The Duel
Ch018 CS
Kanji 決闘です
Rōmaji Kettō desu
Chapter Information
Volume Number 3
Chapter Number 18
Episode Number 9
Story Arc Tōhōshinki Arc
Release Information
Pages 21
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Previous You Are Unforgivable
Next The Conclusion
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The Duel (決闘です, Kettō desu) is chapter 18 of the Beelzebub manga.


On the rooftop of Ishiyama High, Oga and Kunieda are about to fight each other. Kunieda tells Oga that he is unforgivable. Oga thinks that Kunieda is thoughtful for coming back and asks her what she won’t forgive. Aggravated, Kunieda tries to strike Oga, but Oga barely dodges it. Kunieda demands he come over to her, to which Oga believes Kunieda wants to take Beelzebub from him. Now happy, Oga obliges and holds Beelzebub in front of him, ready for Kunieda to take him. Kunieda is shocked at Oga using Beelzebub as a shield, not thinking that Oga wants her to take him. She asks what she did with “those two”, referring to Nene and Chiaki. Oga thinks Kunieda is referring to Kanzaki and Himekawa. With a vague memory of them, Oga recalls having beaten them down as fast as he could. Again fuming, Kunieda strikes Oga and proclaims him a demon.

A flashback from a few hours earlier show Oga in the way of Nene and Chiaki taking him back to Hilda. Beelzebub spots a vicious cat and begins fighting it. Eventually, Beelzebub is victorious, or so he thought making a pose. The cat is hanging on Beelzebub’s right fist with its mouth. It bites his hand, causing Beelzebub to cry. Oga tries to help Beelzebub get the cat off him. Nene tries to ask Oga for a fight, but Oga refuses and runs off with Beelzebub and the cat. Nene and Chiaki leave, contemplating Oga’s attitude. Suddenly, a tall figure appears behind them, striking Chiaki down first, then Nene after proclaiming Oga is diabolical.

Nene is now awake in the nurse’s office next to Chiaki who is still resting. An underling standing next to her is grateful that she is awake and tells her that Kunieda is taking revenge for them and fighting Oga on the roof. Realizing a misunderstanding between the two, Nene rushes out to the rooftop and finds other underlings lying on the stairs beaten on her way. At the top of the stairs, she spots MK5 blocking the door to the rooftop. Elsewhere on the rooftop, Ikari recalls their plan of letting Oga and Kunieda beating themselves up, then coming in to take them out. He remarks that their plan had gone well with a newly introduced student, Miwa. Oga is kneeling on the floor, slightly bleeding in the head from Kunieda’s latest strike.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Tatsumi Oga
  2. Beelzebub IV
  3. Aoi Kunieda
  4. Hajime Kanzaki (imagination)
  5. Tatsuya Himekawa (imagination)
  6. Takayuki Furuichi (flashback)
  7. Shintarō Natsume (flashback)
  8. Nene Ōmori (flashback)
  9. Chiaki Tanimura (flashback)
  10. Nakata (flashback)
  11. Shimamura
  12. Chatō
  13. Buu
  14. Ikari
  15. Miwa