Kanji 高島
Rōmaji Takashima
Race Human
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Amber
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 16
Manga Debut Chapter 21
Voice Actors
Seiyū Yūya Murakami
Image Gallery

Takashima (高島, Takashima) was an upperclassmen at Takayuki Furuichi's middle school.


16 - 2

Takashima and his gang.

Takashima has a scar on the upper right of his cheek and a small growing goatee. He is bare shirted and only wears a grey jacket and a pair of red shorts. He also wears a string necklace with a cross attached to it.


Takashima is a typical delinquent and bully. Since he had a history with Furuichi, he tries to humiliate him in front of the girls and even attempts to hit on Nene Omori who was there with Furuichi at the time. While he and his gang initiate a man hunt for Furuichi, he decides on what punishment to give him with his gang members decribing him as "insane".


Takashima was an upperclassman in Furuichi's previous middle school. He was a delinquent and decided to pick on Furuichi who had been talking to a female student. It can be implied Furuichi attempted to stand at to him, but was beaten down violently. Takashima then demanded him to grovel before him.


Touhoushinki ArcEdit


Though he is never shown getting into a fight, the beaten state of Furuichi in Takashima's flashback is enough to show he was quite brutal.


Takayuki FuruichiEdit

Takashima was a previous upperclassman in Furuichi's previous middleschool. Takashima by chance attempted to humiliate him in front of a girl he was talking to and was met with his futile attempts to stand up to him. He and his gang violently beat him and demanded he grovel before Takashima.



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