There Were Things Money Can't Buy
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Japanese Title 金で買えないもの、ありました
Kane de kaenai mono, arimashita
Episode 11
Airdate April 3, 2011
Manga Chapters N/A
Previous Episode Episode 10
The Disciple is Ready
Next Episode Episode 12
I Won't Let You Sleep Tonight
Theme Music
Opening Hajimaru no wa, Sayonara
Ending Tsuyogari

There Were Things Money Can't Buy (金で買えないもの、ありました, Kane de kaenai mono, arimashita) is episode 11 of the Beelzebub anime.

Originally, this was to be the thirteenth episode aired, but following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the anime had been skipped for two weeks because of the provocative nature of the series. The original episode 10 had been postponed to become episode 13, while the original episode 11 had been postponed to become episode 15. This episode and the previous episode had had their airdates left intact. As a result, these two episodes were aired first.


Himekawa plots revenge against Oga by setting him up with a poisoned sandwich, but it does not affect him due to his resilience to Hilda's cooking. He next attempts to use a popular costumed character in order to try and capture Beelzebub, but Oga and Beelzebub notice that he's a fake due to differently colored chopsticks. He later has one of his subordinates to masquerade as a woman in an attempt to seduce Takayuki into giving him Beelzebub, but Alaindelon intervenes, transporting Himekawa and his gang to a far off island. The resulting failures leave Himekawa with no money left from this month's allowance to hire any more henchmen. Ans as he tries to attack Oga by himself, he gets caught up in fighting against a rival gang also attempting to kill Oga. Afterward, Kanzaki offers him one of his yogurt drinks. Later (presumably once he gets next month's allowance), Himekawa repays him with several thousand of the drinks... unfortunatly, every box only has a month long lifespan.

Next episode previewEdit

Frustrated, Beelzebub cries so loudly that Oga can't sleep at night. Furuichi describes to him a home remedy involving drinking water and holding your nose at the same time. Oga immediately identifies this as a remedy for hiccups. Beelzebub cries again, to which Furuichi gets annoyed to and introduces the next episode. Oga thinks of resorting to counting camel crickets jumping over a fence, but Furuichi finds them scary.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Shimokawa
  2. Tatsuya Himekawa
  3. Tatsumi Oga (photo)
  4. Beelzebub IV (photo)
  5. Takayuki Furuichi (photo)
  6. Sato-san
  7. Hilda
  8. Ak-Baba
  9. Oga's Mother (imagination)
  10. Alaindelon
  11. Takeshi Shiroyama
  12. Shintarō Natsume
  13. Hajime Kanzaki


In this episode, Himekawa is stated to have a monthly allowance of 10 million yen.

This is different from the manga, where Himekawa has his own income, from his own businesses and working for his family company. In addition, in the manga, Himekawa's wealth far exceeds such sums, being able to fork out billions of yen without issue.


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