That's What I Planned to Do
Chapter 192
Kanji そのつまりだっつの
Rōmaji Sono tsumari dattsu no
Chapter Information
Volume Number 22
Chapter Number 192
Story Arc Return to Ishiyama High School Arc
Release Information
Release Date February 18, 2013
Issue Number Issue 12-2013
Pages 19
Chapter Guide
Previous Who's Going to Beat Oga?
Next VS the Poltergeists!!
Chapter 192 Images

That's What I Planned to Do (そのつまりだっつの, Sono tsumari dattsu no) is chapter 192 of the Beelzebub manga.


Akahoshi's Warning

Akahoshi's declaration.

As all of the other Poltergeists leave the vicinity, those around them watch in silence as they reflect on Nasu's words.

Ichikawa eventually exits the hallways with his gang since Nasu is finally gone. However, before doing so, he introduces himself to Oga, proclaiming that he will defeat him. Another delinquent, Akahoshi, explains more about Ichikawa to Oga. Before also leaving, Akahoshi tells Oga that he will beat him with his own strength and eventually take over Ishiyama.

At the Kunieda residence, members of the Red Tail burst in to find Ittōsai bandaging a wounded Aoi. It turns out that the reason why Aoi is injured is because she refused to fight Ringo Hōjō and other former Red Tail delinquents.

Furuichi, who has just arrived with Oga and Baby Beel, comments on how the newcomers have already been targeting those from Saint Ishiyama, particularly when they are all alone. Nene is angered to see Furuichi and Aoi is shocked that Oga is there; both teenagers end up being beaten by the girls simply for being present at the house.

Special Meeting

The special meeting between the Ishiyama delinquents.

Sometime later, most of the Tōhōshinki and their gangs, plus Shimokawa arrive at the Kunieda residence to discuss their situation with the newcomers. Tōjō is the only one that is not present though Jinno reassures everyone that he is only working at the moment.

Kanzaki starts the "meeting" by angrily kicking a trashcan and reminding everyone that they are only here to discuss how they will be handling Nasu. Natsume and Himekawa point out the incredible strength of the "Beast", as well as his unpredictable nature, effectively making him a serious threat capable of knocking them all down before the other side can put up a proper fight. The incident with the "Reborn Red Tail" and Aoi is also brought to attention. Aoi quickly takes matters into her own hands and proposes that the females handle those from Majōgari Academy and Tabako while everyone else can deal with Nasu and the others. Oga is very ready with the plan.

From afar, Alaindelon asks Hilda whether there is actually a Contractor in Ishiyama who has affiliated himself with a lawless Demon who opposes the Great Demon Lord's kingdom.

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