The Demon Maid With Memory Loss
Chapter 141
Kanji 記憶喪失の侍女悪魔
Rōmaji Kiokusōshitsu no jijo akuma
Chapter Information
Volume Number 16
Chapter Number 141
Story Arc Memory Loss Arc
Release Information
Pages 19
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Previous We're Going to Get Your Memories Back!!
Next Prince's Kiss
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The Demon Maid With Memory Loss (記憶喪失の侍女悪魔, Kiokusōshitsu no jijo akuma) is chapter 141 of the Beelzebub manga.


The chapter begins with a crowd of students speculating what they perceive as a "lover's quarrel" between Oga, Hilda, and Kunieda. Oga denies that he has any romantic attachment with either of them but they ignore him. Hilda questions if she harbors any feelings for Oga and Kunieda disagrees and runs away. Hilda comments that she is beginning to feel afraid of finding out who she really is.

Consequently, the Red Tail girls inform Kunieda that Hilda is suffering from amnesia. Meanwhile, Oga, Beel, Hilda, and Furuichi are on the rooftop of their school. Furuichi recalls that he, Lamia, En and his maidservants were playing video games when Isabella foretells that Hilda would lose her memories.

Isabella remarks that for the sole purpose of serving her master, Hilda has sacrificed her own emotions. She infers Hilda might be fine if her loyalty is erased and replaced with love instead. She also explains that if it weren't for the fetters binding them down, Hilda and Yolda would have been a portrayal of "sweet sisters". Furuichi and Lamia offer their surprise in finding out that they are sisters. Isabella informs that at the wet nurse training academy, Hilda and Yolda were always competing for the top spot.

The flashback ends and Furuichi takes notice of the lunch Hilda has prepared for Oga and throws a jealousy fit. Suddenly, Yolda appears. She acknowledges Hilda's amnesia and jests that she should stay in the human world to live a pathetic life. Yolda then offers a disc and explains that after begging her master En, he has given her the method to nullify Salamander's memory erase.

However, Hilda looks upset and Yolda questions this. Hilda says that she does not want her memories to return, much to Yolda's astonishment. Oga supports the idea of returning Hilda's memories, causing the latter to cry and feel unwanted. Hilda runs away and Yolda and Furuichi blame Oga.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Kazuya Yamamura
  2. Azusa Fujisaki
  3. Takayuki Furuichi
  4. Aoi Kunieda
  5. Nene Ōmori
  6. Tatsumi Oga
  7. Beelzebub IV
  8. Hilda
  9. Yuka Hanazawa
  10. Kaoru Umemiya
  11. Chiaki Tanimura
  12. Ryōko Asuka
  13. Izabella (flashback)
  14. En (flashback)
  15. Satura (flashback)
  16. Lamia (flashback)
  17. Yolda (flashback)