatsumi spent together when they began learning the Black Techs.


Suiten used to be an Ishiyama High School student along with Zenjūrō and Shinobu, during this time Suiten went by the name Nazuna. Suiten used to be the leader of Team Valkyrie who were feared as the strongest girl gang in all of Kantou.

She also appears to have a crush on Zenjuro, as she got upset with Oga when he said that Zenjuro did not want to rely on her. She also admired Zenjuro when he was in high school and thought he was extremely cool due to having already contracted with a demon and having a dark side.


Akumano Academy ArcEdit

Zenjuro and grandpa Kunieda asked for her help to improve Oga and Aoi's training in mastering and perfecting the Black Tech.

Saint Saint X'mas ArcEdit

Tanaka & Kawashima

Ikaruga poses as a teenager.

Ikaruga and Saotome met with each other sometime before Christmas Eve. She ends up forcing him to do whatever she says for the holiday because he sent Oga and Aoi to train under her.[2][3]

Therefore, upon learning of the Saint Saint X'mas competition, Ikaruga and Saotome enter together under the false identities as Kawashima and Tanaka, two apparent high school students from Saint Ishiyama Academy. Together, they advance to the actual tournament itself and select a tennis ball marked with the number 14, putting them in the seventh match against Oga and Hilda.[1]

Ikaruga Being Affectionate Towards Saotome

Ikaruga poses as Saotome's affectionate wife.

The two later step up into the boxing ring in the high school's gymnasium so that they can go through with their match against Oga and Hilda. There, Saotome intentionally reveals himself and then starts complaining about having to compete, forcing Ikaruga to slap him and remind him of what he said to her earlier. She then reveals herself to Oga, noting that it has been some time since they last met. Ikaruga then realizes that the other high school students know that she is not one of them, causing her to take off her disguise and proclaim that she is actually Saotome's wife, even putting on an elaborate explanation for the spectators about it.[4][5]

Ikaruga Strikes At The Balloon

Ikaruga scolds Oga and Hilda for their apparent naivety.

Eventually, the two couples' match is explained in full detail. As Ikaruga puts on the mandatory gloves, she states to Saotome that Oga and Hilda are apparently showing off, and upon hearing his remark, beats up his face; afterwards, with the necessary balloon held between them, she holds on to him tightly and states that they will not hold back against the younger couple.[6][7]

The match then commences and both couples immediately take to the air, where, as the males childishly squabble with one another, Ikaruga and Hilda throw insults repeatedly at one another. Saotome then suddenly punches Oga and Hilda back to the boxing ring and Ikaruga follows with a fire spell, striking down at them with her flames. Ikaruga and Saotome then step back down to the boxing ring where the former states that they will not lose; with that said, she strikes at Oga and Hilda approaching them from nearby. However, it turns out to just be Baby Beel, surprising Ikaruga. The infant then electrocutes the two adults while its adoptive parents pop the balloon stuck between Ikaruga and Saotome, causing them to lose.[8]

Later during the day, Ikaruga and Saotome stand near the local river together. Ikaruga notices Izō Aiba and Aoi Kunieda talking together; while listening to their conversation, Ikaruga states that Aoi reminds her of her past self and adds that she cannot stand around any further. She then spots Saotome trying to leave her and pulls him back, reminding him that their Christmas is not yet over.[9]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: Typical of a former delinquent of Ishiyama, Suiten has incredible physical strength. A single kick from her sent Oga face first on the ground, although he was caught off guard. She also possesses great upper body strength, shown when she, while under the influence of alcohol, managed to smash a table to pieces, a part of it hitting Oga and sending him flying at the ceiling.

Ankokubutō: A power that allows demon power emerge into her. In chapter 125, it is shown that she can "shoot" things without a pistol, using her fingers to send some kind of power towards the target.


Zenjūrō SaotomeEdit

Shinobu KuniedaEdit


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  • In Saint Sent Christmas arc, she and Izō Aiba said the same thing about, "Best Couple, has a nice ring to it".

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