The Crab and The Joke
Chapter 224
Kanji 蟹とたわむる
Rōmaji Kani to tawamuru
Chapter Information
Chapter Number 224
Story Arc Return to Ishiyama High School Arc
Release Information
Release Date October 12, 2013
Issue Number Issue 46-2013
Pages 19
Chapter Guide
Previous Close Attack!! Triple Furuichi
Next Fuckin' JAP!!
Chapter 224 Images

The Crab and The Joke (蟹とたわむる, Kani to tawamuru) is chapter 224 of the Beelzebub manga.


Love Masquerade

Mitch and Akinori's signature pose.

With Cancer and Libra at their sides, Mitch and Akinori look down at Oga as he asks whether they truly are from the Solomon Company. Together, they state that they are as they conduct their signature dance and speech to introduce themselves. Mitch then tells Oga that they are after Takayuki Furuichi because of what happened earlier, showing her intense rage at such a minor act.

Suddenly, Oga and Akahoshi jump to the rooftop with the duo. Oga explains that Baby Beel is very interested in Cancer due to its crab appearance and demands that they hand over the specimen to him, completely ignoring the fact that it is really just Demon. He and Baby Beel then chase after Mitch and Cancer, offering to trade their crayfish for him.

Akinori attempts to defend Mitch but is intercepted by Akahoshi, who decides to take him on while Oga deals with Mitch. As the two face each other, Akinori mocks Akahoshi for his similarities to Oga and for being unable to handle Mammon, whom he intends to return back to the Solomon Company. However, Akahoshi shocks him by using Mammon's fire to critically injure Libra with incredible ease. As Mammon then appears beside Akahoshi, Akinori notices that the Demon appears different than how he last remembered.

Akinori's Lame Joke

Akinori makes a lame joke before he retreats.

He turns around to ask Mitch about Mammon but realizes that she is tied up, horrifying him. He immediately rushes to her side and carries her away, telling her that they must retreat. Before Akinori escapes with Mitch, he leaves the two teenagers behind him with a lame joke.

Afterwards, Oga and Akahoshi start complimenting each other for their respective fights against the two Spell Masters. Akahoshi eventually decides that Oga will be a useful ally to him and offers to team up with him, which he gladly accepts; as they shake hands to ensure their alliance and friendship, "Strategist Furuichi" notes that things could go very well for them against the Solomon Company and Fuji.

Suddenly, the two turn around where they both see Hilda returning on her personal Ak-Baba to them. She states that she has recently obtained useful information from the Solomon Company and tells Baby Beel that she is now home.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Cancer
  2. Libra
  3. Akinori
  4. Mitch
  5. Tatsumi Oga
  6. Beelzebub IV
  7. Kankurō Akahoshi
  8. Takayuki Furuichi
  9. Misaki Oga
  10. Nene Ōmori
  11. Mammon
  12. Hilda


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