The Doctor Came
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Japanese Title 医者がきました
Isha ga kimashita
Episode 19
Airdate May 29, 2011
Manga Chapters Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Previous Episode Episode 18
I Stopped Being a Gang Leader with a Child
Next Episode Episode 20
Everyone Gathering
Theme Music
Opening Hajimaru no wa, Sayonara
Ending Tsuyogari

The Doctor Came (医者がきました, Isha ga kimashita) is episode 19 of the Beelzebub anime.


Oga returns home after being defeated by Tojo to find that Hilda has returned from the Demon World with the imperial doctor, Forcas Rachmaninoff, and his assistant, Lamia, to help determine the cause of Beelzebub's illness. He diagnoses the illness as King Fever and when Beelzebub was trying to draw out massive amounts of demonic power, he accidentally severed the link between him and Oga and found Tojo similar to Oga and connects to him. Oga begins a treatment to try and reconnect with Beelzebub and enters a dream world through the effects of a Demon World drug that is shot into his head where he eventually finds a sleeping Beelzebub in the middle of several inscribed circles that are shrouded in an electrical field. After about 6 hours of treatment, Oga still has not waken up and Lamia assumes that he has died and becomes happy. Oga suddenly wakes up and spanks Lamia and claims he is teaching her some manners. Hilda asks Oga how he feels after having gone through the hard part of reconnecting with Beelzebub and Oga says he is in the mood to get Beelzebub back.

Next episode previewEdit

Furuichi yells out a "Separation of Powers", to which Oga reacts strangely to his lingering persona. Furuichi still claiims to Oga that he is Montesquieu and mentions how he escaped the danger. Oga agrees and mentions he still hasn't finished with Tōjō or think that he'll get Beelzebub back. In his Montesquieu persona, Furuichi introduces the next episode, after which he and Oga alternate in making sure the viewers are ready not at 8:00am (the anime airs 7:30am), with their teeth brushed and homework finished.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Tatsumi Oga
  2. Takayuki Furuichi (flashback and dream)
  3. Misaki Oga (flashback)
  4. Hilda
  5. Furcas Rachmaninoff
  6. Lamia
  7. Hidetora Tōjō (flashback)
  8. Beelzebub IV (flashback)
  9. Shōji Aizawa (flashback)
  10. Tatsuya Himekawa (dream)
  11. Hajime Kanzaki (dream)
  12. Takeshi Shiroyama (dream)
  13. Shintarō Natsume (dream)
  14. Aoi Kunieda (dream)
  15. Alaindelon (dream)
  16. Honoka Furuichi (flashback)
  17. Kaoru Jinno


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