Takamiya's Father
Takamiya's Father
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Dark
Hair Dark
Professional Status
Affiliation Solomon Company[1]
Occupation Businessman
Personal Status
Status Incapacitated
Relatives Takamiya's Grandmother (mother)
Shinobu Takamiya (son)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 213 (flashback)
Image Gallery

Takamiya's Father is the man who found the sleeping body of Lucifer and introduced it to his son, Shinobu.


Takamiya's Father is a tall, lean man with a long face. He has dark hair and dark eyes.[2]

Takamiya's Father wears a light-colored, long-sleeved shirt with a dark tie wrapped around the collar. Over this, he wears a dark coat with chin-length collars. He also had a dark top hat, which he gave to his son.[2]

He also wears round glasses.[2]


Takamiya's Father is a kind man who cares for his family, especially his only son, Shinobu. He immediately comes to see them when his job becomes less tasking and even brought a seemingly innocent Demon, Lucifer, to be his child's playmate while he would be away; however, his naive nature regarding the Demon ultimately led to a much more horrific end for his family and himself.[3][4]


Takamiya's Father Unconscious

Takamiya's Father lies unconscious following Lucifer's attack.

Takamiya's Father was a businessman who had to leave his family for work with the Solomon Company. While away, he once came upon an old castle and found a sleeping girl, who was actually the Demon Lucifer. He had her placed inside a large crate, marked by the number 02, and took it along with him. When work began to cool down for him, Takamiya's Father took the crate with him and returned home with two other co-workers.[3]

Upon returning home, Takamiya's Father greeted his family and explained his return. He noticed his son Shinobu and gave him his top hat, saying that he knew of the child's loneliness and had brought a friend home for him to play with. Takamiya's Father subsequently opened the crate and showed Lucifer to Shinobu, explaining of her apparent origins. Suddenly, Lucifer woke up, much to his concern. Her activity startled his co-workers and he told them not to do anything; however, moments later, they were all attacked by Lucifer and left unconscious following the incident.[5]

Takamiya's Father fell into a coma following the incident as he was later reported by the local women as still being unconscious, even after six months.[6]


Shinobu TakamiyaEdit

Takamiya's Father cares for his only son, Shinobu. Knowing of his child's lonesome self back at home, upon finding a Demon known as Lucifer, he decided to take her to be his son's playmate while he would be away.[3]

Takamiya's GrandmotherEdit

Takamiya's Father shares an amicable relationship with his mother. However, she appeared displeased to see him return home.[2]


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