Takumi Sadohara
Takumi Sadohara
Kanji 佐渡原 巧
Rōmaji Sadohara Takumi
Race Human
Age 27
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Khaki
Professional Status
Occupation Teacher
Base of Operations Ishiyama High School
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 25
Manga Debut Chapter 48
Voice Actors
Seiyū Hiroto Kazuki
Image Gallery

Takumi Sadohara (佐渡原 巧, Sadohara Takumi) is a teacher at Saint Ishiyama Academy who is first assigned to the homeroom for the newly-transferred Ishiyama delinquents. He is later replaced by Zenjūrō Saotome but has since served as a substitute teacher during the latter's absence.bfd





Saint Ishiyama Academy ArcEdit

Saint Saint X'mas ArcEdit

Four Judges For The Acting Match

Sadohara as one of the four judges.

Sadohara is selected to be the first judge for the acting match in the Saint Saint X'mas competition. While being introduced to the audience, he mentions to his fellow judges that the announcements are making him blush. Later, while reviewing the couples' scenarios, he gives a moderate score and a snide remark for the Nishizawa-Yonehara pair, though once he has intently reviewed the other duo's acting, he then bursts into tears at Shizuka Nanami's performance and even gives her full points; Sadohara dramatically gives them full points again in their last scenario.[1][2]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Since he is a teacher, Sadohara shows no physical prowess and no intentions of getting into conflicts. However, in a flashback, he is shown to be the old champion of the Saint Ishiyama arm wrestling tournament earning him his nickname "Gold Arm Sadohara".



  • "M-my... My Golden Arm!" - When Tōjō beats him severely in a "friendly" arm wrestle.



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