Naked for a reason? Edit

I was re-watching some episodes at Crunchyroll the other day, and I think the most often voiced comment was "Why is the baby naked?" I don't recall a solid reason being given in the manga, so these are just some guesses I'm hazarding. Of course, if there's a reason and I missed it, feel free to ignore/erase this.

  • High body temperature: Hilda comments on Beelzebub having an extremely high body temperature while he has a fever. Stands to reason if it's always significantly higher than is normal for humans, clothes might actually make him sweaty and uncomfortable.
  • Naked is norm for demon babies: I don't think we've seen another one yet, so being naked just might be normal for them. If nothing else, it might gradually make them more mean-tempered, having no protection against the elements or other sources of potential pain (in particular, I recall scenes in the anime where he hit his head on a roof and was thrown from a motorcycle, resulting in a slight skid).
  • Personal preference: Maybe he just likes being naked. It must be tough to find any clothes that could survive one of his worst tantrums, anyway.

Possibly the strongest evidence of any of this is that Hilda has so far taken no action to force Oga to clothe the baby. She seems like a highly qualified caretaker, so if it was important that he have clothes, I'm sure she would have said or done something about it right away. In addition, the baby came out of Arandron naked, so assuming they were taking good care of him beforehand, clothes probably don't factor into his upbringing much. Though I assume they will at some point, since En isn't naked. Maybe they're only introduced once the child is old enough to choose his clothing style for himself. Dap00 16:48, March 10, 2011 (UTC)

U have a good reasons but normally don' t come to conclusions unless author describes it.Stone Roger 10:13, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

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